Saturday, November 19, 2011

Silver Glimmer Christmas Ball Ornament

Welcome to Super Saturday… where the tutorials are always free!  In today’s Super Saturday Tutorial we will be creating a fabulous and fun silver glimmer paper ball ornament suitable for gifting neighbors, family and friends.  And, I’ll be sharing some valuable crafting TIPS along the way too!’t it pretty?  LOL.. reminds me of “Isn’t she lovely, isn’t she beautiful”… isn’t that a Lionel Ritchie song?  This is actually a two sided ornament mounted onto two silver glimmer paper die cuts.main sub 2 ball ornament with crystal brad centerLOL… this is the FIRST version of the ornament I made… and I had a little bit of a learning curve along the way too!  Notice how the scored vellum card stock is pulling away from the crystal brad in the center?  CRAFTERS TIP:  Multipurpose Adhesive just wasn’t strong enough to hold the scored lollie circle in place.  A better choice, I found was to use a glue gun… much better results!main sub 3 silver glimmer ball ornament antique bradAnd second lesson… one in perspective I suppose… the antique brad has much more presence and is a much better choice for the lollie center, don’t you think?

Super Saturday Tutorial:

Silver Glimmer Paper Christmas Ball Ornament


Simply Scored Board Silver Glimmer Paper
Big Shot Die Cutting Machine Vellum Card Stock
3” Circle Die Pale Card stock scraps
1” circle punch Silver Glass Glitter
Round Tab Punch (2) Antique Brads
1-3/4” Scallop Circle Punch Multipurpose Adhesive
Paper Piercing Tool Stampin’ Dimensionals
Bone Folder Hot Glue Gun
Mat Pack Ornament Hangar

Card Stock Cutting Instructions:

Silver Glimmer Paper cut

  • (2) 3” die cut circles
  • (1) Round Tab Punch
  • (2) 2-3/4” Scallop Circle Punch

CRAFTERS TIPS for cutting Silver Glimmer Paper:  Cover big shot dies with packaging tape to protect the non-cutting surface… and always face the glimmer AWAY from the punching surface to achieve a good clean punch!

Vellum Card Stock:

  • (2) 1.25” x 11”
  • (2) .5 x 8.5”

Scrap Card Stock: 

  • (2) 1” Circle Punches
  • (2) 1-3/4” Circle Punches

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Use the Simply Scored Board (or an appropriate scoring tool) to score the vellum card stock strips at 1/4” intervals for the entire length of the card stock.
  2. Bone fold along creased card stock, in mountain/valley tradition.Step2. crimp vellum at 1/4" intervals
  3. Place a small amount of Multipurpose Adhesive onto two or three sections at one end of the scored card stock pieces.3.glueing small end of crimped card stock
  4. Attach to the other (short) end, to form a circle.4. attach the ends, form a circle
  5. Scrunch the scored card stock into a tight circle and flatten.  CRAFTERS TIP:  Punch a 1.25” circle from scrap cardstock and flatten the smaller scrunched (1/2”) circle into the hole formed by the punch.  For the larger scored card stock, place in an empty 2-3/4” brad container and flatten.  This will help corral the circle ‘lollies’ for the next step.5. easy lollie corral from card stock
  6. Use hot glue gun to glue scrap 1” circle to the center of the smaller lollies, and 1-3/4” scraps to the center of the larger lollies.6. card stock backed lollie
  7. Following along the outer edge of the lollies, place a think line of Multipurpose adhesive along the very edges in mountain/valley style.  Roll in Silver Glass Glitter to add glimmer along the edges of the vellum card stock.
  8. Use mat pack and piercing tool to pierce the centers of the smaller lollies, insert antique brad and flatten prongs to back.
  9. Attach the small brad laden lollie to the center of the silver glimmer paper scallop punch using glue gun.
  10. Attach Larger Lollies to the center of the 3” Glimmer Die Cut Circles using Stampin’ Dimensionals.
  11. Attach scallop circle/lollie/brad assembly to the center of the large lollie.
  12. Glue the two large 3” circle die cuts white sides together forming a two sided ball ornament.
  13. Add Silver Glimmer Paper Round Tab Punch to the top of the ornament with glue gun.
  14. Pierce a hole in the upper portion of the folded round tab punch, and add decorative ornament hangar.

Congratulations!  you’re done!

Hope you enjoyed today’s Silver Glimmer Christmas Ball Ornament!  It goes together quite quickly once you get the hang of the lollies!

I always cherish and look forward to reading your comments, thanks for stopping by!

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing two more gift-able Christmas Ornaments, hope you’ll stop back to view them!



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Nancy said...

This is soooo gorgeous, great tips and instructions, thank you so much. Can't wait to try my hand at this as well, just beautiful!

lisa808 said...

Sharon, you and your glitzy ornament are lovely!

Anonymous said...

Oh,so lovely. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful idea,that has so many possibilties.
SIU, Seletta

Sheri - confessed craftaholic said...

Very pretty! Thanks for sharing. (And the song you're thinking of is by Stevie Wonder.)

nana_cindy42 said...

WOW!!!! Stunning!!!

Ellen said...

OH so pretty, Sharon! I agree with you about the second ornament. The antique brad is much more suited for this ornament... Lovely ornament!

Angie Jones said...

I'd be happy with either - they are both stunning....thanks for the tips as well. Angie xx

Charlene H. said...

What a beautiful ornament! I may have to make a few of these for gifts this year. Thank you for posting the tutorial.

Deb B (Debadoo) said...

This is gorgeous!! Can't wait to try one of these. I will use gold glass glitter since that's the one I have, and I think they'll look nice together, also tie in the antique brad nicely, and I'll have to see if it will fit well on the scallop square duo die since I don't have the circle. Would you address what you meant about putting packing tape on the die to protect the non cutting surface? I'm apparently not firing on all thrusters here with that. lol

Sharon Field / Created By You said...

Hi Deb... That tip about packaging tape came last week from demonstrator support (DS). It's great for sizzlits and dies... you cover the black or gray surface by adding packaging tape to the entire surface. Place the tape sticky side down towards the cutting surface. It will help protect and supposedly keep small pieces of cloth, paper, etc. from accumulating in the tiny holes and crevices in the dies, and release easier from smaller punched areas too? Especially helpful with the northern frost die, which has tons of tiny little pieces. Once the packaging tape is in place, run it through the big shot with a piece of card stock to cut.... the die cut will more easily separate from the die.

Fabiola said...

effectivement elle est magnifique! biz

Jen said...

Gorgeous! Love all the sparkle. white and silver always look so beautiful together. thanks for the great idea and tutorial.

I think that song is by Stevie Wonder!