Saturday, January 29, 2011

Super Saturday Tutorial: Two Petal Cone Die Boxes

This week I found myself playing around with my Big Shot Machine and the Petal Cone Die.  My original intention was to come up with a box.. but nothing like the two I developed after playing around and experimenting with the Petal Cone Die Cuts! 

I’m still working on my other idea… but in the mean time, thought I’d share these two terrific boxes which can easily be constructed using two die cuts from the Petal Cone Die!


Aren’t they fun?  The box on the left is a bit like a Chinese Take Out Box… and the one on the right is shaped like a trapezoid.  Either box would be perfect for party and/or wedding favors, dressing them up and/or down as the occasion defined!

Today’s Super Saturday Tutorial will focus on the Take Out Box… but I’ll also give very specific instructions on how to construct the trapezoid box using the Petal Cone Die and Big Shot Machine!

Supplies Needed for Today’s Super Saturday Petal Cone Die Boxes Tutorial:

  • Big Shot Machine and Supplies:
    • Petal Cone Die
    • Cutting Pad
    • Premium Crease Pad
    • Mylar Shim (if needed – Machines Vary)
  • 1 Sheet 8.5” x 11” Card Stock plus Scrap to create bottom of box
  • Paper Trimmer and Scoring Blade
  • Ruler or Grid Paper
  • Tombow Multi-Purpose Adhesive
  • Bone Folder

Step by Step Instructions Petal Cone Die Take Out Box:

  1. Cut Card Stock 5.5” x 8.5”
  2. Make a Big Shot Machine Sandwich as follows:
    1. Standard Cutting Pad
    2. Shim
    3. Petal Cone Die
    4. 5.5” x 8.5” Card Stock
    5. Premium Crease Pad
  3. Run sandwich through the big shot machine.
  4. Repeat for second 1/2 sheet of card stock, you will now have two petal cone die cuts to use in constructing your take out box.TwoPetalConeDieCuts
  5. Fold each Petal Cone Die Cut in 1/2 along the center scored line, and use a bone folder to crease well.  There are two more scored lines on the Petal Cone Die… DO NOT CREASE them at this time.
  6. With the petals to your left, place the die cut in your paper trimmer so that the scored line along the top edge of the cone ‘petals’ is lined up at the 2.5” mark, and cut.  TrimmingThePetalConeDie
  7. Repeat for second Petal Cone Die Cut.
  8. Bone Fold all scored lines at this time.
  9. Use Tombow Multi-Purpose Adhesive to attach Petal Cone Die Cuts along smaller scored flap edges, forming a box.  Take extra care to neatly line up both the top scallop and bottom box edges.. this will keep your box from being skewed.LiningUpAdjoiningSides
  10. Flatten out the box and measure the length of one of the quarter panels.  The bottom of my box measured 1-1/8”.
  11. Add 1” to your measurement (mine was 2-1/8”)
  12. Cut a square of card stock equal to the measurement you just added.
  13. Score the square at 1/2” along each side.
  14. Clip the corner of the cardstock, removing excess.ClippingBoxBottomCorners
  15. In the photo above, I darkened the score lines so that you could see them.  As you clip the corner, you want to cut right through the intersecting lines.
  16. Repeat for all corners of the box bottom.
  17. Use bone folder to crease all scored lines.
  18. Stand up your box, and insert the box bottom through the inside of the box.  Here’s what it will look like from the inside:SettingBoxBottom
  19. Add Tombow Multi-Purpose Adhesive to bottom flaps, and hold in place until set.
  20. You can now decorate your Petal Cone Take Out Box as desired.  In my sample, I cut a 1.25” strip of Very Vanilla Card Stock and embossed it before cutting each of the side panels to fit the box sides, and then wrapped the exterior with a little 5/8” Satin RibbonTallTakeOutBoxSideView

Another view from the top shows the petal flaps folded and closed:  TallTakeOutBoxSideView2

I bet you’re wondering how I made the trapezoid box now… and as promised, here is the secret…

Trapezoid Box Petal Cone Die Tips:

  • Instead of cutting off the Petal Cone Die Cuts with the crease at the 2.5” mark in step 6, I aligned the scored line at 1.5”
  • This of course, changed the length of the bottom quadrants… which now measured 2-1/8”MeasuringBottomSquare
  • Adding 1” as in step 11 (above) gave me a 3-1/8” square, which I scored at 1/2” all around.
  • All the rest of the steps were the same for assembling the box.
  • The band surrounding the trapezoid box was cut from Very Vanilla Card Stock at 1.5” by 8.5”and scored at 2-7/8”, 3-7/8”, 6-3/8” and 8”TrapezoidBoxTopView
  • The flowers were cut from First Edition and Love Letters Designer Series Paper using the Extra Large Flower Punch and fun Flowers Bigz L Die… and I had to add an antique brad to set it off!

Hope you enjoyed today’s Super Saturday Tutorial!  I had a lot of fun making these boxes and can’t wait to invent something else with my Petal Cone Die and Big Shot Machine.  Back to the drawing board!



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Anonymous said...

I've been wanting this die cut - now you make me want it even more. Thanks for taking the time to write out a tutorial - I never would have figured it out! I'm sure that I'm not alone in appreciating your creativity and generosity in sharing this with us. Happy Stamping!
Michelle in NH

jmniffer said...

Great out of the box ideas for this die; love it! Thanks for sharing. jmniffer

Wanda J. said...

WOW! Great job, Sharon! Thanks so much for sharing this...I am SO happy I purchased this die.

Kimberly S. said...

Oh I LOVE these....they're so cute!! I have ALWAYS loved those little Chinese take out boxes (maybe that's why I like take out...LOL)....thank you SO much for showing us how to make these!!! I didn't want the petal cone die till I saw this post!!! ;o)

Anita said...

This is so cool!

Christyne (aka Apple Blossom) said...

Sharon! These are just FANTASTIC!!! Thank you SO much for sharing all the instructions!

lisa808 said...

Sharon, thanks for the two great ideas/uses for the Petal Cone.

PocketsOfInspiration said...

What a great idea Sharon!!!