Monday, May 21, 2012

Update, Announcement, 9AM Appointment

Let’s say we have an appointment for 9AM appointment this morning…. LOL, there will be a slight delay in today’s blog post and stamping share!! 

Yesterday was a full day of emotional ups and downs as I waited with my creative friends Tee (Green Isles Crafts) and Eva (both former demonstrators) along with two of Bob/Tee’s children for good news.  And, thank GOD.. the news was fabulous! 

As I suspected given the heart scan, Bob needed a quadruple bypass… and thankfully, the skilled doctors and staff at the Baptist Hospital Heart Center did a phenomenal job of bringing a heart operating at only 1/4 capacity back to life!!  I have to say I am in total awe of both doctors and staff as I write this post!!

As we texted and updated children and family members throughout the day, I was filled with an overwhelming sense of peace and knew that today was going to be a very much needed day of relief!!  I want to thank each and every one of you for your prayers to your God, your silent moments of consideration, thoughts, well being and comments!!  I know we all believe in the power of positive and prayer as we approach the new dawn and new challenges that her family faces...

My morning and daily blog post will be a bit delayed today, as I’m both mentally and physically exhausted… LOL, I cannot fathom to think of the both mental and physical relief that Tee, Bob, Morgan, Peter, Tim, and Joey are facing this evening.

Tears of relief, and hugs… hop you’ll check back for my post around 9am this morning!!

I am forever grateful for all your kindness!


Sharon (and Tee aka Reese…. and family… and friends…)

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MzCookie said...

absolutely wonderful news....!!!!!!!

Leann Smith said...

I can imagine all the emotionals you and your friends felt during Bob's diagnosis and surgery. My husband also had bypass surgery 4/16 (quintuple) after an acute heart attack on April Fool's Day (not a good joke). Bob will do just fine AS LONG AS HE FOLLOWS THE INSTRUCTIONS ABOUT DIET AND EXERCISE. Exercise is so important especially before he starts his cardio therapy. I will keep all of you in my prayers. Tee needs to take care of herself too, or she won't be any good for Bob. You are a great friend for all of them.

Robin Burgeson said...

That is definitely wonderful news. Heart surgery is so advanced these days and the doctors really do perform miracles. Thanks for the news.

Lisawhs808 said...

Great news!

Kelly Wentling said...

Many prayers answered and that just shows us how awesome God truly is. So happy to hear your news for Bob and his family! Sharon, you know that we will all be here waiting and you need to support your friends at this time and not worry about your blog.

Sharon Field said...

Oh My Goodness Leah!! I hope you and your family are doing well at this point. LOL.. they did tell Bob that PT for him will be MANDATORY, and he MUST exercise for the rest of his life. He was already biking and hiking, may be what got him this far! I'll say a prayer for you and yours too!

Patrice said...

Oh Sharon I am so happy for your friends. That is always so scary and I am truly glad that he will be on his way to recovery soon!