Monday, February 28, 2011

Wonderful Surprises, Blog Candy and More!

Last week, my mail box over-flow-eth with goodies!  Raks, blog candy, and of course my most recent SU order… kept both the mail man and the UPS delivery gal quite busy!

Remember the OWOH tour last month?  Paint Myself Pretty awarded me with LOTS of blog candy!  What a pleasant surprise… to win, be chosen, and to receive much more than I’d ever imagined from the very creative Cameron!!

The package was painted (of course) and stamped… and fun in and of itself.  But, inside there were bountiful goodies too!  We just know when we get a package like the one shown in the photo below that you’re in for many wonderful surprises!


That was just the beginning, inside the painted package was yet another wrapped in tempting turquoise tissue paper, and embellished with a handsome flower and tag!


I really loved the details.. Cameron distressed, stamped, painted and highlighted text on the tag “You’re going to love it”… now how cute was that??  Of course, the inside of the package was just as pleasantly pleasing and surprising!


And more highlighted text… I’m going to have to CASE this technique.. how very creative!!!  Love the stamped and painted image, eclectic (just like me lol)…blogcandywinner2wowQuite a bonus of goodies!!  The real blog candy was a journal embellished by Cameron…. and more highlighted text!


The week was full of even more surprises… and I received a RAK from Lis Robison… with beautiful handmade paper!!  Loved the card, Lis.. and really LOVED the paper too!


Then, a wonderfully elegant thank you card from one of my adopted down line team members, Chastity… such a sweet card from a very sweet girl!  Chastity will be delivering her baby girl at home in the next couple of weeks with the assistance of a birthing nurse.  Please, please keep her and her baby in your prayers!


I give away blog candy, but rarely win any… so this past week was like a windfall!  LOL.. I bought lottery tickets just for the fun of it.. but I guess my luck ran out!!

So.. today, to thank you, my readers, I am also offering BLOG CANDY to be awarded on Sunday March 6th… I’ll be gifting a special someone the Thank You Kindly Stamp Set from Stampin’ Up!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post with well wishes for Chastity… Wishing her a wonderful and safe delivery!  I’ll be compiling the comments and well wishes to add to a special scrapbook page for Chastity and her new little one!

Big Hugs, and thanks!


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tory said...

I wish Chastity the best of Wishes on her upcoming birth. My daughter is a Mid Wife and I have been blessed to watch the birth of my three granddaughters. Motherhood is beautiful but grandmotherhood is awesome. Prayers are with you for a safe and healthy delivery.

missy said...

My well wishes and congratulations to you Chasity on the birth of your baby! Please let us know when and if it is a boy or a girl! Again, congratulations!

irishgalkelly said...

Faith Hill sings "a baby changes everything" and oh is she ever right! Many prayers for you and your sweet little one. Motherhood is a job with the best rewards and filled with love. All the best to you Chasity!

Susan Carlson said...

Good for you, Chastity!!! I birthed two of my four babies at home. In her own safe environment with people she trusts, Chastity will be in control of birthing her baby on her own time. She will do just fine. (Stop worrying, Sharon!) I will pray for a safe and healthy delivery!!!

Please keep us posted, Sharon. Can I send a card? If so, please email me carlson_susan at hotmail dot com.

Teri said...

All my best to Chastity for a safe delivery. What a treasure she will be entrusted with!

Vonnie said...

Wishing Chastity sweet wishes on her new soon to be arrival!

Anonymous said...

Chastity I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for the upcoming birth of your daughter> There is nothing better than the birth of a new child. Hold her dear to your heart and spoil her rotten. Why else would we have children if not to spoil(love dearly)!Look forward to hearing the news of her birth.
Good Luck,
Candy Chapman

Fairy Grandma Stamper said...

WOW...What great surprises you received in the mail! I love to send cards because I love to receive them!!
My thoughts and prayers are with Chastity as she gives birth at home, and with a new little one in the house. Enjoy him/her every minute for they only stay babies a short while.

Chriserendipity said...

Sharon, you always have such AMAZING projects on your I frequent you very often!
I have only won Blog Candy once over all my years, but again, I don't enter very often (!). I'm thinking, though, that it would be nice to win your's!
On the serious side, I wish Chastity a very blessed delivery, filled with the wonder of it all,and resulting in her falling 'in love' with her little one--that's just the BEST!

Patrice H said...

Chastity, May you trust in the Lord and all His infinite wisdom before, during and after the birth of your child. There is no other love like the love of a child. I wish you all many blessings at this special time.

thestampinglady said...

Chastity, wishing you the best with your upcoming birth. This is such an exciting time and I hope you are able to enjoy these most memorable days.

lisa808 said...

What a fun package and pretty cards. Enjoy!

Geri said...

Sending best wishes to Chastity and her new blessing!! Such a wonderful and busy time!!!!

Kathy said...

Congrats on all your blog candy wins! What a beautiful job, who wouldn't be thrilled to receive that in the mail.

Chastity, I will be sending prayers up and best wishes out to you.

Sillyfilly said...

Chasity the best to you and your new little person. There will be magical moments, troublesome moments, but most of all they will be loving moments.

Charlotte said...

What a blessing from the hand of God a baby is! I was recently blessed to witness the birth of our little miracle (our first grandchild - a boy). Praying that Chastity will have an easy delivery and a wonderful birthing experience! Congratulations!

Kathy Mc said...

Congrats, Sharon, on your winnings and thanks for your blog candy offer! How sweet of you to create a scrapbook page for Chastity with out comments.

Here's a shout out to Chastity wishing her the best of luck with the upcoming birth of her daughter. Enjoy your sweet little bundle of joy!

Linda G said...

Best Wishes to Chastity!

Sharon, I love the card with the baby carriage! How was that great embossed background done? I always love getting your emails all the time - so full of great inspiration and ideas - especially the techniques!

Deb B (Debadoo) said...

Sharon, what a lovely way to give blog candy, compiling a journal to bless someone else.

Chastity my prayers are with you and your family for a truly blessed birthing experience as you welcome your precious gift from God!
Deb B

Created By You said...

To Linda: The embossed background on the baby carriage card was made with a big shot machine using the Vintage Wallpaper Textured Embossing Folder. The folder deeply embosses card stock leaving crisp and well defined images! Keep the well wishes coming.. I'm looking forward to sharing them with Chastity and her new baby (they already know it's a girl :)

Linda H said...

Best of Luck and much happiness for Your little bundle of joy! Brave Lady to have the baby at home with a birthing nurse! Be sure and post pictures of the New Baby!

Agnes L said...

Best Wishes to Chastity! Easy and magical delivery, and a speedy recovery. Being a mom is wonderful!
I keep her in my prayers.

I like your blog with all the inspiring ideas and great techniques. Thank you for sharing them with all of us.

Anonymous said...

Sharon! Your incredibly kind thoughts, wishes, and prayers from everyone has touched my heart so much! I have tears coming down my face and am touched by your thoughtfulness again! xoxo- Chastity