Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tutorial: Fish Net Stampin’ Up! Style!

Yesterday I watched an awesome free tutorial at Paper Crafters Library on how to turn ordinary household cheese cloth to a fish net embellishment for mixed media artists.  Unfortunately, they used a ton of products which I don’t happen to have on hand and I’m a firm believer in using what is already on hand…

Well, I just LOVE mixed media, and thought this would look great on a beach themed card too!  So into my stamping studio I went, to re-create the fabulous fish netting... Stampin’ Up! Style!   Here’s my Fish Net card for today’s Super Saturday Tutorial!Faux  Fish Net Technique Using Stampin Up Materials

Wouldn’t it look fabulous on a mixed media canvas?  It’s just ordinary cheesecloth!!  I’ll share more close ups and details of the card tomorrow, LOL… today we’re making Fish Net!

Supplies you’ll need for today’s… Fish Net Stampin’ Up! Style Tutorial:Supplies for todays tutorial (heat tool not shown)

Inks:  Soft Suede, Versa Mark

Terrific Tools:  Heat Tool (not shown), surface protection or craft mat, Craft Scissors

Awesome Accessories:  Clear Embossing Powder, Tissue, Plastic Sandwich Bag, Cheesecloth, Rubbing Alcohol (not shown)

Step By Step Fish Net Stampin’ Up! Style Pictorial Tutorial:

  1. Cover your surface with a protective cover such as grid paper or a craft sheet.  Cut approximately 4” strip from the cheesecloth, open up completely and cut a 4” square.
  2. Place Cheesecloth Square on protective surface, and tap with versa mark ink pad.  Turn over, and pat the other side as well.apply versamark directly to cheesecloth, covering both sides
  3. Now cover both sides with Soft Suede Ink, tapping the open pad directly onto the apply soft suede ink to both sides too!
  4. Inspect the cheesecloth of intensity and depth of color… turn over and repeat the soft suede inking until you achieve desired color.  The cheesecloth will be darkened further in the next steps.  inspect cheesecloth for even coverage and color intensity
  5. Place the cheesecloth into a plastic sandwich bag and add approximately 1/2 tsp. of clear embossing powder… close the bag and shake to cover the cheesecloth.  Add more powder if in plastic bag, add embossing powder and shake
  6. Open the bag, remove cheesecloth and place on a protected surface.   Open up any curled or clumpy sections or they’ll end up melting together.uncurl and unbunch edges of cheesecloth before heating
  7. Heat the cheesecloth with a heat tool… the clear powder will melt leaving shiny, colored cheesecloth.  heating will deepen color and set the color on the cheesecloth too
  8. Flip the cheesecloth over and heat the other side too.  Step 8 heat both sides of the cheesecloth and inspect
  9. Let it cool slightly and scrunch to give texture.Crumple to add texture, be careful it may be hot!
  10. If you are using a craft mat for your surface protector, you can now clean it using a tissue (or paper towel) and rubbing alcohol!

You’re done!

Today’s Tips For Paper Crafters:

  • Cheesecloth can be found at grocery stores in the cleaning supply section, at home improvement stores in the wood staining / paint section, and is sold by the yard in fabric stores.
  • A paper towel or baby wipes may be substituted for tissue… I just grabbed what was easily available when creating this tutorial for you.
  • Wear plastic gloves if you would rather not have ink on your fingers… I have ink on my fingers all the time, LOL… it washes off eventually!
  • Pre-heat your heat tool for quicker results… and be careful not to burn the cheesecloth too! 
  • Tweezers can come in handy when scrunching the cheesecloth too.
  • Tightly close the plastic sandwich bag before shaking… or you’ll have quite a mess on your hand. 
  • In lieu of plastic bag, a plastic storage container could be used too!

See you tomorrow with more details and views on my Fish Net Stampin’ Up! Style Card Winking smile  Saving the best for last!



Shop my online Stampin’ Up! Store for supplies used in today’s Fish Net Stampin’ Up! Style Tutorial:shop online for today's tutorial supplies... yeah!!

Inks: Soft Suede 115657 , Versa Mark 102283

Terrific Tools: Heat Tool 10005 , Craft Scissors 108360

Awesome Accessories: Clear Embossing Powder  109130

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Lisa808 said...

Wow--fab card. Thanks for the tutorial.

Karenliz Henderson said...

WOW Love this tutorial! Thank you. I must try it. So cool and fun!

Doris said...

The card is beautiful! Thanks for this great tutorial!! (And thanks for the helpful hints, too.)

nana_cindy42 said...

So clever!!! Thanks!

Charlotte said...

OMGosh! You are a genius! This tutorial is absolutely incredible! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Great embellishment, providing great texture. THANK YOU so much for your inspiration. You are appreciated!

Patrice H said...

Wow, what a fun tutorial. This I'll have to try! I Love Saturday tutorials!

ellouise1969 said...

I too read the PCL tute and was put off by all the stuff needed that I did not have. Thankfully there are folks like yourself who can think o'side the box and do something like this. LOVE it. Well done Sharon.



Jeannie said...

Happy Easter!

This is beyond FABULOUS!!! Thank you so much - totally going to try it out soon!!!

Pamkstamps said...

Awesome technique! Thanks for sharing.

Pamkstamps said...

Awesome technique! Thanks for sharing.