Thursday, July 19, 2012

Created By You, And the Good News Is…

Seriously, I need a nap!!  The reality is that I rarely take naps and have difficulty finding time or motivation to nap.  Today, however is different.  After a whirlwind trip to Fabius, NY (outside Cortland or near Syracuse, NY) and a side trip to Sussex and Hanover NJ this past weekend, I think I’ll actually take a nap!  LOL.. maybe when the laundry is done!

It was not an ordinary trip… mixed with visits to MIL in nursing home, DH’s old school chums the Trinders in Hannibal, NY we drove several hours to Hanover NJ and his nephew’s wedding.  The wedding and subsequent reception were wonderful, elaborate and enjoyable.  flowers kate and daniel's weddingThe reception began with light refreshments, followed by at least four buffet tables of hors d’ oeuvres in Italian, Seafood, Asian, and American fares and themes.  Afterward we supped on tossed baby green salad with roasted vegetables, a choice of three entrees, twice roasted potatoes and spring veggies.  The event culminated with a full fledged dessert bar, which I couldn’t even fathom approaching.P1140581We learned that Kate (the beautiful bride) has a twin sister…P1140588She definitely has a gorgeous smile (LOL, her dad’s a dentist!)

P1140562The groom’s dad is DH’s oldest brother  Shown here with his sis, they appeared to be enjoying themselves.P1140567

LOL… every time I tried to sneak a photo of these two siblings I missed…  boy they’re fast at turning their heads and/or standing up!P1140564

DH and I had a good time as well… can you see the twinkle in his eye?  LOL… always a joker!P1140614

On the way home we had to pay a visit of tribute to the International Trade Center in northern NJ (I think it was Rockaway)… . actually my DH did all the stone work on this sign and he wanted to see if it was still en tact.  Good news… it’s still standing strong!

So… while in Hannibal, NY I was attacked by black flies and got some serious bites (I’m allergic).  Although the wedding reception went on until 1230am, we snuck out at 1130…

We travelled back to Fabius the next morning after breakfast… paid homage to gravesites for DH’s Brother and Father and visited MIL in the nursing home again before heading to the airport.

Speaking of airports… what a trip!! We arrived at the SYR airport around 11am on Monday morning, and FINALLY made it home around noon on TUESDAY!! 

Now for that nap!!

See you tomorrow with a new card share, I hope you’ll stop back by!



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Kelly Wentling said...

Looks like a beautiful wedding. Love the pic of you and your husband. Thanks for sharing with us. You DO need a nap after your long weekend travels!

Lisawhs808 said...

Beautiful pic of you and hubby. Boy, I think I need a nap just from reading about your whirlwind trip.

Cindy Ware said...

I'm surprised you are still standing!!! We'll call you 'Superwoman' from now on! Move over, Lynda Carter!!! Beautiful wedding! The pic of you and your hubby is lovely! Thanks for sharing you 'whirlwind trip'.