Saturday, March 5, 2011

Super Saturday Tutorial Petal Cone Cake

When I first spotted the Petal Cone Die in the Occasions Mini Catalog, I knew I wanted to make a cake with it.. a fancy cake, and I just had to figure it out… 

About a month or so ago, I finally did… but didn’t really have quality time to sit and cut multiple petal cone dies with my big shot machine, nor the time to properly embellish the cake in my vision.

LOL… I think it still needs a few basic jewel pearls… but here’s the preliminary two layer Petal Cone Cake for today’s Super Saturday Tutorial!  It’s a really long one, so my apologies… but I really think you will enjoy it!


Isn’t it fun?  Can’t you see this as a wonderful way to give party favors for a QuinceaƱera, Wedding or Baby Shower, or Sweet 16 Birthday party?  It works well just as a centerpiece too!

Today’s Super Saturday Tutorial will show you exactly how to make this two layer 22 piece cake… hope you like it!

Supplies needed for today’s Super Saturday Petal Cone Cake Tutorial:

Card Stock: 

  • Pretty in Pink #100458
  • Whisper White #100730
  • Pear Pizzazz #119795

Big Shot Machine #113439 and accessories:

  • Petal Cone Bigz L Die #121810
  • Petals-A-Plenty Textured Impressions Embossing Folder #116824
  • Standard Texturz Impression Pad #114614 (for use with Petal Cone Bigz L Die)
  • Square Lattice Textured Impressions Embossing Folder #119976 (used for leaves on cake topper)

Other Accessories: 

  • 2-3/8” Scallop Circle Punch #118874
  • 5/8” Whisper White Satin Ribbon #114616
  • Blossom Petals Punch #121808 (for leaves on cake top)
  • Ornament Punch #119847 (for flower on top of cake)
  • Multipurpose Liquid Adhesive #110755
  • Bone Folder
  • Paper Snips
  • Paper Trimmer with scoring blade

Cutting & Scoring Directions for Card Stock

8.5” x 11” Pretty in Pink Card Stock: 

  • Cut 11 sheets in 1/2 so they will now measure 5.5” x 8.5”
  • Cut 11 pieces 8 1/4” x 3”, score at 4-7/8” and 7-5/8”
  • Cut 11 pieces 4” x 5-5/16”, score each at 1/2” along two long and one short side
  • Cut 11 pieces 3” x 6-1/8”; score at 3-5/8” and 5-3/4”
  • Cut 11 pieces 4” x 4” and score at 1/2” along 3 sides

8.5” x 11” Whisper White Card Stock

  • Cut 6 sheets in 1/2 so they measure 5.5” x 8.5”
  • Cut 1.5” strips (or use scraps) to punch partial 2-3/8” Scallop Circle Punch

Step by Step Petal Cone Cake Super Saturday Tutorial:

