Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bonus Tutorial And Kid Friendly Too!

A very popular item at this past week’s craft fair, with both kids and adults was the candy cane reindeer ornament.  This is not a new item in the Stampin’ Up! craft circuit… but I did tweak it to arrive at my final design.  Today I’m sharing the evolution of the little candy cane reindeer ornament which pretty much sold out at both shows..

This project is quite kid friendly, and goes together quite quickly too.  While making these candy cane reindeer, I kept thinking of my old friend and co-worker Gaston Beaumier who always wanted a fun and crafty idea to keep his children and their cousins busy during holiday gatherings with family and friends.  So… if you’re still out there somewhere in cyber space, Gaston… this one’s for you Winking smile1.Candy_Cane_Reindeer_By_Sharon_FieldThis is the completed and final version of my little candy cane reindeer ornament / gift.  Isn’t he/she cute?  It didn’t really start out that way, LOL…2.first_draft_ReindeerHere’s the original version… yikes, it really needed a little help!  The Soft Suede Card Stock is quite sturdy… to make it easier to wrap around the candy cane duo base of the reindeer, I used a paper crimper.  The crimped card stock gave the candy cane reindeer’s body a bit more texture too. 3.Second_Draft_Candy_Cane_ReindeersThinking that the candy canes should sufficiently cover the antler requirement for the reindeer, I added a couple ears… the smallest punched shape from the Blossom Petals builders punch.  The inside of each punched image was colored with a white gel pen.  But I was still not too satisfied with this guy, he needed some serious help.

So… I asked my friend Tee from Green Isles Crafts for suggestions.. she liked the ears and agreed that it still needed a little something.  Tee suggested I sponge the crimped card stock, and we both decided it needed a bit more definition to the face.4.Candy_Cane_NEW_faceSo… I added the sponging, and then attached antlers too… much better, don’t you think?   Don’t you just love those eyelashes?

As a bonus, this project is pretty kid friendly and inexpensive to make too, you may already own many of the punches as they’ve been around for quite some time! 

The candy canes at Wally World were just .99 for a pack of 10 candy canes, which will make 5 complete reindeer.  AND here’s a tip… don’t buy your candy canes at the hobby stores.. LOL they’re $2.99 for 12 candy canes!!

List of Supplies you’ll need to make today’s kid friendly project, most of which are available at My Online Stampin’ Up Store!

Candy Cane Reindeer Treat/Ornament

Note:  Be sure to check * list below the basic supply list for suggestions, notes and alternative options.

  • Soft Suede Card Stock #115318 @ $6.95 (24) 8.5x11
  • Early Espresso Card Stock #119686 @ $6.95 (24)8.5x11
  • Soft Suede Classic Ink #115657  $5.95 (3)
  • Stampin’ Sponges #101610 @ $3.50******
  • Blossom Petals Builders Punch #121808 @ $16.95, used for candy cane reindeer ears (small leaf shape)
  • Large Oval Punch #119855 @ $15.95, used for face
  • Crimper #101618 @ $19.95*
  • Big Shot Die Cutting Machine #113439 @ $99.95**
  • Snowflakes Set #2 - #113449 @ $19.95**
  • Paper Snips #103579 @ $9.95*****
  • Ribbon Scissors #108360 @ $29.95*****
  • Mini Jingle Bells #124116 @ $2.95 (48) 6mm bells
  • Basic Rhinestones #119246 @ $4.95 (150 – 3 sizes)  The largest rhinestone was used in today’s tutorial, there are 50 of each size per package.
  • 1/8” Ribbon #119251 @$5.95 (10 yds.) Real Red***
  • Stampin Dimensionals #104430 @ $6.95 (300)
  • Sticky Strip #104294 @ $6.95 (10 yds.)
  • Mini Glue Dots #103683 @ $4.95 (300) 3/16”
  • Bakers Twine #124262 @ $2.95 (25 yds.)****
  • Red Sharpie Marker (non-SU)
  • 1 pair Googly Eyes (non-SU)
  • 2 Candy Canes (non-SU)
  • 1/2” x 2” Post it Notes or similar product cut to size (non-SU)
  • Binder Clip (non-SU) – optional to hold stampin’ sponge wedge.

* Crimping the card stock is not mandatory, it just gives additional texture to the card stock and makes it a bit more supple when wrapping the candy canes.  If you are using non-SU card stock, or construction paper, this step may be skipped.

**  Alternative Suggestion – If you don’t own the Big Shot Die Cutting Machine or Snowflakes # 2 Die set, simply substitute our snowflake punch #119852 @ $16.95. 

*** This is a suggested alternative to retired real red gingham ribbon which was used on the sample shown.

**** Another suggested alternative to retired gold cording which was used to attach the jingle bell to the candy cane reindeer ribbon ‘collar’.

***** Paper and fabric cutting scissors may be substituted for these two supply items.

****** Cut stampin’ sponge into 6 wedges.  If you don’t like getting ink onto your fingers when sponging, simply attach a binder clip to the sponging wedge.

Step by Step Tutorial for today’s Kid Friendly Project:

Candy Cane Reindeer Ornament or Treat!

