Saturday, November 17, 2012

Card Consignment CAS Winter Scene

Good morning!  Can you believe Thanksgiving is just a few days away?  LOL… holidays always sneak up on me but this one knocked me in the head!!

So… yesterday I was hoping to spend an entire day off, stamping!!! Well, that didn’t happen!! I got called in to work so… you’ll have to bear with me as I share a card I created as a consignment project for a local business! 

Today I’m sharing a variation on the dryer sheet technique… and a lovely card which I was consigned to create for a local business.  The business wanted to represent an out doors, and snowy effect with a clean and simple design… this is the one they chose from samples I created.1.createdbyudazzlingmulberrytechniquecard1112

It’s a variation on the dryer sheet technique…. and my mind is whirling with other possibilities ;)  This one uses retired stampin up mulberry paper… why did they retire such a wonderfully textured paper??  Who knows, but they did.2.lovelyasatreedazzlingmulberrytechnique1112Which, goes along with the retied Encore Silver and Gold ink pads… wonderful products still available at your local hobby and craft stores. 

Funny story… had a friend/customer who was trying to stamp in some sort of silver generic ink she had purchased from her craft store…. and she had quite a mess on her hands!   Not only did the ink not dry… but it smeared unmercifully.  After introducing her to the Encore pads, her problems were resolved… and then SU dropped them from inventory.  Be that what it is, they are still available at local craft stores :)

3.dazzlingmulberrymerrychristmasoncreatedbyu So… the surface is really, REALLY sparkly!! Similar to the dryer sheet technique, I used 3-M adhesive spray on the whisper white card stock base before attaching the mulberry paper.  BUT… then I sprayed the adhesive spray a second time on TOP of the mulberry paper before massaging dazzling diamonds into the paper for a real WOW effect.4.finishingoffwithabeautifulretiredsilverstringbow Pretty silver string tied in a quadruple loop bow on my fingers, LOL… just adding a couple more layers to the Double Loop Bow Technique tutorial shared here on Created By You!  Three strands of silver string were stretched across the dazzling canvas and then knotted with a silver bow to complete today’s card.

So… today’s consignment card was created using retired materials and stuff on hand.  What are you creating with your stash of stuff?  I’d love to visit your creations and your blogs… leave a comment with a link back to your creations and I’ll try my best to pay you a visit too!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my little blog today!  I look forward to reading your comments and with my full time corporate schedule of late… It really motivates me ;) … and you? 



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CAS outdoors and winter-scape consignment card

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de Ellis said...

Sharon, WOW EFFECT is not worded strong enough. DOUBLE wowser! Such a great idea for adhering mulberry paper (I love it, too, and use it not frequently enough). Thank you for the tips. Did you lightly sprinkle the glitter before massaging it into the mulberry paper? Thanks for all the tips, as usual.

ellouise1969 said...

Soooooooo sparkly and oh soo purdy Sharon. Love it. LAAT is a set I hope SU NEVER retire!!