Saturday, October 16, 2010

Super Saturday Tutorial: Lapis Lazulli Technique ala Stampin Up!

I’m a big reader… and I LOVE books, especially books about Stamping techniques!  I love to experiment with techniques, both new and old… and I LOVE to share my experiments, discoveries, and findings with my customers and readers alike!  This week, I decided to revisit my book shelf, and flip through a fabulous technique book by Julie Andrus called “Paper Transformed”.  The book is a fabulous resource for inking techniques… but as many publications do, calls for specific elements and resources that are not in my stampin’ up repertoire.  SO… mustering a little creative experimentation, I’ve borrowed elements from Julie’s “Lapis Lazulli” technique and transformed my Stampin Up paper, cardstock, and classic inks into a platform for creating my very own Lapis Lazulli ala Stampin’ Up!

Here’s a sample card I made applying the Lapis Lazulli technique… The Dragonfly is from the Natures Nest Stamp Set, and the marbled Lapis Lazulli along the side is the technique I will be sharing with you today.  I have to tell you I took it to a stamp class a couple days ago and heard a LOT of ooh’s and ahh’s!


Grab your gloves… or wear those inky fingers proudly.. this one is messy, but fabulous fun to do! 

Stamps & Supplies for today’s Lapis Lazulli Technique:


  • Rubbing Alcohol ( I used 91%)
  • Classic Re-Inkers:  Baja Breeze, Bashful Blue, Not Quite Navy, Early Espresso
  • Inexpensive Baby Wipes
  • Gold Smooch Spray
  • Champagne Shimmer Paint
  • Mini Mister/ Spritzer bottle
  • The Original Shimmer Paint Recipe  Tutorial HERE
  • Bulldog Clip
  • GLOSSY Cardstock (not shown in photo)
  • Surgical Gloves if you need to keep your fingers tidy

Step by Step Instructions for Lapis Lazulli Ink Technique:

Fold one baby wipe into a rectangle, approximately 1” x 2”


Pull long sides together and secure with a bull dog clip, so that the rounded side will become your ‘pouncer’.


Next, douse the baby wipe with Rubbing Alcohol… you want to soak the baby wipe enough to benefit your inking technique, but not enough to drip.  You can do this by placing the baby wipe/clip at the mouth of the bottle, and tipping, or you can add rubbing alcohol to a small dish and absorb it with the baby wipe/clip apparatus.


Add two drops of each BLUE ink color (Bashful Blue, Not Quite Navy, and Baha Breeze… NOT the Early Espresso!!) to the alcohol soaked  baby wipe.


Using a pouncing motion, apply ink to Glossy Cardstock… let it dry for a few seconds.


Apply two more applications of the blue soaked applicator… you will see the colors merge and mute like magic, right before your eyes!


Working quickly, you may now add two drops of Early Espresso Classic Re-inker to the baby wipe/clip applicator… talk about inky fingers!  You can see that the Early Espresso Ink spreads, but it is not covering the whole length of the baby wipe/bulldog clip applicator… you don’t need to worry about that.. it will do the job just fine!


Apply the Applicator to the already pounced cardstock…




Pretty interesting… so, you say… what next?  How about a big Smooch (spray)?

TIP:  when using Smooch, gently roll the bottle between your fingers to mix the color and liquid… too many bubbles or not enough mixing will clog your nozzle.

Here’s the first application of Smooch…


Let it dry for just a few seconds, it will look like this:

 Spray With Gold Smooch

Work it in with the baby wipe/bull dog clip applicator… then apply a second and third layer of smooch, working it in with the baby wipe/ bull dog clip applicator… it will look something like this:


Spray the surface with Shimmer Mist Spray and allow it to dry…3applicationsSmooch

Here are two samples, one with Early Espresso added (left), and the other without (right)… just for comparison… both are fun and exciting, don’t you think?


I hope you enjoyed today’s Lapis Lazulli Tutorial with Classic Ink Refills from Stampin’ Up and Rubbing Alcohol… I’d love to see your samples too… leave a comment and link back, I’ll make sure to visit your site!

Order Stampin Up! supplies for this Lapis Lazulli technique at my Online Stampin’ Up! store and contact me if you have any questions!




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Teressa Thompson said...

RIGHT ON! OH gosh I feel like a hippy! LOL This is soooo beautiful and you are soooo awesome for figuring it out and sharing it with us! I love it love it love it!

Nancy S said...

Love the tutorial. Couldn't be any clearer. I will have to try this technique now.

Nancy S

Holly/Rubber Redneck said...

Very cool and I love your card!! I love dragonfly's!

Laura said...

I loved the card. Thank you so much for your very clear insturctions. Can't wait to try it!

Laura in MA

WebDeb said...

I am oohing and ahhing myself! Excellent tutorial -- my stampers will love this! Your card is gorgeous. I aside from the amazing LL, the detail of the button and brads is a beautifully inspired touch!

Tinkerin In Ink said...

Very cool technique! I bet there were lots of oooohs and aaaws!

Yapha said...

Wow!! That is spectacular!! Your tutorial is fantastic, thank you so much for it!!

craftystamper said...

Great technique. I was wowwed as well. Another use for reinkers and smooch spray. Thanks so much for the tutorial. I always love your workl

Donna said...

Absolutely beautiful, Sharon! I love this all the way, and your handy applicator, too!

Patti said...

This technique makes beautiful paper. TFS.

lisa808 said...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful card and such wonderful instructions! Thanks!

Carmen said...

Wonderful!! The card is stunning!