Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DCBD232 Sneak Peek and Rant…

Murphy’s Law… it seems to be status quo lately!  Just when you think nothing else can go wrong, along comes Mother Nature to make sure that her presence is known… WELL known!

Some of you know that I have been engaged in an ongoing battle with AT&T… today the saga continues for yet another week, possibly more.  Long story short, we switched providers of many of our communication services to AT&T.  As a stock holding, vested former employee, I felt it was time to spend my dollars where I can most benefit my family.

Thus far, with the possible sole exception of one level 2 expedition center person, I have encountered incompetence beyond my imagination and/or personal experience… but the jury is still out. 

Today was to be the day when all the issues were resolved, service fully restored and corrected.  This morning I eagerly awaited the arrival of a technician and/or the phone call telling me that all issues had been properly rectified and resolved.  The 9am-1am time slot came and went… no phone call, no technician… nothing.

Hopefully beyond hope, I thought perhaps they had just fixed the problems and didn’t have time to call.  After carefully checking all the lines and services, I found that everything was just as it was… non functional, not as ordered and without a doubt, still the same outage and screwed up issues which I reported way back on May 24th… Why am I surprised?

After an unsuccessful attempt to reach my escalation department contact, I resolved to contact the billing department… my bill is due tomorrow, and certainly they would make the necessary adjustments…

But, NO…. they transferred me to the order department.  After 90 minutes of repetitive, and useless conversation, I was informed that I needed to wait until the escalation department was ‘back on line’… it seems Mother Nature was angry too… and took out the best of her vengeance on the Texas center… which has been out of service for two days.  

Just my luck… no billing credit, no resolution, and poor listening skills…. adding another 90 minute phone call to the already countless 100’s of hours I have spent on the phone, working with AT&T since May 24th.  And so the saga continues… just lovely!

This week’s DCBD color challenge was a really tough one for me… just three colors, which generally makes the whole thing quite easy… but with all the trauma and additional family stuff going on this week, my mind was spent!

I chose to feature a sneak peek stamp set from the 2011-12 Idea Book & Catalog called “My Friend”.  Hope you like it.. and I’m sure the other Design Team Members will come up with more fun and creative cards!  Be sure to check out the Diva Coffee Break Designs Team Blog for more creative ideas from the team!

DCBD232, Sharon Field, My Friend, Online Ordering, Created By You, My stampin Up store, shop online, color challenge, sneak peek, idea book & catalog, 2011-2012

Challenge colors for this week’s challenge were Sahara Sand, Not Quite Navy, and Poppy Parade… All I could think of was a fire truck!  Must have been a residual all the fire emergency vehicles I saw in yesterday’s rockin’ storm, LOL!

LOVE this new stamp set.. “My Friend” and although these challenge colors were not the best opportunity to showcase the images, it does provide you a sneak peek of just one of the new fabulous and fun stamp sets you’ll be able to order on July 1st!

DCBD232, Sharon Field, My Friend, Online Ordering, Created By You, My stampin Up store, shop online, color challenge, sneak peek, idea book & catalog, 2011-2012

Love the “hello” image, with all the swirls and curls, couldn’t help accenting them with Basic Jewel Rhinestones!

DCBD232, Sharon Field, My Friend, Online Ordering, Created By You, My stampin Up store, shop online, color challenge, sneak peek, idea book & catalog, 2011-2012

Initially, I thought I’d paint the droplets with Water Color Crayons… but after wasting another 90 minutes on the phone with AT&T, decided to stamp and cut out image instead… just needed a little mindless fussy cutting I guess!

DCBD 232, Color Challenge, Created by You, Sharon Field, Challenge, Design Team, Divas

Well, here you go… hope you can come up with something fabulous with these colors!  I look forward to reading your comments, and pray that you never encounter issues with AT&T… LOL what are the chances of that?

Be sure to take advantage of the stampin’ up! last chance list!  Order at my online stampin up store, and have your order delivered right to your doorstep… how cool is that!



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Susan Carlson said...

OH! Your telecommunications fiasco is a nightmare! We have Verizon and just the "voice mail jail" to get through to a human being is next to impossible. Then you end up talking to someone in India or the Philippines. Hope your issue is resolved shortly. Sometimes it doesn't pay to be a loyal customer. Keep us posted.

And your card is lovely! Makes me need that set now, thanks!

Pat Smith said...

Ooh, Ouch!! Been there, done that! Why is it that Customer Service Reps are not recieving the needed training and empowerment to actually be able to do their jobs? And the unemployment rate is STILL high? I don't get it! The card IS great, though! Good luck with AT&T...hang in there!

Ret said...

Hi Sharon,
Your card is sooo beautiful!!! Love the color, too! I'm sorry you're having such troubles with the CSR's. Customer service sure isn't what it use to be!! Sure hope it gets all straightened out.

Mary Frances said...

I feel your pain, just went through a similar situation with my Dad's prescription insurance carrier. Took me MONTHS to get it resolved. I can't believe some people are able to keep their jobs. My job of 14 years was outsourced to India 6 months makes me so mad to deal with incompetence!

Rhonda said...

Beautiful card!!

I'm sorry about your AT&T experience. We used to have them for our cell phones...they were awful. When we'd go to our local store, they could never help us other than selling us a new phone. When we told them the CSR's were not helpful, their solution was "well, just hang up and call back until you get one that can help". Needless to say, after being loyal customers going all the way back to Cellular One....I canceled our contract, paid the fees (which was worth it compared to the hassle), and switched to Verizon. When AT&T called with a survey for why we left, I let them have it. They could have cared less.
I hope things work out for you.