Saturday, February 19, 2011

Super Saturday Tutorial: New Bling!

It’s time for the weekly Super Saturday Tutorial, and Bring on the Bling!  Not just any Bling… this is NEW Bling, and a fabulous way to spruce up that Designer Series Paper!

Today’s tutorial was prompted by a member’s question in one of my groups.  She asked “What can I do with Stampin’ Up! Heat N’ Stick Powders?” 

Well, I answered her promptly… but then my mind started turning… what if?  And, I decided to experiment beyond the norm with my jar of Heat ‘ N Stick Powder.

Now, I have had my Heat ‘N Stick Powder for quite a few years… so I knew I was taking a chance to begin with.  As time goes by,  Heat ‘N Stick Powder can fail for one of two reasons:

  1. Moisture… it’s an aggressive animal, especially if you live in the Sunshine State (Florida). 
  2. Age… at some point in time the binder fails.

Well, I had my obligatory macaroni noodle in the jar of Heat ‘N Stick… and there were no signs of clumps… so I decided to proceed with my experimentation.  TIP:  Add a macaroni noodle to your embossing powders, Heat ‘N Stick Powder, etc. and it will absorb moisture!

So I gathered a few tools:   Versamark Pen, Heat ‘N Stick Powder, Dazzling Diamonds, Heat Tool.

And set about decorating a scrap of Springtime Vintage Designer Series Paper… highlighting small flowers with the Versamark Pen, I poured on Heat ‘N Stick, heated with the heat tool, then added Dazzling Diamonds and re-heated.selectivehns1

It would have worked well… but my Heat ‘N Stick failed, miserably… a victim of old age, most of the Dazzling Diamonds fell off!   selectivehsnfailure40227679839

In search of a proper ‘binder’ to add to my Heat ‘N Stick, I first tried Multipurpose Adhesive… hmm.. interesting results, but not exactly what I was looking for!

Next, I decided to try Very Vanilla Craft Ink.  Gadzooks!  I found it… I felt like a mad scientist!  Enough… LOL I bet you want to see the card!


ALL that shimmer, glimmer, and bling in the background is the subject of today’s New Bling Heat ‘N Stick Super Saturday Tutorial!

First, I’d like to announce the winners of the Inkspirations4U Free Passes!

Kelly Wentling


Robbie Rubala

Back to today’s Super Saturday tutorial…

Gather your supplies!

    • Heat N Stick Powder (it’s OK if it’s old LOL)
    • Vanilla Craft Ink Refill
    • Heat Tool
    • Dazzling Diamonds
    • Foam Brush
    • Designer Series Paper (Springtime Vintage Shown in Sample) cut to desired size.
    • Paint Tray or plastic lid or paper plate…
    • Spritzing bottle filled with tap water
    • Powder Pals Tray Set (2/pkg)

Step By Step Super Saturday Tutorial for New Bling With Heat ‘N Stick Powder:

Note:  Dependent upon the size of your Designer Series Paper, you may need more or less Vanilla Craft Ink Refill and water.  The DSP featured in today’s tutorial was cut to 5.25” x 4”.

  1. Turn on your heat tool and allow it to pre-heat.  A pre-heated heat tool works more effectively and quickly, with less chance of burning your project.
  2. Squirt 3-4 large drops of Vanilla Craft Ink Refill into your Paint Tray, Lid, or Paper Plate.
  3. Spritz re-inker with water… until it is the consistency of slightly runny paint, wet enough to spread easily but dry enough that it doesn’t curl or over-wet your paper.  Start with less, add more as needed. 
  4. Mix with foam brush, and then apply a thin coat to the Designer Series Paper.step1b0983493298
  5. Place painted Designer Series Paper in Powder Pals Tray.
  6. Cover liberally with Heat ‘N Stick Powder, then shake off excess. 
  7. Place on a flat surface, and heat with heat tool.  Note:  Bringing the heat tool down towards the project at 90 degrees will prevent the paper from moving or flying around.  You can also hold the paper and heat it, but be careful not to burn your fingers, or stick your fingers into the powder (heated or not).
  8. As the Heat ‘N Stick powder warms up, it will begin to smell like plastic… and will turn somewhat shiny.  Over heating will result in burning your cardstock and surface.Step7n8_done924097023793
  9. Place cooled Designer Series Paper in Powder Pals Tray, remove lid from Dazzling Diamonds and sprinkle all over the paper. 
  10. Remove Paper from Powder Pals Tray and place on protected surface.
  11. Heat with Heat Tool until Dazzling Diamonds are absorbed by the Heat ‘N Stick Powder.  Be careful not to over-heat and burn. When it’s done, the paper will be shiny and the Dazzling Diamonds will not rub off or fall off!Step9_0094072084580987
  12. Replace Heat ‘N Stick Powder and Dazzling Diamonds from Powder Pals Trays to jars, secure lids tightly.
  13. Wash out your foam brush and paint tray.
  14. Make a beautiful card, project, or scrapbook page!

Tip:  If your Heat N Stick Powder binder has not failed, your DSP will have lighter coloration.  Using the Very Vanilla Craft Ink Re-fill colors the DSP a bit.  Here is a photo comparison of two samples…. the DSP on the left has bling added with Very Vanilla Craft Ink as a binder.  The sample on the right uses Heat ‘N Stick powder and dazzling diamonds only.Comparison1320498729

The burned one has more yellow coloration, the one without burns is still very vanilla in color.  So.. now I’m off to order more Heat N Stick Powder!!  LOL… I used mine all up!

Tomorrow I’ll share two more similar yet completely different variations of this technique… and tell you what I did to make the stunning subtle difference happen!



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Libby said...

This looks great Sharon. My Heat n' Stick is a bit old too but I'm going to give this a go. I wonder if a couple of grains of rice in the jar would do the same asa a noodle? Thanks for sharing your talent

Shelley said...

Thanks Sharon, I still have several jars of heat n stick!

Deb B (Debadoo) said...

Very pretty card! Thanks for the tip about the noodle, never thought about that with heat and stick or EP's. Just a thought to the lady who asked about rice, while it might work I'd be a bit concerned about picking it up with the powder and getting it on my project, whereas a noodle would be easier to not scoop up with my spoon.

Ann said...

Fabulous Sharon!!! I have never used my Heat n Stick! Now I have to give it a try!!

Anonymous said...

tres interessant, merci

Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama said...

Thanks for the tip about the noodle. I never knew that!

ArtisticInkspirations said...

Great tutorial.. I never used the craft ink diluted like that before.. but have used heat n stick a lot in the past.. not much recently. I always use RICE or macaroni in powders (and salt) to keep the moisture out!! We had to back east.. not so much out here where it's drier.

Penny Hanuszak said...

Great technique card Maureen. I always have had difficulty with my heat and stick powder and never thought perhaps it had no binder left in it. "Light bulb moment"! Appreciate the tips.

Leena Girsa said...

Great tips and lovely card! Now following your blog from SC #342...hope you'll return the favor when you get a chance.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You have such great tutorials! I'm going to mark your blog to keep up with it! I got my package today! WOW! It is very sweet! Thank you SO much! I'll let you know when I post photos of it on my blog! ♥♥♥

nana_cindy42 said...

Thanks, Sharon! I love this and want to try it! And I really love that paper! Your tutorials and tips are always inspiring!!!

Holly/Rubber Redneck said...

Great tutorial Sharon!!

Chris said...

looks fabulous, thanks for playing with us again at Paper Pretties.