Monday, February 20, 2012

Tutorial: Pleated Satin Ribbon Flower

Hope you have been enjoying all the paper and ribbon flower tutorials for the past couple of days!  I’ve had a lot of lovely, sweet comments, and truly appreciate all the wonderful words!

Today I’m sharing my Pleated Satin Ribbon Flower Tutorial… I’ve enlarged the size substantially over the first one shown on Saturday, and will be providing step by step instructions today so that you can create one of your own!

Supplies needed for today’s…

Pleated Satin Ribbon Flower Tutorial:

  • 18” Pleated Satin Ribbon
  • 1-3/4” Circle Punched piece of card stock
  • SNAIL double sided adhesive
  • Mini Glue Dots
  • Craft / Ribbon Scissors
  • Paper Piercing Tool*

*Optional… you could also use a seam ripper or your fingers.

Sharon_Field_Pleated_Satin_Ribbon_FlowerStep By Step Pleated Satin Ribbon Flower Tutorial:

  1. Cover 1-3/4” Circle Punch generously using SNAIL double sided adhesive.
  2. Use a seam ripper, the piercing tool or your fingers to remove stitching from one fold at one end of the pleated satin ribbon.  Notice in the ribbon below, I decided to take a little short cut and cut the stitching with my scissors, leaving a gaping hole… not a good idea!Remove_thread_from_one_Pleat
  3. Now tie a knot in the very end of the ribbon, cinching it down so that no frayed edges are part of the knot.Knot the tail
  4. Position the knot in the center of the SNAIL covered circle punch, and use the SNAIL adhesive to cover any frayed tails of the ribbon.Attach to back of card stock circle
  5. Standing the Pleated Satin Ribbon on end, begin wrapping the ribbon around the knot.  Your first pass will be fairly close, but you must leave gaps as you make subsequent rounds.Stand pleated satin ribbon on edge as you wrap onto card stock circle
  6. Continue until you’ve filled out the entire disk.  You must leave gaps in each subsequent ribbon layer in order to get the ribbon to lie down flat in future steps.Leave gaps as you wrap the ribbon
  7. When you get to the end of the card stock, there will be a little gap between the standing ribbon and the card stock.  Use snips to cut the tail (if the ribbon is still on the roll), otherwise, tuck the tail to the back of the card stock.Cut Away Excess with Fabric Scissors
  8. Secure the Pleated Satin Ribbon to the back of the punched card stock circle using SNAIL double sided adhesive.Secure tail to the back of the circle
  9. Working from the outside edge inward, begin repositioning the Pleated Satin Ribbon flat along the perimeter of the card stock punched circle.  Use an additional 4-5 mini glue dots between the pleated satin ribbon and card stock to secure.Lay the ribbon flat from the outside edge towards the middle
  10. When you reach an overlap point of the pleated satin ribbon, place a mini glue dot between the layers.  This will help the ribbon lie flatter.  Use 4-5 mini glue dots on this round, then as you continue around decrease the number of glue dots until you reach the circle around the knot.  Place 4-5 mini glue dots randomly between layers
  11. Do not use Mini Glue Dots around the innermost circle around the knot so the center maintains a budding flower appearance.Do not glue inner circle layer with glue dots
  12. Congratulations, you’re done!  Isn’t it pretty?aerial view

Today’s Tips for Paper Crafters:

  • Make a Pleated Satin Ribbon Flower Hair Bow!
  • Die cut a circle of felt, and use a hot glue gun in place of mini glue dots and SNAIL Adhesive.
  • Change up the size of the Pleated Satin Ribbon Flower by increasing/decreasing the size of the circle and the amount of Pleated Satin Ribbon used per project.
  • If making multiple Pleated Satin Ribbon Flowers, leave the ribbon on roll and cut when you reach the end.

See you tomorrow with a new challenge from the UDI design team!  I look forward to reading your comments!

For those who have ordered the Perfect Die-Cut Shim, orders will begin shipping again tomorrow as today is a holiday!




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Donna Ellis said...

Sharon, AWESOME flower and WONDERFUL tutorial! I love this! Thank you so much for sharing it!

Beth said...

Beautiful tutorial Sharon!!! Thanks!!!

ellouise1969 said...

Yet another tip to stash away til we get the product here Sharon!! These look so dainty and stunning...all rolled into one. Thanks for a great tute.

Tammy said...

Sharon!! How lovely is this?? YOu did an uber beautiful job!!PLUS your pictures and teaching is outstanding!! be blessed
~Beyond Measure

Cheryl Algie said...

Awesome as always !! Cannot wait to try it !!!

Patrice H said...

My goodness this is soooo beautiful. Yes your creations have been lovely Sharon. Sorry I have been MIA busy busy busy.

Lisa808 said...

Gorgeous flower! Thanks for the tutorial.

Sylvia said...

Sharon I love this flower! You are so sweet to share your talent. I love your blog and read it everyday. Thanks for sharing.

Lorican said...

Gorgeous flower! You make everything so easy! Why didn't I think of that? LOL! If you have any shims left I would like to order one. Thanks

Nancy Lempinen said...

This is absolutely stunning, I have some pleated ribbon and have been hoarding it, I think I've gotta try this flower, just beautiful. Many thanks for sharing with all of us.

Patricia said...

I am your newest GFC Follower from the Linky Follower Party Hop.

Fabiola said...

magnifique, merci pour le tuto, biz

Rose :: FineCRAFTguild said...

You know, those pleats make all the difference in making this a special rosette, I think. Take it from the flower making expert ha ha...


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Stephanie said...

That is so pretty! I love how you used pleated ribbon!

Queen of Savings said...

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