Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sequential Scoring Score Plate Tutorial

Have you ordered your Borders Scoring Plate yet?  The Borders Scoring Plate is found on page 26 of the current mini catalog… and adds a whole new dimension of texture to your cards and scrapbook pages! 

The Borders Scoring Plate arrived at my home in a neatly packaged box…. I knew it was designed to work with the Simply Scored Board and eagerly looked forward to using it for the first time! 

The Borders Scoring Plate is actually two pieces… the bottom fits snuggly into a the simply scored tool, if there’s movement then you’ve put it together wrong, LOL.

The second piece is a plastic template or guide that is placed atop the card stock when scoring.  You can see just a few of the fun scoring designs in the photo below…1_cuttheshimsinhalfinchincrementscreatedbyu

You can see both pieces in the photo above LOL, which I have conveniently covered with my card stock shims….  Before you get started using your Borders Scoring Plate, be sure to wax the card stock surface using waxed paper… it will make your embossing stylus glide more easily across the surface.

The card stock shims will be used to create perfectly positioned 1/2” score design elements on my card stock.   My shims were cut at 1/2”, 1”, 1-1/2” and 2”…. but they just as easily could have been cut in 1/4” increments.2_twoincshimfirstandscorecreatedbyu I began by placing a 2” card stock shim against the rail of the simply scored tool, waxing the calypso coral card stock, and then place the embossing template atop both card stock and shim before embossing.4_reduceshimsizeandaligncardstockcbyu  Subsequently, a 1-1/2” ship replaced the 2” shim…. and scoring continued.5_repeatwithsubsequenthalfinchshimscbyu And… then continue replacing shims with 1/2” smaller increments until you use NO shim in the simply scored board.7_embellishedcardstockwithhalfinchscores

Nice and neat in 1/2” increments across the front of the card stock…8_andflipthecardstockovertoviewembossing Flipped over… the embossed card stock is ready to add to a card or scrapbook page!Cosmoidcarpetcatcutie0113Have a happy day!  Cosmoid the Crazy Cat says HI and we look forward to reading your comments!



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Myrna said...

This is such a cool tool. I think it would get used a lot at my house.
Do you think it matters what board you are using? I have a Martha Stewart and a ScorPal.

Sharon Field / Created By You said...

Yes, Myrna and to anyone else who was wondering... the Stampin' UP! Border Scoring Plate Duo will work nicely with the Martha Stewart Score Board as well.. I happen to have both :)
Hugs, Sharon

Billie said...

Thanks...this is a great idea for evenly lining up your card front. The wax paper makes a big difference, too

Donna Ellis said...

LOL! You had me with the new score tool, Sharon, but then your adorable little kitty - too cute! thanks for explaining the new tool hugs, de