Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mixed Media Stampin’ Up! Style

After participating in a recent book study, I decided to give it a whirl and create a mixed media art board canvas Stampin’ Up! style!MM_Sharon_Field_012911_main_createdbyu_blogspot

I gathered up a few non-su supplies too, a 6” x12” artist panel, coarse pumice gel, fiber paste, tar gel, gesso, glass bead gel, acrylic paints, paint brush, sharpie, and recycled corrugated cardboard from a box.2.stenciled_blossom_punch_Detail

I started by making a stencil template using medium window sheet with the blossom punch, and postage stamp punch.  Aligning my handmade stencils onto the art board canvas, I filled them with fiber paste and set them aside to dry.

Once dry, I scribbled all over the canvas using water color crayons, then blended the colors using a paint brush and clear gesso.3.postage_stamp_detail_And_Butterfly_FromKindness_matters

A bit more texture was added to the postage stamp punch stenciled shapes using an embossing stylus… and then I painted them with re-inker and gesso.5.kindnessMatters_butterfly_and_Words

This canvas was part of my Stampin’ Addicts weekend sale-a-bration blog tour… my chosen stamp set to feature was Kindness Matters, one of the free sets you can earn with a merchandise order of $50 or more!  You have to use the item code from the Sale-a-Bration catty to get it free… be sure to check out the catty in my side bar before placing your order in my Stampin’ UP! Store

Tar gel was drizzled over the colored postage stamp shapes, and white acrylic paint was added along two sides of each shape.  The left side of the canvas was painted with acrylic paint too… in layers and then a few rhinestones ‘bling’ accents were added.6.sharpie_detail_and_Canvas_Colors

Jet black lines, dashes and dots were added throughout the canvas to give more definition… I tried using a journaling pen and marker, but a sharpie pen turned out to be the best tool for this job.7.corrugated_cardboard_details

After tearing the top layer from some corrugated card board, ti was attached to the canvas and painted with gesso, blue and white acrylic paint too.  I like the rustic appearance.. kind of like a tin roof, right?8._glass_gel_floral_Center_with_mica_flakes_and_Butterfly

After coloring the blossom stenciled images with reinkers, an additional ‘blob’ (technical artist term) was added to the center of each blossom stencil and mica flakes were pressed into the floral centers.  Glass bead gel accents were added to each bloom too.. when completely dry, the glass bead gel will reflect the colors beneath more clearly… the parts that are milky white are not completely dry. 

Oh… and I used a white gel pen to paint around the edges of the flowers giving them more definition too.9_Sharon_Field_January_Canvas_aRT_BOARD_mixed_media_stampin_up

I had so much fun creating this canvas, I just may try a larger one next time Smile  I surprised myself when it was done… I’m not normally a pastel girl… and this canvas had a lot of pastel hues, hope you like it!!

See you tomorrow with more water color wash cards!  I look forward to reading your comments and THANK YOU for your online orders!!  I’ll be sending you a little something extra soon!



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ellouise1969 said...

Wow much love, passion and dedication went into this piece. I now have a better knowledge of other mediums apart fm ink!!! I really like this piece. Lokks amazing.

Scrappywonder said...

I absolutely LOVE this!!! fabulous job, tfs!!! R ;)

Donna Ellis said...

Sharon, what a FABULOUS example of mixed media! You've totally inspired me. Today I've been going through all the stuff in my stamp room, finding art supplies I didn't know I had -- now I have more to play with trying the ideas you've shared. Thank you!

Tdharris1 said...

great job thanks for sharing

Kerrskreations said...

i had no idea that all of those mediums together would create such a beautiful effect. you are one talented and creative person. This is one of those projects that needs another look. Thanks for the great details in the description of your project. Can't wait until the next one you do. TFS.

Theresa Jaramillo said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

JustYolie said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! Stopping by to invite you to visit Link Up for Pink's new website
We are celebrating with several giveaways! :)

(I also have a giveaway on my blog)

Ellentaylor38 said...

beautifully done!

Wandaclasen said...

Great Job!