Thursday, December 1, 2011

New and Blinged Out Santa’s Magic Keys

Still prepping for craft shows, today I thought I’d share some new Santa’s Magic Key Gifts.  The key’s were found at a local big box hobby store in the dollar or discount section, available in three different ‘styles’.1.copper Santa's Magic keyAnyone who has known me for a while knows that I LOVE copper and copper patina… and on first glance, I LOVED this copper key!  LOL, I’m still hoarding and lamenting the loss of Brushed Copper card stock!  The rhinestone bling just added to this lovely magical Santa Key!2. silver key on Createdbyu_Blogspot.comThe long tall silver key was my second favorite… and it blinged out quite well too.  There was a third key available, a dark galvanized looking short and stubby key which initially I wasn’t too impressed with.3.galvanized santa keyUntil I blinged it out… and then something magical occurred with this lovely Santa’s Magic Key…4. santa key sideways with the SIt really was Santa’s Magic Key…. complete with the first initial of Santa’s name!!  Wow… I went back to the store the next day and got a few more in this style! 

I wanted to have special packaging for this very special key… I’ve done two Santa’s Magic Key Ornaments… one in 2009 HERE, and another more updated version recently HERE.  But these keys were so special, and I wanted something memorable, traditional… and worthwhile of a family tradition, so off to my stamping studio I went… 5.craft fair packaging for santa's magic keyA wonderful blinged out Santa’s Magic Key needed a key safe, LOL and these cute window nugget tins were just the perfect size!  I had just one challenge to resolve…how to secure it in the box, removable yet displayable. 

I contacted my friend Tee from Green Isles Crafts and we did a little brainstorming… hmm… velcro (no), wire (no) a brad (no).  I didn’t do anything with my keys for a month… but then the craft show was approaching quickly so set about decorating the boxes, and it came to me!6.Securing the key in the tin

The answer came to me in a flash… a button layered brad!! But not just any button layered brad of course, I had to leave some space between them to capture and secure the Magic Key!7. alternate key locker brad button configuration

So, after separating and flattening out the legs of the brad with my trusty jewelry pliers, they were inserted through the button holes just enough to flatten them a little bit on the back of the button and leave a skinny quarter inch gap.  Aaah.. success!  I hope they sell well at the craft fair.. don’t you need one for your home?

Ordinarily, today would be the Creative-Sketches Design Team Challenge… but the design team has decided to take a break until the first of the year… hope you’ll keep following along as I post other projects and creations I have made!

See you tomorrow with a couple more new craft fair projects and photos!



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ColleenB. said...

What a cute idea and pure genius on the little 'hanger'.
These are just darn right adorable

Ret Cudmore said...

Ohhh my gosh, Sharon!! You really did a beautiful job on your blinged out Santa key!! I think our house should sport one! haha! Seriously, your work is so fabulous & your creativity is just amazing! I sure wish we lived closer to each other...then it would be......
WATCH OUT WORLD!!! hehehe :) Just love your project!!

Fabiola said...

super chic! biz

Jean Fitch said...

Wowzer...Sharon...these are amazing!! The little hanger and the packaging really make the whole deal. Reminds me of those break glass to remove signs on various safety equipment. Mount one of these lovelies on a wreath on the front door with a note to Santa. Of course he uses the chimney they have those in Florida? If they don't fly off the shelf at the fair there is something seriously wrong with the shoppers in your area. LOL
Your new comment section gave me the giggles too....looks like we are twins! In fact everyone commenting looks like you! We must all be related through our love of stamping...and of you!
Hugs and hoping you have mondo success at the fair.

Mrager8996 said...

Fabulous! Where in the world did you find your keys?

Sylvia Johnson said...

Wow I love this! The first three pictures are not showing. I am assuming this is one of the keys from the SU catty that you blinged up. What a great idea! Sharon I love your blog. I read it everytime you post. Have a Merry Christmas and thanks for all the inspiration you have given this year.

Rufus said...

Brilliant! Both the keys, the packaging and the saying. Fantastic

Patricia Huber said...

Would LOVE one of these keys for my granddaughter! I need a new upline and will contact you after the first of the year... It is a long, sad story. Patricia

Terry Kaspari said...

I loved the blinged out ornament with the red glitter paper but the size of this key is a little more what I has in mind. And I have about twenty tins from convention a couple years ago. LOL My kids are past believing in Santa but I think I need one for my door anyway. Thanks again, Terry