Saturday, January 15, 2011

Super Saturday Tutorial: Lace Ruffled Heart And Simple Custom Corner Rounder

Last weeks’ Sketch Frenzy Friday Valentine Scrapbook/Gift Card Holder/Card caused quite a stir… many of my readers requested a tutorial on the multi purpose scrapbook…. and of course I was preparing for the Leadership Conference at the time… so had very little time to dedicate to the actual written tutorial.  I’m still engaged in post leadership activities so I though this week’s Super Saturday Tutorial should focus on how to’s of elements and focal point of the scrapbook… and then I’ll share a full tutorial with cutting guide and step by step assembly in next weekends’ Super Saturday Tutorial.  Deal?  You can view the original item HERE on Created By You.

Page three of the mini scrapbook/gift cardholder/card featured a crochet lace trim ruffled heart and an event photo with a matching corner rounded background… here is screen shot of that page and the features we’re going to review in today’s Super Saturday Tutorial:SFF_SharonField_3

The little photo was actually a purchase with purchase gift when we had our dining photo made at Sleuth’s dinner theatre in nearby Orlando, Florida.  It was in a little keychain fob…and the corners were rounded in a very tiny curve.

Well, I didn’t have a corner rounder that size… so the curve was replicated with a sanding block.  Starting with the point, and working back and forth in smooth, consistent and gentle sweeps.roundingphotocorners1

With a back and forth motion and a steady hand, I worked the corner until the curve replicated that of the photo:roundingphotocorners2

Pretty nifty isn’t it?  If you had a lot of these to do, I would make a chipboard, or window sheet template to guide and compare the working corner with the desired results.

Next up, the ruffled heart… now this can be tricky!  You can start with any size heart… even one drawn from a candy box will work with this technique!

I began by placing mini glue dots fairly close together, around the perimeter of the heart:ruffledheart1

Next, I began adding crochet lace trim, adding loops of lace between the glue dots.  I found that a neater and cleaner ruffled heart was achieved if I used the pointed tip of the heart as my starting/beginning point:ruffledheart2

As you work, you may want to turn the heart over and check it from time to time:ruffledheart3

This becomes particularly important when you reach the “V” in the heart and the final finishing point.ruffledheart3rightside

Ultimately, you want to make sure the lace if vertical and perpendicular to the card stock… this is even more important than having the loops equally spaced!  Continue working around the heart until you reach the tip.  You may need to add an additional glue dot at this point to secure the crochet trim to the trim laid earlier.ruffledheart4b

Of course, the last step is to check your work… simply turn it over and check!ruffledheart5_finished

Isn’t it lovely?  The crochet trim adds quite a bit of bulk to the heart, but not a lot of weight.  It can easily be flattened, and is best adhered to your card, scrapbook or project with Stampin’ Dimensionals… that way the heart, the crochet trim, and EVERYONE is happy!  I used 4 Stampin’ Dimensionals to attach it securely to my scrapbook page… but of course, that’s up to you!

I hope  you are enjoying all the leadership highlights!  I’ve tried to post a bit here and there, but they keep us really, really busy!

I’ll have a super special post tomorrow to share… and of course next weekend will be another Super Saturday Free Tutorial featuring the mini scrapbook/gift card holder/card for Valentines’ Day.  Hope you’ll continue to follow along.  AND, if you’d like a special tutorial feature for Super Saturday, please use the Contact Me form… I love receiving your suggestions!



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Anonymous said...

As always, you super saturday tutorials are well thought through, inspiring and easy to follow! Thanks for all you do!

Patrice H said...

Love your Saturday tutorials. I learn the most interesting things from you. Easy "How To" and not so easy "Tricks of the Trade" Thanks for sharing your time with us. Glad you are having a good time at Leadership. Get home safely.

Gloria Dojlido said...

Awesome tutorial! Thanks for sharing..I am now following you via Stampin Connection.

Jean Fitch from jlfstudio said...

Gorgeous heart Sharon! Thanks for the step by step tips as well as the corner sanding tip. Bet you're getting more practice driving in snow in Tennessee than you do in Florida.

Looking forward to next Saturday's tutorial.

Jackie L Watson said...

I love this tutorial, showing how to put lace on a heart. So Vintage and Elegant. Thanks for sharing Sharon.