Thursday, December 22, 2011

FAQ Tips for Searching Blogs and Google

Ah, Christmas is just a few days away... and I'm up to my eyeballs (as usual).  My DH says I work better under pressure, accomplish mountains of tasks, LOL... so here I am chopping away at the mountain, with no card to share today!  

But... wait... I've got something else to share!  Having had a ton of questions and emails on how to find things on my blog, I thought today I'd share some tips for searching my blog which will also work for you to search Google too!


  • First of all, in the upper left corner of Created By You, just above my blog banner, there is a tiny search box.  Preceded by an orange “B” (for blogger), you can use the box to search past and recent posts!  For instance, if you want to find an Ornament, simply type “ornament” into the box and hit the magnifying glass just to the right of the box.
  • If you want to search for a specific word combination, try using delimiters.   Delimiters are beginning and ending quotation marks that keep a specific phrase together, i.e. “Christmas Ornament”.   This works particularly well with Google search engines but not so well with the blogger search box… kind of hit and miss.
  • For instance, if I search on “owl treat” there two projects that appear before the frequently asked for candy corn owl treat project.  The results in blogger search produce a bunny treat, and another post featuring the word owl before producing the actual project.

So… try thinking about specific words in the post to search on.  I remembered that the owl treat also included candy corn.  So I changed my blogger search box content to:  owl and “candy corn”.  Using the word AND between the search criteria allows you to produce a search inclusive of both terms… owl, and the delimited candy corn.  The result:  The owl treat was the second post that appeared!  Much better!


  • Another thing I’m often asked is “how do I view your archives?”  Yes, I do have an archive button on my blog… and it can be found in the left side bar of my blog, just below the facebook fan following photo of me!
  • The archive is a drop down box, simply click on the arrow to the right and the monthly archival list will appear. 
  • Click on a month to expand the selection further.


My Tutorial Page needs updating… and will be soon Winking smile  If the particular post you are seeking happens to be a tutorial, use this method to search Created By You:

  • Go to the Tutorial Page HERE.
  • Use the scroll bar to the right to page quickly through and select the tutorial you’re seeking!
  • Click on the photo of the project and the related post will populate the screen!

I hope you enjoyed today’s interim post… if you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Enjoy your pre-Christmas holiday!



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Candy Chapman said...

Very informative! Thank you my next search will be much easier!

Gale said...

Thanks for the helpful tips. I didn't know this. It will make searching so much easier.