Saturday, June 30, 2012

Super Saturday Tutorial Faux Metal Leaf

Good Saturday Morning, and welcome to the newest Super Saturday Tutorial… Faux Metal Leaf!  I hope your mind is open to creativity today… take a deep breath, sit back and IMAGINE the possibilities as we walk through the process and then incorporate faux metal embossing into the faux metal leaf! 

The supply list is quite simple..

  • Stampin’ Emboss Powder (Silver used today)
  • Heat Tool
  • Non-Stick Teflon sheet* NOTE:  Teflon sheets are available in your local discount store in the baking section for a really reasonable price. 
  • Stamp (French Foliage used in today’s sample)
  • Palette Knife
  • Embossing Buddy
  • Multipurpose Liquid Adhesive – the choice adhesive for the delicate faux metal leafing!

Step by Step:  Faux Metal Leaf

  1. Generously pat the embossing buddy onto the Teflon sheet or substitute non-stick foil.pat the embossing buddy onto teflon sheet
  2. Get a little crazy!!  Spill out some embossing powder into a puddle of powder on the Teflon sheet.spill a bunch of embossing powder onto the teflon sheet
  3. Heat it up!  Use your heat tool to melt the fine embossing powder…. It will become shiny and any gray spots still need a little heat!heat the powder using a heat tool
  4. Once it’s done…. it will look something like this:result... thin, fun faux metal
  5. Now…. carefully use your palette knife to loosen the edge around the embossed surface.  The surface is delicate, so take your time.  NOTE:  Although a plastic knife or butter knife will also work for this process, a metal palette knife is truly the best tool for the job!use the palette knife to scrape faux leaf from teflon sheet
  6. The faux metal leaf will be very delicate.It's very delicate... affix to your desired surface with glue
  7. You may notice a lot of shred or excess/ leftovers on your Teflon sheet… waste not, want not..scrape them into a puddle.scrape leftovers into a puddle
  8. Then hit with heat from your heat tool.hit with heat
  9. Add a little more embossing powder to create a cohesive unit, and heat with your heat tool.add a little more ep and hit again with heat
  10. It’s kind of thick and pretty isn’t it?  Now… since we have a thicker puddle of powder, ink up a semi-solid image such as the maple leaf from the French foliage stamp set with versa mark ink and set it firmly into the puddle.while warm, stamp with versamark inked stamp image
  11. When the puddle cools, remove the stamp and begin to carefully scrape the embossed faux metal leaf from the Teflon sheet with your palette knife.  You may get a few holes and void areas.. but it’s ALL good!gently remove image using palette knife

NOW.. I can hear you saying “Hey, Sharon… what the heck am I supposed to do with this mess???”  There are a ton of tutorials on how/what to do with metal leaf.. basically you have to brush a surface with glue, and press the metal leaf to the glue, brushing away excess.

LOL.. tomorrow I’ll show you a spectacularly special card using the last image in the tutorial Winking smile  AND I think you’re going to like it!!



Shop my online stampin up! Store for supplies used in today’s…

Super Saturday Tutorial:  Faux Metal Leaf

Stamps:  French Foliage  WM 120845/ CM 121166

Papers:  Teflon Sheet (housewares department of discount store)

Inks:  Versa Mark 102283

Terrific Tools:  Heat Tool 129053, Metal Palette Knife (Art Store), Embossing Buddy 103083

Awesome Accessories:  Silver stampin’ emboss powder 109131, Multipurpose Adhesive 110755

Techniques:  Faux Metal, Faux Metal Leaf

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nana_cindy42 said...

Cool! Looking forward to see how you use it!

C M Taylor said...

I love learning a new technique. Thanks for sharing and for thinking out side the box!