Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sweeten Up That Christmas Grinch!

We all know at least one person with a bah humbug attitude at Christmas right?   What if you had a way to sweeten up that Christmas Grinch, and turn that Grinch frown right upside down?

This was another popular item from recent craft shows… and a quick little Grinch fixer upper too!1.grinch_pills_on_Createdbyu_blogspot

These little boxes were embellished with Northern Frost Snowflakes, and punched stockings along with Basic Jewel Rhinestones and Pearls… aren’t they cute?2.emergency_Grinch_Pills_OpenedUp

The inside has a sweet Merry Christmas Greeting from the Petite Pairs Stamp set, along with a word window punched computer generated “Emergency Grinch Pills” label.3.GrinchPillPoem_createdbyu_blogspot

The poem has been around for awhile, author unknown.  I tweaked it a bit because I didn’t like the wording.  Also printed out on the computer and cut to fit inside the front flap of the holiday treat package.

Here’s the poem:

Feeling kinda Grouchy?

Holiday Spirit can’t be found?

Give these little Grinch Pills a try…

they’re the best medicine around!

Whether you’re eating a whole handful,

or maybe just one or two..

These tiny tasty little pills will

take the Grinch right out of YOU!

And of course, inside the designer series wrapped packet tucked in the pocket, are green Tic Tacs!  Isn’t that fun?

LOL… not a new idea, but guaranteed to make someone smile… or throw them at you!

Hope you have a fabulous day, see you tomorrow with a new card design!



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Ellen said...

Such a cute idea! I love those.

Alita Long said...

Oh Sharon!!!!
This is so adorable! I take care of my older brother who has Alzheimer's and paper crafting is his hobby with much help from me. I would so love it if you would be so kind enough to make a tutorial of this project please? I can figure out the outside cover but everything else is confusing to me. Taking care of some one who has a memory problem can be trying at the best of times, but my hubby has also come down with a dementia problem too - so I DO tend to get CRANKY and more so at this time of year. It would be nice to make this project and give it to my hubby and brother so that they can remind me when I'm being Grinchy! lol

I can see where this would be perfect for small children or anyone for that matter at any time of the year - when they are getting cranky. such a Nice, Helpful reminder!
Thank you so much for all of the wonderful projects and tutorials that you post for all of us to enjoy. I do enjoy them and you've inspired me to try new techniques and products that I normally would not have tried.

Diane H said...

This is so cute and a cleaver idea, I would enjoy seeing a tutorial of this to make for the girls at work.

Cindy Ware said...

This IS a cute idea! I'd like to try making them sometime.

Sandi said...

A tutorial would be great. I love your ideas and you are very creative. I just started making my own cards, one day I hope to be as good as you..Thank you for sharing.

Shaorn F said...

OK, ladies! I'll put a tutorial together and post it on Saturday morning! Glead you liked it!

Cindy Ware said...

Thanks Sharon!!!