  1. Cut Soft Suede Card Stock 3” x 4”, and run through crimper feeding the 3” edge into crimper tool.
  2. Ink Stampin’ Sponge wedge with Soft Suede Classic Ink, and sponge the crimped card stock.
  3. Place a piece of Sticky Strip along one 4” edge of the non-sponged Soft Suede Crimped Card Stock.  Do not remove protective red layer at this time.
  4. Align a pair of candy canes, and wrap around center with Sticky Strip, remove protective layer as you go, allowing the sticky strip to overlap itself.
    TIPS for Stampers and Demonstrators: Burnishing a corner/edge of the protective layer with the tips of your snips (scissors) makes it more easily removable. Sticky strip cello has a lot of static and sometimes is difficult to release from your fingers. This is easily resolved by keeping a damp paper towel near to collect the removed cellophane cling… they will stick to the damp towel vs. your fingers
  5. Beginning with the non-sticky striped 4” edge of card stock, wrap it around the candy cane duo.  When you get to the end, simply remove the protective strip and press in place to secure.
  6. Use the Large Oval Punch to punch a scrap of Soft Suede Card Stock.
  7. Sponge the edges of the punched oval from step 6 with Soft Suede Classic Ink.
  8. Die Cut or Punch Snowflake from Early Espresso Card Stock.  Use Snips to cut snowflake into thirds.  Use mini glue dots to attach one of the thirds to narrow top edge of the sponged large oval reindeer “face”.  Reserve remaining 2 thirds for more candy cane reindeers.
  9. Punch two of the smallest leaf from Soft Suede Card Stock Scrap using the Blossom Petals Builder Punch.
    TIPS for Stampers and Demonstrators:
    There are several images that can be punched simultaneously with the Blossom Petal Builder Punch.  To maximize punched images and minimize waste, simply place a small scrap of card stock onto the sticky area of the 1/2” x 2” Post It Note.  Hold on to the non-sticky end of the 2” strip, and insert/align to punch!
  10. Use White Gel Pen to color in white area of Candy Cane Reindeer ‘ears’.  Attach with Mini Glue Dots to back of reindeer face on either side of the antlers.
  11. Attach googly eyes to upper portion of the reindeer face using Mini Glue Dots.
  12. Color Rhinestone Jewel with Red Sharpie Marker, and attach to lower portion of the reindeer face.
  13. Add two Stampin’ Dimensionals to the back of the reindeer face, and attach to the crimped card stock, with the top of the head extending approximately 1/2” above the top edge of the card stock and aligned with the curved part of the candy cane duo.
  14. Keeping ribbon on the roll, wrap around the candy cane reindeer, and tie knot just below the reindeer face.  Use snips to cut from roll.
    TIPS for Stampers and Demonstrators: 
    It can be difficult to tie knots with tiny lengths of ribbon.  Working with ribbon on the roll will allow sufficient length to tie a knot in the ribbon while minimizing waste!
  15. Thread a Mini Jingle Bell with Bakers Twine, or cording and tie to ribbon ‘collar’.
  16. Place a mini glue dot beneath the jingle bell, tucking the knotted cording or twine beneath the bell, and secure to the crimped card stock.  This will keep the bell in position, and prevent the collar from rotating to the back of the reindeer.

Hope you enjoyed today’s Kid Friendly Bonus Tutorial for the Christmas and Holiday Season!  It’s a project from my recent craft fairs and shows which brought smiles to many kids and adults too!5.CandyCaneReindeer_SharonField_final_Draft_Kid_FriendlySee you tomorrow with a couple more craft show ideas and shares!  Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to reading your comments!



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Fabiola said...

oh c'est chouette, trop

Cynthia M. said...

Thanks so much for the tutorial Sharon!
How did you do the great eyelashes on the eyes??

Enjoy your week and God Bless,

Sharon Field said...

Cynthia, the eyelashes were pre-printed on the googly eyes, LOL.. just have to look for the ones with the eyelashes!

Lisa808 said...

Cute project.

de Ellis said...

How darling! You always have amazing ideas with a twist that brings a smile. Thanks for sharing, Sharon!

Heidi Michel said...

These are adorable. I think my kiddos and me are going to make some of these tonight after work and school. Thanks for the idea.

Heidi Michel said...

Oh I just thought about those eyelashes. You can always draw them on with a thin sharpie if you can't find the ones already made or you have regular ones.

Karin said...

I think the original version with short ears would make a great bunny if you used longer ears, a pink nose, different colored body and left off the jingle bell.

Stampindragon said...

Loved your additions to the original! Much better looking! TFS!

Cynthia Ferenz
Proud Parent of 2 Soldiers and Aunt to 1 Marine

Amber said...

These are adorable, Aunt Sharon!

Jjjque52 said...

These are fun thought I would use them to entertain my grandson Fri.

StamperShirley said...

Sharon, I love these!!! I made a bunch of them tonight for a lunch party tomorrow - I know everyone will love them too and I probably should be prepared to make some asap for orders!! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and genius with us!

1nanaof14 said...

Totally cute! The changes you made-made all the difference! Thanks for sharing.

Sharon Field said...

Hope your party went well Shirley! Thanks for your kind comments!

Sharon Field said...

Glad you liked them Amber! Got your Christmas card... will have to check out your website :)