  1. Use the proper Big Shot Machine Sandwich, the Petal Cone Bigz L Die, and Standard Texturz Impressions Pad, cut 22 Petal Cone Die Cuts from the 5.5” x 8.5” Card Stock.
  2. For each piece cut in step 2, align the center (longest) score line in your paper trimmer at the 3/4” mark.  (If you happen to own the Tabletop Paper Cutter, the 3/4” mark is the outer edge of the clear plastic guide, and the edge of the metal protective strip for the cutting blade.)  In the photo below, I have marked the center line for better visibility.InitialPetalConeCut
  3. Set aside the smaller piece from this cut (the one with the narrow tab)  You will be using it later for your top cake layer.
  4. Align the each remaining petal cone die cut with the top score line at the 3/4” mark, so that you can cut off the top curved piece.cuttingoffcurveofpetalconedie
  5. Bone-fold the long scored line, and fold under the Petal Cone Die cut… Use SNIPS to cut away excess using the same obtuse angle at the tip of the die cut.snipthetipofthefoldedpetalconediecut
  6. Use your paper snips to angle remaining corners so they will easily slip into the box and lid.petalconetiptrimming
  7. Use a bone folder to crease all scored lines on Pretty in Pink Card Stock.
  8. To assemble the first cake slice… attach one 3” x 8-1/4” pieces to one petal cone die cut from step 4 along longest petal cone flap.  I prefer to use Multipurpose Liquid Adhesive for this step as it holds up much better in the humid Florida climate.  If you live in a dryer climate, Sticky Tape will also work well for this step.1.AttachingScoredRectangle
  9. Wrap the folded edge of the scored rectangle so that you can now attach it to the remaining petal cone die flap.  A little Liquid Multipurpose Adhesive goes a very long way… don’t over do it!2.wrapandattachlongedgeofrectangle
  10. Attach the 4” x 5-5/16” scored card stock along the remaining opening.  NOTE:  one of the two parallel scored flaps will attach to the bottom of the cake box, the other one will be used to attach the lid. fourbyfivesnipthecornersexample4.boxbeforelidisadded
  11. Use one of the petal cone die cut pieces from step 4 to attach a lid to your cake box, gluing it to the flap from the box.  Do not glue the remaining flaps unless you never want to open the box LOL!5.addingboxlidgluingoneedge
  12. Close the box lid… and you have one slice of cake!cakeboxbySharonField
  13. Run 12 half sheets of Whisper White Card Stock through Big Shot Machine using the Petal Cone Die, and Standard Texturz Impressions Pad.
  14. Remove the eleven 1/2 scallops from the die cuts, and use your paper trimmer to shorten the depth by 3/8” (remove the first tier of scallops along the flat edge).
  15. Run the trimmed scallops through the big shot machine and emboss with the petals a plenty textured impressions embossing folder.
  16. Attach to each slice of cake with Multipurpose Liquid Adhesive.7petalconecakesideview1SharonField
  17. Angle cut and bone fold all remaining Pretty in Pink Die Cut card stock pieces.
  18. Attach smaller 3” x 6-1/8” rectangle for cake side as in steps 8 & 9 for lower tier.
  19. Attach 4” scored square to opening to close cake as in step 10
  20. Trim Whisper White Petal Cone Die Cuts as in steps 2 through 7 for Pretty In Pink card stock, these will become your box lids for the top tier of the cake.
  21. Attach one Whisper White Petal Cone Die Cut Lid to each of the 11 Pretty in Pink Upper Tier Cake Pieces, as in step 11.
  22. Punch 1.5” strips of Whisper White Card Stock using 2-3/8” scallop punch.  You should have 7 scallops and one flat edge for each of the 11 pieces.
  23. Emboss these pieces with the Petals A Plenty Textured Embossing Folder and Big Shot Machine.
  24. Attach to smaller cake edges as you did for lower cake layer in step 16, using Multipurpose Liquid Adhesive.
  25. Wrap lower cake layer with 5/8” satin ribbon, tie a bow to secure in place.
  26. Repeat for upper cake layer.  Alternatively, you could secure the layers with hook and loop tape.. or temporary adhesive such as Dotto.
  27. Embellish your cake!!  On today’s Super Saturday Tutorial, an Ornament Punch flower was added to the top.  Check this post for more punchy flowers and a link to the originator, Julia Bettancourt.
  28. Leaves were created using the Blossom Petals Punch, which were embossed with the Square Lattice Textured Embossing Folder.TOPviewPetalcone2layercakeSharonField

The lower layer of the cake measures 10.5” diameter and the upper layer is 8” in diameter.  Each layer is 3” high… you could easily make the layers taller by varying the attaching rectangles and squares.  It seemed quite proportional as I did it..

When I originally created this cake, I made it 2” high.. lol.. my dd and a friend asked me what cake I’d been eating.. only 2” high??? They said it looked more like a pie wedge!!  So… I reluctantly added more height, but I guess they were right.. what do you think?

This tutorial was a long time in the making… I’m glad I was finally able to put it to print, happy to offer it to you for free (because I love you all!)… and hope you enjoy it!



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Patrice H said...

Did I ever mention I LOVE SATURDAYS!!! This project is so amazing. I just love it! Thanks you so much for giving us the directions! You are so darn cleaver!

PocketsOfInspiration said...

What a great idea!

Adriana Benitez said...

WOWZERS! Bookmarking this, for sure!
Thanks for sharing the details and such a lovely project!

Pat S said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!! what more can I say...Thank-you so much for sharing!

PoesslsSchatz said...

Wow, that is so wonderful. Thanks for sharing this great idea. Petra

Gail S. said...

Wowie Kazowie!!! This is so pretty! Home run with this one :)

Kathy said...

This is so beautiful ! You should submit this project for publication ! I am just in awe !

Charlotte said...

OMG! This is truly awesome! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Thank you so much for taking the time to prepare a tutorial for us!

lisa808 said...

Beautiful cake!

Rose said...

Wow, Sharon!! Amazing! I gotta give this a try! Thanks so much for sharing. Your cake looks beautiful!!

RhondaG -the stampin' bunny said...

So adorable Sharon! I think it is easier than the typical cake box too!

Yvonne Metz said...

AYE CHEE-WA-WA!! Muy BONITO Senora Sharon! Holy Guacamole Girl friend! You weren't playing around with those slices! YUMMMy!! Feel the calories out here in Cali! LOL! Ok, just had to post a comment real quick on my way to my son's Opening Day Game! LOVE this! You know me I've got questions for you! Just a few really. Really?


Anita said...

This is stunning! TFS!

Holly/Rubber Redneck said...

Great tutorial and beautiful! So much easier using that Petal Cone die then doing it by hand!

Yapha said...

Wow!! What an amazing cake!! And to include that whole tutorial? Incredible!! It is absolutely fantastic!

Shelley said...

WOW! This is really cool! Thanks for the directions!

Wanda J. said...

Brilliant, Sharon! It's beautiful! TFS!

Cindy said...

