Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Have a Little Secret, CAS 5 minute Valentine Card Too!

I have a little secret, one which will tell you much about where I am from… it has nothing to do with Stamps, ink, paper, or stampin up!  My little secret is here in my refrigerator.. and you’re going to laugh if you’re from the Midwest:  I have Vernors Ginger Ale in my refrigerator... and I’m NOT sick!

Many of you will chuckle when you read this… but for those who don’t know the lore of Vernors Ginger Ale: 

  1. If you were raised in the Midwest, we called it POP.
  2. Our parents’ didn’t allow us to have pop or soda except on special occasions.
  3. We only got Vernors when we had the flu or an upset stomach!  (No flat coca cola for us!)
  4. It’s great with a couple scoops of ice cream!
  5. Now that we can get Vernors Ginger Ale in Florida, we don’t have to beg family members and travelers to smuggle it in from the Midwest!
  6. People who love Vernors will rarely settle for any other Ginger Ale product!

With all that chatter, I suppose my hand stamped card share today should feature ginger today, but it doesn’t… LOL!

Stamps and Supplies for Today’s Valentine Sneak Peek Product Share:

  • Stamp:  Valentine Defined (Occasions Mini Sneak Peek)
  • Cardstock:  Melon Mambo, Basic Black, Whisper White
  • Classic Ink:  Basic Black, Melon Mambo
  • Accessories:  Big Shot Machine, Framed Tulips Textured Embossing Folder (Occasions Mini Sneak Peek), Itty Bitty Punch Pack, Black Brads, mini Glue Dots, Stampin Dimensionals, Basic Jewels Pearls, 5/8” Basic Black Satin Ribbon

I’m really having some fun with the new Framed Tulips Textured Impressions Folder!  Here’s my Clean and Simple (CAS) 5 minute Valentine card…


 Hope you like it Smile  If you’d like me to send you an Occasions Mini Catalog and/or Sale-A-Bration Brochure, please use the Contact Me tab at the top of the page.  I’m booking workshops for February Sale-A-Bration, be sure to book yours ASAP!

Back to Vernors Ginger Ale:

That 3rd fact is really a strange one, I always wondered why we weren’t allowed to have Vernors unless we were ill… so I googled it yesterday and come up with some interesting information!

Vernors Ginger Ale was invented in 1866 by James Vernor, a Detroit pharmacist, and is America's oldest soft drink. In 1862, James Vernor was called off to serve in the Civil War. According to legend, he left a mixture of ginger, vanilla, and spices sitting in an oak cask. When he returned from battle four years later he opened the keg and found the drink inside had been changed by the aging process in the wood. It was like nothing else he had ever tasted and he declared it "Deliciously different" which remains the drink's motto to this day.   Read the full story and blog post HERE.  OR Vernors’ full history on World Lingo.

There’s even a fan page for Vernors on Facebook

It’s not just lore, there is something behind that item #3 and upset stomachs… I remember many years ago when I was an Overseas Operator with AT&T, I was suffering from a very sore throat and a telephone operator in Bogotá, Columbia suggested I put slivered ginger in my cheek to help it heal.. and it worked!  Turns out Ginger has a myriad of health benefits, including antioxidant properties!  Check out this article by Kayla R!

I still don’t drink soda or pop very often… I prefer water or flavored calorie and sugar free seltzer… I actually purchased the Vernors Ginger Ale a couple weeks ago as a recipe ingredient… but I’m really enjoying the refreshing flavor of this little treat!

Have a fabulous day!



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...Darlene said...

I remember Vernon's and you are right it is great ginger ale. The only thing that I have found that comes close is Ginger Beer from Jamaica. Although it tastes a little different.

Shari Winterstein said...

My husband grew up in Michigan and he LOVED Vernors. When we still lived in Wisconsin we found it in one of the grocery stores we frequented! Thanks for the memory. :)

Anonymous said...

Sharon, I love the Valentine Card, it is sooo cute and easy to duplicate!! Thanks for sharing.

Beth Fesperman said... all the info about Vernon' I will have to go get some and try it...

lisa808 said...

I have never heard of Vernor's ginger ale. Now I'll probably see it every time I'm in the supermarket.

Thanks for sharing the new embossed image on your card.

Dawn M from Michigan said...

I love Vernor's! It was my pop of choice when I was pregnant. :) You are right other ginger ale compares to it!

Becca said...

I love most ginger ales - they are soooo good. A nice treat for sure because I also prefer my "soft drinks" to be calorie free and the diet versions don't hold a candle to the real deal! I have 2-2 liter bottles in my fridge right now and it's going to take a lot of willpower to save them for Christmas!

nana_cindy42 said...

This is so sweet!! I love the stamp and of course the design and colors!
I'm going thru stamping withdrawal!! Can't wait till January!!!

Jean Fitch from jlfstudio said...

Woo Hoo for Vernor's. I lived on the stuff in college in Santa Barbara, Calif when we were able to by 5 two liter bottles for a single buck!! Gotta love those 1970's prices! That was back when it was considered an off brand because no one had ever heard of it. Now its $4 for a 6 pack of cans here in Oregon! Every once in awhile when I get nostalgic I have some. Better than ginger ale in my book and filled with memories. Taco Bell and Vernors - the perfect College diet for the kid on a budget! LOL! Thanks for the history lesson...not sure I ever knew its origins.