Saturday, January 1, 2011

Super Saturday Tutorial: Lovely Ribbon Rosettes

Happy New Years’ Eve!!  I’ve been really busy cleaning closets, cubbies, and cupboards in preparation for the New Year, divesting of clutter so I can begin the New Year with a clean slate.  It’s a New Years’ Tradition in my home… out with the old, in with the new!  It’s wholly amazing how much STUFF one can accumulate during the course of just a few months or, in this case a whole year!  My work is not done…. I’m taking a brief cleansing break to post my newest Super Saturday Tutorial, wouldn’t want to disappoint YOU!

Today’s tutorial actually had two points of inspiration… a few years back, I took a silk ribbon embroidery class by Elly Sienkiewicz.  She was a fabulous teacher, and I LOVED the artistic ribbon elements we created to add to our quilts, pillows, and garments.  Taking Elly’s class was a dream come true… a gift from my DH for an entire weekend in nearby Orlando, Fl. where I studied quilting arts with a host of famous quilt teachers/instructors including Eleanor Burns, and many, many more!  Just the other day, I came across a blog post where the author of Scientific Seamstress had created ribbon rosettes with fabric on recycled CD’s…. Wow!  It was a duh moment!!  LOL.. I’d made similar ribbon rosettes with Elly, talk about  De Ja Vu!

So, here we are at the New Year, and my Super Saturday… and I’m going to show you how to create ribbon rosettes suitable for paper crafting… with recycled and new materials you may already have in your home!


Wouldn’t these ribbon rosettes look fabulous on your lapel, a paper project, headband, or gift bag?

Here’s the supply list for a 3” Ribbon Rosette:

  • Chipboard… this can be recycled cardboard from packaging and/or cardstock. I prefer 1/8” thick or better.
  • Paper piercing tool and snips and/or Japanese Hole Punch and snips.
  • Ribbon… I prefer 1/2” or wider, approximately 4 feet of ribbon is needed for a 3” ribbon rosette.
  • Hemp Twine*
  • Household Tape
  • Mat Pack
  • 3” sizzix circle die
  • Big Shot Machine




Step by Step Directions:

  • Cut a 3” circle using the Big Shot Machine and Die from scrap chipboard.
  • Find the center of the chipboard by drawing a line both the 1.5” line horizontally and vertically.  As you can see in the photo below, I used the self healing mat that came with my SU! Mat Pack to find the center of the 3” circle die cut.P1000461
  • Pierce a hole where the lines cross… I used my Japanese Hole Punch to make the hole, but you could just as easily use a paper piercing tool.
  • Use the fine point tip of your paper snips and a twisting downward motion to increase the size of the center hole.  You will be threading hemp twine* through the hole several times, it needs to be approximately 1/4” in diameter. 
  • Thread hemp twine* through the center hole, and attach to the 3” chipboard circle with household tape.  The center whole in the photo below is actually smaller than it should be… I had to increase the size with paper snips before completing the project!P1000467
  • Wrap hemp twine* around the 3” circle, threading forward through the center hole….P1000468
  • Repeat the process until you have 7 spokes, or more on your 3” chipboard circle disc.P1000470
  • In order for this ribbon rosette to form properly, you need to have an odd number of hemp twine* spokes.  You may increase and/or decrease spokes as desired.
  • Using the very end of your ribbon of choice, wrap the ribbon twice to tie a knot which will become the center of your ribbon rosette.P1000472
  • Snug the ribbon down, but not too tightly… you want a nice and fluffy flower center!
  • Insert the tail of the knot through the 3” chipboard circle and secure to the back with household tape.P1000476
  • Using an over/under motion, begin threading the ribbon through the spokes.. under the first spoke, over the next… etcetera.P1000478
  • Be mindful to straighten out the ribbon as you tug it towards the center… the twist in the photo below is NOT good… see the big red X?P1000481
  • The ribbon should be flat and flowing in one direction as you work around the 3” chipboard circle.P1000482


  • Continue working around the circle in an over/under motion until the entire 3” chipboard circle has been covered with ribbon, snugging the ribbon in even tugging motions.P1000484
  • Once the 3” chipboard circle has been filled with ribbon, attach the last ribbon end to the back of the 3” chipboard circle with household tape.P1000486
  • Your 3” Chipboard Ribbon Rosette is now ready to use for that special paper crafting project..Isn’t it lovely?P1000485
  • Wouldn’t the ribbon rosette look fabulous on a gift bag?  Or a fabulous vintage sweater or card?P1000487
  • Of course it would be even more fabulous with some antique brads, pearls or rhinestones LOL!  But I’m cleaning closets so didn’t really have time to kick it up!  (Maybe tomorrow LOL.)
  • Varying the size of the chipboard circle, you can have perfect ribbon rosettes for wedding invitations, cards, scrapbook pages.. imagine the possibilities!!
  • This rosette began with just a 1-3/8” chipboard circle punch.  P1000495
  • A crop-a-dile tool was used to create the center hole, linen thread was used to make the spokes, and paper snips were used to increase the size of the hole to just under 3/4”.

*Instead of hemp twine or linen thread, use matching ribbon in a narrower version to ‘hide’ thread and hemp trails.  When I made rosettes with Elly Sienkiewicz, we always used matching thread.  We never used chipboard LOL… we used fabric as the backing!

I hope you enjoyed today’s Super Saturday Tutorial!

I hope you had a wonderful and safe New Years’ Eve, and wish you a prosperous and pleasant New Year!



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cinmfoster said...

Absolutely gorgeous, thanks for this tutorial.

thestampinglady said...

Great tutorial today and your photos are always so helpful especially for us visual learners. Wishing you a fun, happy, and successful 2011.

ArtisticInkspirations said...

Great technique!! Love all the pics and diagrams of what NOT to do!!

Patrice H said...

This Rosette is so cool I am going to have to make one of theses ASAP!!!!! I do not know if I have told you this or not BUT! I love your Saturday tutorials I learn so many cool things:) Thank you & Happy New Year to you

MCH said...

Hi Sharon and Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your great tutorial - cant wait to try it! I really appreciate the time you take to do this - thanks

Bronwyn Eastley said...

Oh! This is so cool. have bookmarked it for another day!

luvthatstampin said...

This is great. I've let myself get thoroughly intimidated with flowers, which is ridiculous!


This it super cute..i think its also good for headbands...thanks for the tutorial

Jules said...

Hi Sharon

What a gorgeous flower.

I made one for a card and posted it on my blog this afternoon. You can find it at

Thanks for sharing your great tutorial.

I added a link to here so that others can see your lovely work.

Love Jules xx