Sunday, August 22, 2010

9 Steps to Tying a Perfect Ribbon Bow – Free Tutorial

Good morning! 

Let’s start your week with a wonderful surprise… another FREE Tutorial:  9 Steps to Tying a Perfect Ribbon Bow.  

This bow was featured on Friday’s Sketch Frenzy Friday Card…. BOW SFF082010 sharon field

And, Melinda left me the following comment:

simply elegant! Great job! And might I add I think your bow is OUTSTANDING!!!! Give me lessons PLEASE!

Well, Melinda, you asked for it, and since I read ALL comments, today’s post will feature a fabulous step by step pictorial tutorial on how to tie an elegant ribbon bow… hope you’re watching!

No special tools or equipment needed for this simple yet elegant bow…. all you need is ribbon, and a sharp scissors!  In today’s Perfect Ribbon Bow Tutorial, I’m using some super wide ribbon to magnify the steps… it works just as well with smaller ribbon too!

9 Steps to Tying a Perfect Ribbon Bow

Step 1:  Gathering the ends of your ribbon, make two loops or “bunny ears”

Step1 Make A bow

Step 2:  Wrap one “bunny ear” around the other…"

Step2 Make A bow (2)

Step 3:  Fold the bunny ear down…

Step3 Make A Box

Step 4: And around..

Step4 Make a Bow

Step 5:  And back through the hole!

Step5 Make A Bow

Step 6:  Now, gently pull on the ears… and manipulate the center knot if needed.

step6 make a bow

Step 7:  Work slowly, pulling alternately on the bunny ears and tail…

Step7 Make A Bow

Step 8:  Downsize your bow until it’s just about right…

Step8 Make A Bow

Step 9:  Tighten the bow… but not too much!   

Step9 Make A Bow

  Tip:  Don’t pull too tight or your ribbon won’t look very pretty!

Step10 Make A Bow

Hope you enjoyed this step by step tutorial!  Be sure to check back each week for a FREE Super Saturday Tutorial!

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Sarah said...

Another great tutorial, where do you find the time!! Thanks for sharing with all of us, I will be tying these bows often!

lisa808 said...

Thank you!

nana_cindy42 said...

Ditto! Thanks! I sure will miss being at class Wed. See you the 8th!

Ms said...

fantastic tutorial... ty for sharing it. I'll be spending the rest of the night working on I've tried for several night to get in and vote on your Royal Blog Tour but it never works or perhaps I must be a member or something. You would have my vote if I could.... Good luck!

Gwen Mangelson said...

gotta love that Martha Stewart bow!
funny thing is that I used this technique in high school - learned it from a teacher and then MS gets on TV and is famous for it! lolol

Monica said...

Thanks for sharing... I have just learned a thing or two about wide ribbons... I would always pull them too hard and scrunch them up!!! From now on, I won't.

I love your blog so I am going to become a follower at this very instance.

Happy crafting,