Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Cuttlebug is History!

I finally did it… I gave away my Cuttlebug!  The machine has been sitting on the shelf gathering dust for quite a while now, overpowered and over-shadowed by the versatile, and mega useful Big Shot machine! 

I really don’t know why I held on to it for so long… for some reason, I had an emotional attachment to the tiny and somewhat antiquated embossing and cutting machine.  But, the other day one of my club ladies was asking about using some of the phenomenal Bigz XL exclusive Stampin’ Up! dies in her cuttlebug… and I had to break the sad news.. NOT!  They won’t work! 

I brought my Big Shot to the table, and demonstrated:

  • The low platform and center of gravity provide a stabile cutting surface… no suction or lack of suction issue. 
  • The multi-purpose platform easily adjusts and adapts to different layering needs (no need for A, B, and C plates).
  • The multi-purpose platform also adapts for different dies (and different manufacturers’ dies as well.)
  • The multi-purpose platform has printed instructions right on it, and is included along with two standard cutting plates.
  • The large center handle opening is wide, easy to grasp and hold when rolling or transporting the machine.
  • Cutting multiple layers of paper and/or cardstock is no problem.
  • Cutting up to 8 layers of fabric is a whiz!  (QUILTERS REALLY LOVE THIS OPTION!)
  • Embossing is just as easy too… with Texturz plates or Exclusive Stampin’ Up! embossing folders, your projects will look absolutely beautiful!

Reflecting on the day, I realized that I have not used the Cuttlebug since the Big Shot arrived in my Stamping Room!  I asked a room full of ladies if they would like to have the machine… and sadly, there were no takers.  Then, I asked if there were any grandchildren who would like to have the machine… one lady finally said her Nieces might like it, and she would check!  I couldn’t even give away this little toy/machine… Wow! 

The next day, I did get an email, and the Nieces will happily adopt the tiny Cuttlebug.  So, good-bye Cuttlebug, my old friend… You were a fun toy… and I’m sure the kiddies will enjoy playing.  You’ve known it for a while, but I’ve moved on to the grown-up die cutting and embossing machine….

To purchase your grown-up Die Cutting and Embossing Big Shot machine, simply Click Here to visit my online Stampin’ Up! Store!  You’ll also get to choose a free Sale-A-Bration set when you purchase the Big Shot Online!

Stampin’ Hugs!

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Karen said...

Great post! Mine is still on the shelf! I still have my original sizzix under the table. It may go out in the trash tomorrow! :)