Saturday, December 11, 2010

Super Saturday Tutorial: Faux Cloisonné and Celebrations

In recent weeks, I’ve had a lot of emails and questions and inquiries about the Faux Cloisonné paper crafting technique, so this Super Saturday Ink and Stamp Tutorial will focus on step by step instructions on this fun and intriguing paper crafting technique.   I searched Google  for  “Faux Cloisonné” and was quite surprised that very little showed up with regards to paper crafting… wow!  That explained some of the questions and queries I have been receiving!  I really had to squeeze this one into the Super Saturday Tutorial Line-Up… things have been so busy around here with our DD graduating with two Masters’ Degrees this weekend, we’ve kind of had our hands full!

So, here we go.. today’s Super Saturday Tutorial:  Faux Cloisonné

Supplies – pretty basic, and probably things you already have stashed in your craft room!


  • Stamps – choose ones with fine line details, but not too much detail.  Small, open areas are good.  In this case, I’ve used a sneak peek stamp set called “Bliss” from Stampin’ Up!, and Fabulous Flowers also from Stampin’ Up!
  • Ink:  Versamark Embossing Ink is the ink of choice for this paper crafting technique
  • Accessories:  Powder Pal, Embossing Buddy, Gold Embossing Powder, Heat Tool, Crystal Effects, and a scrap from a glossy magazine or ad.

Step By Step Faux Cloisonné Technique Instructions:

Choose a colorful glossy ad from a magazine or flyer.  This particular piece came from a recent Coldwater Creek Catalog.



Cover the entire surface with powder from the embossing buddy.   This will ensure that embossing powder sticks only to the ink, not your hand lotion or other areas on the paper.


Now is a good time to turn on your heat tool to pre-heat it.  A pre-heated embossing heat tool will reduce the risk of burning or browning the cardstock or glossy magazine paper… and it works much more quickly too… kind of like how a flat iron works on your hair!

Choose a couple of stamps that will compliment the glossy colors… ones with open patterns, ink with Versamark Ink and stamp DTP (Direct to Paper) on the glossy magazine/ad.

Open the Gold Embossing Powder… place the stamped image in the Powder Pal Tray, and sprinkle generously with Gold Embossing Powder.


Remove Stamped and powdered piece from the Powder Pal Tray, and place on a protected surface.  (Stampin’ Up! Grid Paper is perfect for this process.)4b_GoldEP_overVersamark

Apply heat to the stamped and powdered piece, moving the heat tool around as the embossing powder turns and changes from a dull gold to bright and shiny gold.  Check your embossed paper to make sure that all areas have been heated and are now bright and shiny.5_Heated_EP

Turn off your heat gun, tip and tap powder pal tray to gather all remaining powder in the nose or nozzle of the tray.  After leveling the tray, remove the stopper at the end of the nozzle, and pour excess powder back into the gold embossing powder jar… you can re-use this powder at a later date!

Next, you will add Crystal Effects Lacquer to the void or un-stamped areas on your embossed paper piece.  This will add dimension and luster to the project which is very difficult to photograph… but the results are stunning!!


Set aside, and allow to dry.  You can also use a pre-heated heat tool to ‘cure’ the Crystal Effects lacquer… but be careful to not allow bubbling or burning… work slowly vs. quickly in setting the lacquer.  Using a heat tool at this point may also cause your embossed images to run or burn.  I prefer to set the project aside and allow proper drying time Smile


Once dry, your paper project is ready to use on a card or scrapbook page.

Just writing this tutorial, I have envisioned multiple variations of this technique… incorporating glitter, DSP, and alternative image types, hmmm..

I hope you’re inspired by this tutorial… I’ll be featuring a few cards I made utilizing this technique in the forthcoming week.  I’d love to see your creations too!  Please use the contact Me tab at the top of the page, I’d love to feature your creative paper crafting art work too… just let me know you’d like to be featured and I can make that happen!

At the beginning of this post, I mentioned that we’ve had a rather hectic weekend with company, family, and our DD’s graduation ceremonies.  She has earned two Masters’ Degrees after a 15 month program which took her to Europe and Asia… and we’re very proud of all that she has accomplished at such a young age!  I thought you might like to see a photo of the proud Mama (Me) with our darling daughter… we really had hoped for better weather… after all, when you live in Florida, you kind of expect nice weather Smile  Today was definitely an exception…very cold, windy and brisk!  But photo opportunities prevailed.. and here we are in front of the fountain at the university! I’m all bundled up… but she is freezing and still smiling!



I look forward to reading your comments, sharing your thoughts, and seeing your creative and inspirational art work!



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lisa808 said...

Congratulations to your daughter on her achievements. That is a lovely picture of the two of you.

Thank you for the tutorial. Looks like an interesting technique.

Patrice H said...

Congratulations to you and your daughter! Wow! 2 Masters in 15 months! Unbelievable You are right to be proud of her. That is an amazing accomplishment, Good job Parents