Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Riding along in a Volkswagen… and I’ve got something in my pocket!

One of my down line team members, and a couple of my customers really enjoy punch art… and a few weeks ago when I stumbled upon Dianna Gibbs’ cute Volkswagen Punch Art, I just had to make it into a card.

So, with the help of the “Trendy Trees” stamp set, we have a cute little VW bug travelling through the country side! 


This will be one of the two Quick N Easy cards we’ll make at the Senior Stampin’ Sessions this week… hope to see you there!!  You can take a peek at other punch art featured on Dianna’s blog in THIS POST.

I’ve got something in my pocket.. well, not really.. maybe my pocket book!  Guess what arrived on my doorstep yesterday???  It’s something very fun, that comes out once a year.. something we all wait for, and something very exciting.  Have you guessed?  It’s my new 2010-2011 Idea Book and Catalog!!!  I’d love to let you take a peek at it… and if you book a workshop, I’ll bring it along!!  You’re going to love all the new ideas and STUFF!!!


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Shari Winterstein said...

Awe.......That is so cute. I have to make this for my husband's next birthday in February. His very first car was a VW 50some years ago! This is sooooo cute. Thanks for bringing pure joy and blessing into my life today. Not only my husband, but our young Australian visitor who is here to have surgery on his eyes - he restores VWs. Thank you so much for this idea! :))))))))

Ooo - our new catalogs are coming. Can't wait! Too bad in won't be in my order box today. I think I better say good bye for now! Am I excited or what?!!! - BYE

lisa808 said...

Oh Sharon, your VW is just too darn cute. What a fun card.

Jean Fitch from jlfstudio said...

Too cute! I learned to drive with a manual stick shift on a very old VW van (climbed mountains at 17 miles an hour and had a screen for an oil filter!) and have always loved the beetle/bugs too!

After those racy hints (yeah my mind went immediately to the gutter and all those what's that in your pocket or are you just glad to see me jokes) and the spill that you got the catalog I'm really sorry you live on the other side of the country - otherwise I'd be camping on your doorstep to get a peek. After all you'd share with friends right??!

Oh well thanks for sharing the card and I'll try to contain my patience for another week or two until I see my own...must be patient...after all can't order everything until July 1 anyways!

Hugs - Jean

Sharon Field / Created By You said...

Patience, my dearies!! My customers in class on Saturday will get a wonderful new glimpse of the catalog.. Only one, so they must share!!

Connie Babbert said...

Too fun! I did that green volkswagon at my very first punch class several years ago...still one of my favorites! Love your update with Trendy Trees!

Sharon Field / Created By You said...

Too funny Connie!! I guess that's why they call the vw bug a "classic"!! Thanks for stopping by!

Latenightstamper said...

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