Saturday, November 5, 2011

Super Saturday Tutorial Joy Banner

Hello!  Today I’m sharing the step-by step directions for the Bitty Box and Envelope Big Shot Die “Joy” banner shared during last month’s Stampin’ Addicts Big Shot Blog Hop!

It’s a project many of you have asked for… so here it is1.main_joybanner_sharon_Field_createdbyu.blogspot


Big Shot Machine 12x12 Silver Glimmer Paper
Extended Platform 6x12 Red Glimmer Paper
Extended Crease Pad Doily Triple Punch
Bitty Box and Envelope Die Pennant Builders Punch
Alphabet Simple Letters Itty Bitty Punch Pack
(5) Mini Jingle Bells (11)Medium Rhinestone
(2) Real Red Glimmer Brad (4) Large Filigree Brads
(4)Crystal Clear Brads (2) Small Filigree Brads
(3”) White Bakers Twine (36”) 5/8” Satin Ribbon
Crop-A-Dile Tool Paper Piercing Tool
Multipurpose Adhesive Mat Pack
Simply Scored Tool (7) 10mm Jump Rings
(5) 6mm Jump Rings 2 pair jewelry pliers

Glimmer Paper Cutting Directions:

Silver Glimmer Paper

(2) 7-1/4” x 5-1/4” (Box Die) (12) Triple Doily Punches
(2) Itty Bitty Flower Punch (1) letter “o”
(3) Pennant Builder Punch* *curly edged tree punch

Red Glimmer Paper

(1) 7-1/4” x 5-1/4” (Box Die) 2 letters “j” and “y”

Step by Step Tutorial:

  1. Die cut 7-1/2” x 5-1/4” pieces of silver and red glimmer paper using the Sizzix Big Shot Machine, Bitty Box and Envelope Die and Silicone Crease Pad.   Use Bone Folder to crease along all scored lines. Repeat steps 2-9 for each of the three glimmer paper boxes.
  2. Fold one (lid) flap on the bitty box die cut inwards.  Place on foam mat from Mat Pack, and pierce through two layers of Silver Glimmer Paper using the Paper Piercing Tool.2.fold in flap and pierce hole
  3. Remove Paper Piercing Tool, open flap up and align with the adjacent box side.  Using the previous pierced flap as a guide, pierce through both layers of Silver Glimmer Paper.3.piercing flap and using flap as guide
  4. Fold flap toward lid of box, working from the outside of the box, insert paper trimmer through all three holes in the box corner.  Repeat for opposite corner pierced pieces.4.paper piercing tool to locate hole for opposite corner
  5. Use 2 pairs of jewelry pliers to “rock” open the 6mm Jewelry Ring.5.openin jump ring
  6. Fold lid flap inward towards box and working from the outside of the box, insert jewelry ring through all three holes in box corner.
  7. Use jewelry pliers and back/forth motion to rock the ring back to closed status.
  8. Identify corner diagonally opposite of the one you just inserted the jump ring opposing corner
  9. Use the Crop-A-Dile punch to pierce the center of the tab/flap, fold the flap inward and use a marker or pencil to mark the position where the hole is.7.marker and cropadile tool
  10. Use the crop-a-dile tool to punch hole your just drew… repeat steps 9 and 10 for the adjacent box edge/side.
  11. Create two snowflake medallion using two 10mm jump rings, small filigree brad, and jingle bell.  Attach each medallion to the bottom of the j and y boxes using jewelry pliers.  Note:  bury the prong legs between the doily layers… the reverse side will not have a brad.
  12. Rock a 10mm jewelry ring open using the pliers, and insert through layered doilies, attach to 6 mm jump rings on boxes and rock close.
  13. Insert red glimmer brad in to the center of two doily punches, flattening the brad legs on the back. 
  14. Wrap 3” White Bakers Twine around one of the pairs of brad legs, and let the rest of the twine protrude from the doily.  Tie an overhand knot in the twine approximately 1/2” from the bottom edge of the doily, then glue the two doily punches together using multipurpose adhesive.
  15. Score three curly pennant builder punches at 1/8” along two long sides using the Simply Scored Tool.  Thread the string through the center of one of the scored trees, and glue in place.  The knot should be just below the top edge of the silver glimmer tree.
  16. Gently crease along scored lines of each silver glimmer tree punch, and glue scored edges together forming a 3 sided 3-dimensional tree.
  17. Thread three mini jingle bells onto tail of white bakers twine… push up so they are concealed by the tree, and knot at the bottom of the bell trio.8.thread.three.bells  9.bells and tree punched image
  18. Attach two silver glimmer itty bitty punch flowers at a point just below the bottom edge of the tree, and glue in place.  Snip excess twine, and place a medium rhinestone jewel in the center of each bitty flower.10.bitty punch flower
  19. Add medium rhinestones near the top of the tree, allowing the white bakers twine to flow between the two rhinestones.  Place three medium rhinestones along the bottom edge of each tree side.
  20. Rock a 10mm jewelry ring open using the pliers, and insert through layered doilies, attach to 6 mm jump ring at the bottom of the red glimmer box, rock closed. 
  21. Thread ribbon through punched box holes, connecting the three boxes to spell out JOY.11.ribbonthroughbox
  22. Use Multipurpose Adhesive to glue die cut letters “j” and “y” on an angle to center/top of silver glimmer boxes, and the letter “o” to the red glimmer paper box.
  23. Create two more doily medallions using two doily punches, one large filigree brad, and one clear crystal brad per medallion.
  24. On two medallions, attach a mini jingle bell at one point using a 10mm jump ring.  On the direct opposite point, attach one 6mm jump ring.  Rock the jump ring open, and attach to the ribbon between letter boxes, rock closed.
  25. Create two more single sided doily medallions using the large filigree brads and clear crystal brads.  Form loops at the ends of the ribbon, and secure with the medallion by wrapping brad legs around the ribbon.


Congratulations!  You’re Done!

I hope you enjoyed today’s Super Saturday Tutorial and look forward to reading your comments!



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