Saturday, April 30, 2011

Super Saturday Tutorial & Tip Double Up

You asked for it… you got it!  Today I’m sharing a very short Finger Tip Double Loop Bow Video Tutorial.  I kept it short and sweet… no frills, just the facts.

Also, as a little extra, I’m sharing a fabulous tip on how to achieve perfect alignment when placing multiple items on a card or scrapbook page.  It’s a tip you’re going to love, and use often.

Double Loop Bow No Frills Video Supply List:

  • 3/8” taffeta ribbon (supple ribbon is easier to work with, and you will need a few more inches when working with wider ribbon.)
  • Your index and ring finger are your tools!
  • Snips

Here we go… remember I said no frills!

Finger Tip Double Loop Bow Tutorial


  1. Pull 14” ribbon from taffeta ribbon roll.
  2. Working with tail of ribbon, wrap 2 full revolutions of ribbon around extended ring and index finger.
  3. Push ribbon tail through “v” between ring and index fingers.
  4. Pull ribbon back to top, through finger tips, and across wrapped ribbon.
  5. Wrap ribbon tail under/through top ribbon layer and pull in opposite direction.

Remember all those card sketches with multiple vertical panels in the past couple weeks?  Yesterday’s The Open Sea SFF429 card was just one of those type of sketches!

Here’s a handy tip on how I aligning multiple items on your cards and/or scrapbook pages!


  • Grid Paper (graph paper can work in a pinch)
  • A strip of scrap card stock at least 5.5” long


  • Align card base with two vertical lines on Grid paper.
  • Place scrap card stock strip along two horizontal lines on the grid paper… and at either the top most, or bottom most alignment position for the attachments.


  • As you place multiple parallel layers onto the card base, butt them into the scrap strip of card stock.

Just sharing… I was pulling old photos from my phone yesterday, and came across this one of our family cats, Leo…


Take a close look… I’m still trying to figure out what he is using to open the plantation shutters!  All these years, and I thought he was just using his paw!

LOL.. Leo is much smaller these days, holding his own at 7 lbs… he still plays, but no longer has the strength to open the blinds… if his brother (below) wasn’t so busy sulking, perhaps he could help!


Hope you are safe and dry as these terrible storms make their way across the country!



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Dee in N.H. said...

Thanks for the bow tutorial. I watched it twice and I think I'm ready to give it a try. LOL! I don't use a lot of bows because it takes me forever to get a good one but this looks do-able! Thanks!!!

irishgalkelly said...

Thanks Sharon! For the visual learner like myself, this is fabulous. Your bows always look so pretty on your cards too.

Love the kitty pics. Maybe he was trying to lead the orchestra? Too cute!

Bette said...


Your FREE tutorials are greatly appreciated. I am anxious to try your bow tying tips as I am bow-challenged.
Thanks for all of your help.

lisa808 said...

You make the bow look so easy! One of these days I'm going to master it. Thanks for the video. It does help seeing it rather than just reading it.

Carol said...

Thanks for the tutorial. Love the pics of your cats. The one cat looks a lot like my little guy except that yours has longer hair. You can see a pic of him on this blog post-