Oh. My. Gosh. That is simply incredible! That must have been so much work, but the results are definitely worth it!!!

Sharon Field / Created By You said...

LOL.. not really that hard to do.. once you do all the die cutting and embossing, it goes together quite quickly. DEFINITELY better than hand cutting a template! Those days are over YEAH!!

Wouldn't it make a nice hostess gift.. a pretty piece of cake?

Enhance your environment with decorative expressions that enrich, uplift, and inspire. said...

Simple AMAZING! I wish my mind worked like you all who take a die or punch and make it into something it wasn't intended for.......

I might have to give this a try.

Thanks so much for sharing the directions.

Eileen said...

Absolutely wonderful of you to share the directions, can't wait to try one, thanks for sharing

Shiozaki Beach girls said...

WHoa! Sharon! I can't believe you made this! It is really lovely and I know you worked hard on this!!! Really lovely!

Madeline Morcelo said...

Sharon; you are so creative. I'm so happy to have you in INK4U! This idea is awesome...thanks for making our lives easier when sharing the tutorial. Love this! You are GREAT!

Cherie said...

OMG! This is so stunning! It looks good enough to eat! :) Thanks so much for sharing your Saturday Tutorials with us! You rock!

Penny Silva in Vegas said...

OMG Sharon this is spectacular. I looooooooooooooooooove it. You are a girl after my own heart. I love 3-d and the challenge that comes with it. I have to make one now LOL of course the time hmmmmmmmmmm.
Thanks for sharing

Mickey Roberts said...

Holy Cow, Sharon! That project is AWESOME! So glad you conquered it and thanks so much for sharing!

monikastamp said...

This is great Sharon - you should have saved it for an entry in the Artisan Award contest this year!
Monika Davis

Shar W said...

WOW!!! First time visitor, but won't be my last time visiting. This cake is awesome, and I think I must try to duplicate it. Not talented enough to figure out how to do a third layer, but will try the two layer. How much of each color of cs & ribbon does one need for this? Have to see if I need to do another order while I have time...

2 Creative Chiks with Pazzazzz... said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!! I can't wait to try this for a wedding or birthday and each piece of cake could be something for holding a party favor. Great work. TFS

2 Creative Chiks with Pazzazzz... said...

This would be great to try for a birthday/wedding favor boxes. I can't wait to try this.

Michelle VanWiggeren said...

Amazing and beautiful!!! Thanks so much for sharing this idea!

inkedx2 said...

This is fabulous!


Jean Fitch from jlfstudio said...

Seriously wonderful tutorial and project Sharon! Whether a whole cake or a cake slice treat box this tutorial is packed with terrific ideas. I can picture it as a Groom cake too at a wedding done up with more manly colors of course - lol! Or a Halloween cake or Christmas...or.......perfect for every season. I can only imagine the amount of work you put in to this. Though thankfully the petal cone die does a lot of the work its still a lot of tweaking and prepping to come up with the perfect method and look. You're aces my friend. And even more so for sharing your work! Kudo's for kindness on that one.

Sharon Field / Created By You said...

Hi Shar W.. to answer your question, using the exact configuration, WW and Pretty in Pink 8.5" x 11" card stock you would need 25 sheets of Pretty in Pink, 7 sheets of Whisper White, and approximately 4' of Whisper White Satin Ribbon :) Hope this helps!
Sharon F.

Krystal (skdeleeuw) said...

Gorgeous!! And what and awesome tutorial!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to do this, especially at no charge. It is very much appreciated!!

Deb B (Debadoo) said...

Wow this is amazing Sharon! Thanks so much for sharing your talent and doing these tutorials. I don't have this die yet, but will try this when I finally do have it.

Ellen Pruett (aka Chipper) said...

Great job with the tutorial! You're awesome!!!

Krystal (skdeleeuw) said...

Loved your creation so much I had to feature it on my Sunday Favorites blog post. Thanks for the fabulous inspiration!!

Shar W said...

Hi Sharon,
THANKS bunches for posting amounts for me- going to attempt for a baby shower for my daughter- she is having a boy, and instead of using the pretty in pink, I am going to use the so saffron- close enough to one of the colors in baby's room decor(need to try to make some little bumble bees too). Getting ready to place my order in just a few :)
Enjoy your weekend. I am definitely looking forward to visiting more often when I have a few minutes to myself!
Keeping my fingers crossed for a successful cake

Tanya Boser said...

Wowsa! This is definitely a first class project and tutorial, thanks so much!!

Aimee said...

Wow...very fancy and creative!!! Great work, as always!


Cindee said...

WOW! Beautiful cake! You did a fabulous job! Thanks for the tutorial, I know how much work they are.

Rose said...

Thanks for your awesome tutorial, Sharon! I'm going to have to make one of these adorable cakes!!

Barbara Becker said...

You have made Saturday my favorite day even if I don't get around to looking till Monday. Fantastic and so generous of you to share with all of us.

Mary said...