Sunday, February 12, 2012

Perfect Paper Doily Die Cuts Every Time!

Today I’m sharing how to attain perfect die cuts using the Large Sizzlits Paper Doily Die (from page 7 of the Occasions Mini Catalog) and how to make the perfect shim for use in your die cutting machines!

I’m also sharing a quick and easy, clean and simple (CAS) card we’ll be making in this month’s Senior Stamping Classes!Sharon_Field_Createdbyu_CAS_Seniors212

This one is getting LOTS of “oohs and aahs” at the senior centers!  A simple Whisper White A2 card base stamped using tempting turquoise ink and the Baroque Motifs Stamp Set.  Of course the versatile new blossom punch is a winner too!  10Inchx10footflashingroll11.61

Do you know what this is?  Three guesses… Just kidding!  It’s a roll of roof flashing commonly found in home hardware stores.  A 10 inch wide x 10 feet long roll sells locally (Florida) for $11.61, one roll will yield 20 to 40 Perfect Die-Cut Shims dependent upon your machine layers and needs.

Why am I showing you this?  Because it’s a fabulous solution for getting perfect die cuts when using the Paper Doily Large Sizzlits Die!!  The roof flashing cuts like butter with my table top paper cutter!  The feedback has been fabulous, and the shim kit works wonderfully!

Important disclaimer update mandate by Stampin’ Up: 

The metal shim kit USAGE and CUTTING methods have not been approved by Stampin' Up! or Sizzix, are contrary to the CURRENT  suggested usage of the Sizzix Big Shot Die Cutting Machine and Table Top Trimmer Tools.   

Supplies you’ll need to make the © Perfect Die-Cut Shim:

  • Sticky Sheets (#114300)
  • Table Top Paper Cutter (#106959)
  • Paper Snips (#103579) aka fine point paper scissors
  • Aluminum Flashing from the hardware store


Each and every die cutting machine is a little different… some are tighter, some more loose.  TEST the sandwich and NEVER force it through your machine, as it can cause damage.  If the sandwich is very resistant, adjust layers, and proceed at your own risk!!


Step by Step Perfect Die-Cut Shim Tutorial:

NOTE:  Test the Perfect Die-Cut Shim in your die cutting machine after steps 2 and 6.

  1. Use Tabletop Paper Cutter to cut a 6” length from the Aluminum Flashing Roll.
  2. With the 10” edge butted to the top edge of the Tabletop Paper Trimmer, cut at 5”.  (TEST NOW using sandwich in step 7… if it works well, STOP HERE.)
  3. Cut Sticky Sheet 5” x 6” using the Tabletop Paper Trimmer.
  4. Use the pointy tips of your paper snips to scratch the corner of the cut sticky sheet, then lift the corner by slipping the point of the snips beneath the corner to separate the protective sheet.P11009472o3-4-32y-34y2
  5. Carefully align and slowly attach the sticky sheet to the 5” x 6” Aluminum Flashing.  Work slowly, ensuring there are no bubbles created.32-487-05y-nc7bv1 [npu
  6. Smooth the paper.. LEAVE the second protective layer attached, in place!!
  7. Sandwich in your Big Shot Die Cutting Machine like this:P1100963218769hrogwb obynp glgh
  • Cutting platform, no tabs
  • Clear acrylic cutting plate
  • Perfect Die-Cut Shim, silver side up
  • Paper Doily Large Sizzlit Die, cutting side facing up
  • Clear acrylic cutting plate

I no longer own a Cuttlebug… gave mine away a couple years ago, so I can’t tell you what the sandwich is for that particular machine!  I’ll have to get with a friend and see what works in hers.

Additional Notes: 

  • If your machine is too loose and the die does not release the cuts, then you may need to remove the sticky sheet protective paper and add a second layer of aluminum flashing to your perfect die-cut shim.
  • The shim will naturally get creases from the pressure of the die, this is normal and will not affect the perfect die-cut shim’s ability to cut.0861b0 y0ncuvn hcp hmiuhghe
  • The corners are very sharp, if you have one of those industrial corner rounder tools (you know.. the pink or aqua ones… aka zutter. ) they will work well to round the corners of your perfect die-cut shim.
  • If you end up with bubbles in your sticky sheet, simply pierce the bubbles using a paper piercing tool, and press to release the pockets of air.

BONUS TIP for using Sizzlit Dies of any size:

Today’s Tip for Paper Crafters -

To lubricate the cutting blade of your Sizzlit Dies, simply place a piece of household wax paper atop the die, and run it through your cutting machine.  Do this 3-4 times, replacing with a new piece of wax paper and you’ll have really smooth die-cuts again!

I’ve got some Perfect Die-Cut Shim Kits ready to ship!  The kit will include two 5” x 6” flashing pieces and one 5” x 6” piece of sticky sheet so you can adjust your perfect die-cut shim to work with your machine. 



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ColleenB. said...

Beautiful card and thank You on the shim tip

Sharon Field said...

LOL... and why did I just happen to have roof flashing sitting around in my stamp room? I meant to share... we made candle holders in one of my Christmas Gift-ables class using the flashing too... works great!!

Deborah Skinner said...

What a timely post. I have this doily die in my box that just arrived this week. Thanks for the tips!

Ellen Taylor said...

very pretty card! tfs

ellouise1969 said...

Will def keep this in the back of my brain for when we get the die here down under!!! Will have to source roof flashing here too. I haev a C'bug and love it to I'll be v v interested as to what sandwich to ascertain in discussions. LOVE the CAS card roo Sharon. TFS your amazing finds and creativity.

Carol V said...

My upline just gave me this die and I cut one out yesterday, spent 8 mins popping out all the little pieces and 5 were not cut completely. Did you get your roof flashing at a small hardware store, or at one of the big ones???/ In Florida on vacation and can check the stores tomorrow.

Sharon Field said...

The bits pop out so much easier after using the roof flashing shim.. just roll and pop.. Home depot, and lowes are my local hw stores... both carry this product

Carol Carriveau said...

Love the card! Chose not to purchase the doily die after hearing many complaints but am interested in your shim...what are you charging, including S/H... Thanks!

Sharon Field said...

Big box hardware stores, LOL... more to choose from and lesser cost. Where are you in Florida??

Sharon Field said...

Sent you an email Carol!

Donna Ellis said...

wow! Great tips. Thank you, always, Sharon, for sharing what you have learned. Wish I lived nearby. Well, you maybe don't. I'd be a pest LOL Thanks again.

Tckwagner said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial! And I LOVE you Print Friendly option!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tammy said...

I love the helpful tips and your projects---you do so great!! be blessed
~Beyond Measure