Saturday, August 21, 2010

7 Steps to a Fabulous Scrunch Bow for Cards and Scrapbook Pages – Free Tutorial

You asked for it, and since I read ALL your comments, you got it! Today’s Super Saturday Tutorial feature will be a pictorial step by step instruction to making the scrunched ribbon bow shown in last Saturday’s Marker Thumping Tutorial!  Simply follow the 7 step picture trail and you’ll be scrunching your ribbon in no time!

Perhaps you remember the detail of the card:

Scrunch Ribbon Created By You

7 Steps to a Fabulous Scrunch Bow

Step 1: 

Gather your supplies: Card Stock, Ribbon, and adhesive (Snail, Sticky Red Tape, ATG Gun, or any other double sided adhesive)

Scrunch Ribbon Step1

Step 2:  Apply adhesive to the back of the ribbon, and leave a tail!

Scrunch Ribbon Step2

Step 3:  Do the Ribbon Scrunch!

Scrunch Ribbon Step3

Step 4:  Twist and Scrunch

Scrunch Ribbon Step4

Step 5:  Loop de Loo!

Scrunch Ribbon Step5

Step 6:  Scrunch a roo

Scrunch Ribbon Step6

Step 7:  Ribbon Scrunch Lesson Success!

Scrunch Ribbon Step7

More photos, close-ups, and tips for you:

Scrunch Ribbon Step10

Scrunch Ribbon Step11

Scrunch Ribbon Step12

Scrunch Ribbon Step13

Once you’re done, simply add a little double sided adhesive to the ribbon tails, and attach to the back of your card or page!

I’ve got a big surprise for you this weekend, I’m adding a SECOND by request tutorial tomorrow!  On Sunday, my picture tutorial will show you step by step on how to tie a magnificent bow… and NO special tools needed!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this step by step tutorial on ribbon scrunching! 

If you have any other tutorial requests, simply leave your request with your comment!  I read each and every comment, and of course, I want to keep YOU happy :)

In  case you missed it, I’ve been nominated to the Royal Blog Tour!  I’d love it if you’d take a moment to vote (for me) by visiting the Royal Blog Tour Site On August 24th! Thanks so much!


See you tomorrow!



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nana_cindy42 said...

Neat tutorial! I'll be sure to vote for you!

Sandra said...

you make that look easy ....

mmwilken said...

I've seen that on cards and wondered how it was done! Thanks so much for all the explanations for us, so now maybe I'll give it a try!!

Diane - Rubber 'n Rafters said...

What a great tut! The pictures leave no room doubt of how to accomplish this great look. TFS and thanks for the nice comments on my site.

Kay Hahn Casler said...

Thank you so much!! I was one of those that asked. You make it look so simple. Hope it works for me. Thank you again for taking the time to create the tutorial. I really appreciated it!

ArtisticInkspirations said...

Wow.. another "twist" with ribbon!! Love it.. have to try that one now too!!

lisa808 said...

Gorgeous ribbon scrunching!

Congrats on the nomination. I didn't miss it--I'm anxiously waiting to cast my vote!

Donna said...

Sharon, thanks for taking the time to provide excellent photos and explanations to those of us who are ribbon challenged! I can hardly wait to play!

cinmfoster said...

Beautiful ribbon scrunching, thanks for the tutorial.

Cheryl_algie said...

Your blog is awesome I have been looking at it on and off all day whilst making a bunch of thankyou cards for my neice's wedding. Thankyou so so much for sharing I have learnt heaps !!!!!!!!!!