Monday, May 21, 2012

Helping Hands and Everything Eleanor

Today is bypass surgery day for Bob McNeil, hubby of my good friend and former demo Tee Thompson (Green Isles Crafts).  The family is facing a lot of financial struggles in the forthcoming weeks as Tee is a struggling artist, and Bob who is a Surgical Technician recuperates. 

Tee has discounted several of her phenomenal art pieces in hopes of raising funds to bridge the huge income gap over the next two months.  Read this post for an update and how you can help this struggling family of four in their fundraising effort.  Thank you for all your prayers and thought, I’ve passed them along too.

Today’s Card Share features a new catalog sneak peek and is a CAS card similar to one posted last week when I got a bit carried away with my regal rose ink pad.1.everythingeleanor_ofive21

You can view the first Everything Eleanor card share HERE.still looks like a door plate to meLOL layering these motifs still reminds me of a door plate and knob (see Red Door Cards HERE).flat profile with pearl jewel and ribbonknotHowever this card has very little dimension, and no dimensional dots were used!  Nice, slim profile with the exception of knotted satin ribbon and basic pearls jewel!sweet kitty, big kitty!This is our very verbal and terribly sleepy cat… you may recall his brother passed earlier this year.  This is one of his favorite spots to sit… watch a few birds out the nearby window, and then nap for hours.  Oh, what a life!this tyrant is quite busy when awake!He looks so innocent while sleeping… but believe me, this little kitty loves to eat ribbon, rubber bands and even tin foil if left within reach!!  He’s also quite a performer… dispensing hugs (leg rubs on command) for treats.  When he want’s to go outside, he makes it known (and when he wants a treat he meow’s VERY loudly!!)

I spent most of yesterday making freezer meals to help Tee’s family through the next couple weeks, LOL  cooking is just one of my other hobbies.  If you’d like to help, please visit Tee’s website to make a donation, or place an online stampin’ up store order and I’ll contribute my instant income (20%) to help this family in their crisis hour.

Bob’s surgery is scheduled for around noon EDT give/take the first surgery.  I hope and pray it goes well… Tee and kids spent the night at the hospital so they could be close and I’m off to sit with them this morning. 

See you tomorrow with hopefully happy news, new cards and more!

Thanks a bunch for your prayers, thoughts, and comments. 



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Susan Carlson said...

What a great friend you are to Tee and her family! I'll be praying that Bob's surgery is successful and he makes a complete recovery.

Lisawhs808 said...

Sharon, you are a wonderful friend.

Sandi said...

Hope everything goes well will say a prayer.

Patrice said...

You bet I will put them on my prayer list for sure I hope everything went well!