Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pinwheels the easy way & the hard way!

There’s an easy way  and maybe not so easy way to do things, right?  LOL… so when I first die-cut the tiny pinwheel using  the new sizzlit s pinwheel die featured on page 33 of the new spring catalog, guess what?  Yep… the not so easy way!!!

The new pinwheel die cut is too cute… and it makes the cutest darn pinwheels that would be too cute on a scrapbook page, 3D package or card….1.pinwheelsizzlitand2inchsquarecreatedbyu

The die works well with double sided scrapbook paper cut into a 2x2 square.2.diecutandtheleftovertscrapscreatedbyu

Don’t toss the leftover scrap from the die cut… it’s useable too!3.cleansetheholesinthediecutwithpiercingtool The first thing you need to do after making the die cut is cleanse the holes in the center and each corner… looking for the indention, each triangle will have one hole.4.loadthediecutontothepiercingtool

Next, load one corner of each triangle onto your paper piercing tool…  and finally through the center hole of the pinwheel.6.tinysilverbradcenterforpinwheel

And finally, pinch the pinwheel with your fingers while inserting a tiny silver brad (or a regular brad) through the layered holes.

7.leftoverscrapforpinwheelstemorcardparts The leftover ‘frame’ from the die-cut can be used as part of the staging for the pinwheel… or the little leftover corner pieces may be used as the pinwheel ‘stem’ or ‘stick’.  Tool cool, right?

Remember I said there was an easy way and a hard way (or not so easy way)?  LOL… when I loaded the paper piercing tool with the pinwheel, I began with the corners of each triangle but…8.thefinishedpinwheelistinythreedforcard

NOW… THE EASY WAY to do it is to load it from underneath the pinwheel through the center hole first and then roll each corner onto the paper piercing tool… that way when you go to insert the brad, you can back out the piercing tool at the same time (Exactly the opposite of what I did in the first few photos!!)

See you tomorrow with another new product sneak peek from the new spring catalog, hope you’ll stop back by!

On another note… I’ve removed DISQUS from my blog as it seems to have caused problems for people commenting.  Since I’m getting an inordinate amount of spam lately, I’ve also had to enable both comment moderation and the word verification or CAPTCHA phrase… sorry if that’s an inconvenience for you… but the spammers apparently sleep less than I do!!

I look forward to reading your comments!



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Dale Morin said...

Love your pinwheel and instructions. I never even saw it in the catty!

Anonymous said...

Sharon, you crack me up! Thanks for explaining how that pinwheel sizzlit works...I would have never known! Sure came out great, though! ;D

Donna Ellis said...

I like the new die, and it is just the right size! So pretty with double sided paper, too.

lisa808 said...

Hi Sharon,
Glad Disqus is gone--I had a lot of trouble trying to post comments. The new die and your pinwheel look so cute.

Susan Carlson said...

I forgot to add the pinwheel die to my first pre-order. This means I'll HAVE to place another pre-order!!! Thanks for the tips, no pun intended, LOL!

Carolyn Rakowski said...

Looks absolutely exciting hope it is in our South Pacific Catty too our should be in our mail box in the next few days. SU Blog Hopper Carolyn

Rosalien Zwackhalen said...

Fabulous :)), now I know what is coming on my wishlist next month. ;)