Friday, September 16, 2011

NSR–My Trip to Raleigh, North Carolina

Last weekend, my DS, DD and I all travelled to Raleigh, North Carolina for my Niece’s wedding.  My DH had to stay home and take care of our little Leo, who is now only 7 pounds.

On Friday, from about 845am to 530pm, I made flower arrangements, boutonnieres, corsages, and bouquets for the bridal party.  LOL, I have NEVER made flower arrangements or wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, etc. in my ENTIRE life!  I now have a whole new appreciation for florists… especially those equipped with the proper tools, not old dull scissors and a kitchen knife like I was!

So… how exactly did I get into that situation?  Last Tuesday night, my DD informed me that she got a text from my Niece saying that I was doing the wedding flowers… FRESH flowers, BTW!  Huh???  Why me?  Was she planning on asking me??  My DD shrugged her shoulders and said that she was told it was because I’m “crafty”.  Wow!

Given little notice, and very little time to spare, I quickly googled “you tube” and “bridal flowers” which fortunately brought me to a few wedding floral arrangements and bouquet videos by HowdininGuru Rebecca Cole.  With that new knowledge under my belt, I proceeded to pack in preparation for the trip to Raleigh… LOL, but I totally forgot to pack my garden clippers!!

Little did I know when I set foot in that house, that the task at hand included:

  • 16 tall vase table arrangements
  • 4 small cube cocktail arrangements
  • 1 ‘large’ bridal bouquet
  • 5 brides maids bouquets
  • 10 boutonnieres
  • 3 corsages
  • 2 Altar arrangements

The bride-to-be had purchased white roses, white tea roses, white hydrangeas, eucalyptus buds, and grass wholesale, and nothing had been prepped prior to my arrival!  Three ‘assistants’ began removing leaves and thorns right away… and my sister and I began creating the tall vase table arrangements.

After a while, another bridesmaid arrived and helped make a couple of the tall vase arrangements and one bridesmaid bouquet… but then they all left to get manicures and pedicures.  My DD, part of the wedding party too… had gotten her nails done before leaving Jacksonville, so she stayed and helped until she had to leave to get ready for rehearsal.

Somehow, I managed to pull it all together… and my hands literally ACHED afterwards!!  My wonderful DS massaged my hands when I got back to the hotel… very much needed, and then we went for a quiet dinner together.

Enough chit chat?  How about some photos?  Here you go…

This is one of the table arrangements… the bride had requested very little greenery and NO Baby’s Breath in any of the flowers…P1060531The four small cube cocktail table arrangements were made by my DD… who, by the way has never done flowers either!  I think she did a magnificent job, don’t you?P1060540The bride really didn’t want to use oasis in the arrangement… but I insisted… a layer of grass was inserted into the cube first to disguise the oasis.P1060539White tea roses… and plenty of them were used in each arrangement.P1060535The brides maid bouquets were also used as table arrangements for the buffet… all that nicely knotted ribbon at the base of the bouquet was totally submerged in water!P1060493A little blurry, but the Bride’s bouquet was made with little greenery as she requested, four large hydrangeas, and lots of roses.  My DD asked if I planned on doing the flowers when she gets married someday in the future… NOT!!P1060495Four inch wide red satin ribbon was knotted around the bouquet stem, and then a large crystal was added at the bottom for a little bit of flare.  LOL… and I learned that on you tube too… you can watch that video by Rebecca Cole HERE!P1060499This is the bride with her one and only Mom, aka my sister.  Oh, and in the background you can see one of the Altar arrangements my sister made too.  Can you believe I forgot to get a photo of the bride with her new groom??P1060513LOL… my son is actually smiling… quite a rarity in itself.  He and my daughter are standing next to my sister.Kristin_Shannon_Susan_091011DD, bride, and sis…you can see the size of the bridal bouquet vs. the bridesmaids bouquets here…. LOL… I was almost afraid it was going to be too large to hold!P1060524Another rarity, my smiling nephew Bill!  What is it with guys not smiling in photos anyway??P1060515LOL… THIS is a more typical shot of my DS!!  P1060508 - CopyLOL… it’s a good thing my sister was wearing heels!  She’s not quite 5’ tall… and my DD is 5’10-1/2” tall!P1060526Not often that I get a photo of my two kids together!!  She’s proudly wearing her heals in this photo just to make sure everyone knows that she is taller than her older brother!P1060530Gosh, my hair is getting gray… see what kids and nieces do to you?

See you tomorrow with a new Super Saturday Tutorial!  LOL, and it will NOT involve fresh flowers either!!



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Dee in N.H. said...

Great pictures Sharon! Your flowers came out beautiful! Looks like it was a great wedding too! Next time I need flowers, I know who to call for advice!

Anonymous said...

Thank You! They were great! know you have some lovely pics of you and your DD and DS!See there really is nothing you can't do!

Annette said...

You have done a tremendous job here Sharon. The arrangements are beautiful.

irishgalkelly said...

You did a fabulous job! The flower arrangements are just beautiful. You really are an artist. Not everyone could have pulled that off you know. It was fun to see the pics. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing those great pics with us. Awesome job!

Penny Hanuszak said...

What a great job you did Sharon, and survived to enjoy the wedding too!. I know exactly what that's like because I'm considered "crafty" too. At a friend's daughters wedding in Las Vegas I was asked to help the mother of the bride make all the arrangements too. The night before the wedding we drove to Costco picked up all the red roses and greenery we could then back to the hotel room where we worked our magic making the brides bouquet, six bridesmaids bouquets, boutineers, mob corsages, flower girl bouquet and table centerpieces. We did all of that sitting at one of those little hotel room tables. We drank wine and had a good time. Next day at the wedding, everyone was amazed at the floral arrangements and kept saying "where did you get them from". Needless to say we just smiled! Thanks for sharing your experiences. Your dD and DS are very handsome.

Pat Myers said...

What GREAT pictures Sharon! Beautiful job with the flowers, and what a beautiful family too!!

Jeanne Nielsen said...

Wow! You did great, considering! I'm SO impressed! I've been in that situation before (not literally doing flowers! LOL!) -- people think, and generally so I guess, that if you have a knack for one thing crafty, it holds true for all things crafty! She at least chose lovely flowers!!!

lisa808 said...

Sharon, is there anything you can't do?!?!? The flowers are gorgeous. Lovely pictures of you and your family. tfs pictures of your new-found craft and family wedding.

Deb B (Debadoo) said...

Fantastic job!! The flowers were gorgeous. I've had that happen as well, a couple of times. Luckily I was able to work with artificial flowers which I'm sure is much easier. Glue guns are awesome! lol First time my neighbor's dd's friends brought everything over to my neighbor's house to have her put the flowers together for their wedding. Then she called me to come fix what she called her mess. lol I'd never done flowers either, but managed to come up with some stuff they liked. Years ago I also ended up "fixing" a wrist corsage that "mamaw" insisted we order from a florist for my son's date for some school dance. It was horrible looking, so I basically re-did it and made him a boutineer. The last time we had a couple in our church getting married, and I ended up making everything for the wedding including the 3 tier cake which I'd never done before. Couldn't have handled that one without my son's help. Did I mention the first two were way before the days of internet?? lol I gotta start learning that NO isn't pronounced, No'kay lol

Patrice H said...

Wow Sharon you did a great job on those arrangements Really! Thank goodness my background is as a Forest "Be There Done That at a drop of a hat"! Floral Wire is a God sent. If I were your Neice I wouldn't have had a second thought to have intrusted you with my wedding flowers. You are one crafty lady that is for sure! Congratulations to the Newly Weds BTW!