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Super Saturday–Mini Tutorial

Today I’m sharing a mini tutorial with you… as promised, for the Embossed and Glimmered Glass Jar which was featured in yesterday’s post on Created By You.Photo.. project,_1203supersaturdaytutorial

Gosh, this is a fabulous teacher gift… you’ve told me how excited you are about the project in emails, contact me correspondence, and even a couple phone calls!

I’ve had a lot of questions and even a couple telephone calls regarding these jars… they really are quite perfect for this project, and they were actually given to me!  The jars are very dense and heavy weight glass, recycled from veterinary meds and sterilized (of course).

Along the lid edge, a narrow strip of Silver Glimmer Paper was attached using sticky tape (the double sided red stuff).  The flat top of the lid was embellished with a scrap of Silver Glimmer Paper punched with the Doily Triple Layer Punch.

As you can see, the jar itself was embossed with Pewter Stampin’ Emboss Powder and snowflakes from the Serene Snowflakes Stamp Set.  There are really two steps to finishing off this pretty jar… embossing, and then the glimmer strip on the jar surface. 

First, I’d like to share some tips for selecting glass vessels for embossing projects:

    • Select thicker vases and vessels, there will be less risk of cracking when heated.
    • Very thin glass, such as the glass layer on inexpensive frames is NOT suitable for embossing.. it’s better to use that type of glass with our Décor Elements product line.
    • Select glass with flat surfaces, as it is a bit more difficult to emboss on a rounded surface.
    • Glass that appears to be flat may NOT be flat… hold the glass at an angle and inspect the surface, or place something solid like an acrylic or wood block on top of the glass to see if it is smooth and flat, void of concave and concave interruptions to the surface.

Embossing on Glass Step by Step Tutorial:

  1. Clean glass thoroughly.  Wash with hot soap and water, and then clean with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel.
  2. Avoid handling the surface to be embossed with your fingers as you could transfer natural oils to the glass.
  3. Turn on your heat tool and allow it to pre-heat for a moment or two.
  4. Lightly powder the cleaned surface with an embossing buddy, corn starch, or baby powder, tapping off excess.  This will remove static from the glass and avoid indiscriminate and awkwardly strayed embossing powder particles from sticking arbitrarily to the glass.  A powder residue may remain on the surface, but that’s ok!
  5. Ink up your selected image with Versamark Embossing Ink.  I’ve used several different embossing inks in the past… and thus far, the results with Versamark are much more consistent!
  6. Stamp directly to the glass surface, pressing the stamp straight down,  and then picking it straight up.  It’s easy to slide the stamp on the slick glass… if you muss it up, no big deal… just wipe off the excess with a paper towel and then clean again with a fresh paper towel and rubbing alcohol, go back to step 4!
  7. Pour embossing powder onto the glass, tap off excess into  powder pal trays.  If you don’t happen to have trays, a piece of vellum card stock works wonderfully well to collect and capture the excess embossing powder!
  8. Your heat tool was pre-heated in step 3… so the embossing action should occur quite quickly.   Place the stamped glass on a solid surface, hold the heat tool  2-3” from the glass, and quickly warm the embossing powder.  Direct the heat towards non-shiny embossing powder… once it is all shiny it’s done.   Allow the glass to cool completely before attempting to handle!
  9. If you want to emboss other areas of the glass, repeat steps 4-8.  If you’re satisfied with your project as-is, turn off the heat tool and proceed to the next process… how to achieve the pretty silver band along the bottom half of the jar.

LOL… this is so very easy, I almost hesitate to explain it.  I know there are a lot of newbie stampers and demos who really like it when I simply tell it all…. so here goes.

Add a Silver Band of Glimmer!

  1. Clean the glass surface thoroughly using a paper towel and rubbing alcohol to remove any fingerprints, oil, or residue from powders and other elements.
  2. Use a ruler and a sharpie to draw a level line around the jar.  Place the jar on a flat surface.  Align the ruler vertically against the jar, with the base against the same flat surface.  Make three dots with the sharpie marker on each of the four sides of the jar (right, center and left).  These marks will be used for guidance in the next step.  TIP:  if you don’t have a ruler, simply cut a piece of card stock to the desired height of your glimmer stripe, and use it as a guide when marking the three dots per side.
  3. Align the top OR bottom edge of Sticky Tape with the dots, and wrap it around the jar.  It doesn’t matter if you’re aligning the top or bottom edge of the tape… but you must be consistent and align only the top or only the bottom edge of the tape with the dots you made in step 2.  This will produce an even, level line of sticky tape.
  4. Remove the protective layer from the sticky tape.

    TIPS for Stampers and Demos:

    • It’s often tricky to remove that red protective layer from the sticky tape.  To make it a bit easier, simply scratch the protective layer with an open blade at the tip of  your snips (scissors), then slip the blade of the snips beneath the surface of the protective layer… it will magically separate!!
    • It’s OK to overlap this sticky tape band… LOL, but don’t forget to remove the protective layer before you add a new layer!
  5. Now, cover your work surface with powder pal trays or vellum card stock, and pour fine  glitter atop the sticky surface.
  6. Use your fingers to gently burnish the surface.
  7. Use a bone folder to firmly burnish the surface, this will embed the glitter into the sticky tape, and prevent dreaded glitter transfer when handling the jars!
  8. If your sharpie marker dots are still visible on the jar surface, now is a good time to go ahead and clean them up!  Wet a paper towel with rubbing alcohol, and gently rub the surface to remove marker points.

Sorry I didn’t have a lot of photos with today’s tutorial…. Thursday’s craft fair at Selva Marina Country Club  in Atlantic Beach, Florida was surprisingly more successful than I had anticipated!  My Friday was dedicated to making more items for sale in today’s craft fair at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Jacksonville Beach. 

Thankfully, my DD started her MTA (mandatory time away) from work yesterday and was a big help during this crazy crunch time! 

LOL, I hope today’s craft fair goes as well, wish me luck Winking smile!  Better yet.. stop by and say hello!

Hope to see you back here tomorrow… and I promise next Saturday’s tutorial won’t be so lame!



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Lame, this tutorial was jammed packed full of "Hot Tips" Thanks for taking the time to give us those vital tips. They do make all the difference in the world! You are a genius my friend!