Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lace Rosette and Stapled Ribbon Tutorial

It’s Saturday… and that means a new FREE Super Saturday Tutorial here at Created By You!  The two techniques I’m sharing today are pretty simple… so I’m sharing two technique tutorials as a Christmas Bonus!

Speaking of Christmas...LOL, I haven’t mailed my card yet, have you?   I’m way behind on thank you cards too… this time of year just gets so busy, it’s often difficult to pack in everything you want to get done!  Today I was chatting with a sweet friend and customer, who mentioned that she’s had to de-stress her holiday season… SMART WOMAN!!   What’s a holiday without relaxation, and spending time with family and friends after all? 

If your holiday is stressing you out… step back and take a look at what you’ve got on your plate.  It’s just like being a Mom… you know, that point of realization that there are more important things in life than a perfect home Smile LOL, that was a difficult one for me to learn, and judging from the state of my stamp room, I learned it a little too well Winking smile.

In today’s Super Saturday Tutorial we’ll be making a Chantilly Lace Rosette – Tutorial Number 1, and a different folded ribbon technique using staples – Tutorial Number 2!1.chantilly lace medallion tutorial on createdbyu_Blogspot

Supplies you’ll need:

  • 7-8” Chantilly Lace
  • Linen Thread
  • Antique Brad (or other brad)
  • Needle Threader (or Serger needle threader… see photo below)2.Needle_Threader_Photo

Step by Step:

  1. Thread large open eye of needle threader with Linen thread.3.wide-eyed-needle-threader-up-close
  2. Fold approximately 1/4” of Chantilly Lace backwards on top of itself, and beginning at the folded edge,  thread Linen through holes at bottom edge of lace. 4.fold_back_Lace+and_thread
  3. Continue threading Linen until approximately 1/2” from the end of the lace.5.variation_in_Stitching_needle_and=stitches
  4. You can go through every hole along the bottom and create a very smooth and even gather, or do it more randomly to create a more artistic gather… On my sample, some were done every other hole, others skipped a hole or two.6.finished_Stitching_Chantilly)Lace
  5. When you reach the end, fold the lace under, and sew through both layers to hide the unfinished raw and cut edge of the lace.
  6. Gather the sewn lace, cinching into a circle, overlapping the layered ends, and sewing shut.  Secure with a knot on the back side of the gathered lace.6.backViewOfMedallion
  7. Now, turn the lace medallion over, insert a pretty Antique Brad in the middle and attach it to your Card, 3-d item or scrapbook page with Stampin’ Dimensionals!7.antique_Brad_Embellishment_Finished_medallion

Stapled Ribbon - Tutorial Number Two!  Folded ribbon is not a new technique… but with a tiny stapler, the process can be so much easier and accomplished quickly too!


  • 5/8” Satin Ribbon (or any ribbon 1/2” wide or more)
  • Mini Glue Dots
  • Tiny Tot or similar Stapler

Step by step tutorial:7.Stapled_Ribbon_tutorial_main

  1. Measure the width of the project you intend to add ribbon. 
  2. Add 1/2” for every inch measurement from step 1, plus an additional inch to get the length of ribbon needed.  For Example:  If your card is 4” wide, add 3” and start with a ribbon length of 7”.
  3. Skipping the first 1/2” or so of ribbon, fold the next 1/2” in half and staple!8.ministapledribbon
  4. Skip 1” of ribbon, fold the next 1/2” in half, and staple… repeat for the length of the ribbon.  Continue for the length of the ribbon, stopping 1/2” before the end.9.staples_length of ribbonP1080986
  5. Place a mini glue dot between non-stapled sections, and fold the stapled ribbon backwards onto the glue dot.  Take a moment to carefully align the edges so that your ribbon fold will be straight.10.Adding_mini_Glue_Dots_to_Ribbon
  6. Continue for the length of the ribbon.  Apply adhesive to your project, and simply lay the ribbon on top of the adhesive and pat down.  Wrap Ribbon ends to back to give it a finished look.

Tomorrow I’ll share a project I made using both these techniques and more.. hope you’ll stop back to say hi!



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Lisa808 said...

Love the crochet lace rosette. tfs

Mvanderform said...

Thanks so much for both tutorials. I am definitely going to try both. Your directions are very clear.