Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Few Tips for You

Tip Number One:

Recently I noticed my refillable tombow adhesive roller seemed to be 'eating' more tape than it was applying to card stock. Has this ever happened to you? It seems that although the tape roller is about 1/4" wide... you barely get any tape on your project.

After close examination of the cartridge holder, I realized that adhesive was stuck to the gear wheels driving the holder as well as the opening and nose of the holder... the tape was sticking to the gears before it even got to the opening of the tape holder!!

Well, here's a solution!! Because the roller is refillable, simply remove the adhesive cartridge and drench the tombow cartridge holder with goo-gone. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes and amazingly, the adhesive will dissolve. Use a paper towel to gently rub and remove the dissolved adhesive.

Goo-Gone does leave an oily residue on your holder. Wash the holder with warm, soapy water to remove all the residue... and you're good to go!!

Tip Number Two:

Normally I use Mini Glue dots to attach ribbon to cards... but when making the red and vanilla valentine card in my last post, I decided to layer a wider ribbon with a more narrow (less than 1/4") ribbon. Glue dots did not give me a tightly layered effect, so I decided to use my tombow tape roller to attach the plaid grosgrain ribbon to the satin ribbon.

Here's the problem: The ribbon is narrower than the tape... what a mess!! If I run tape on the ribbon, excess goes onto my grid paper.. and I've got extra tape all over the place.

Solution: I used a LOT of Dimensionals on these projects and just happened to have an empty piece of the dimensionals backer paper sitting at my work surface. I put the ribbon on the shiny/slick side of the empty backer paper, and ran the adhesive along the complete length of the narrow ribbon. The adhesive ONLY stuck to the ribbon... no overflow, no extra sticky surfaces... good to go! I will definitely keep my backer paper around for use in projects from now on!

I noticed a couple comments requesting a bow tutorial, and a pop up 'buried hearts' tutorial... yes, your comments have been heard! Stay tuned and I hope to provide you with both in a couple weeks.

Have a wonderful day... hope it really doesn't snow in Florida.. that is just WRONG, isn't it!
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Sandra said...

good tips - you don't have a problem with your cards falling apart?
I found when I used tombo my cards would arrive in pieces.
Happy New Year!

Elizabeth said...

Great tips!

I'm hoping for no snow, but my kiddos are so excited that it might!

Stay warm! Hugs!

lisa808 said...

Thanks for the tips! It sure feels cold enough here for snow, brrr!

Jean Fitch from jlfstudio said...

Great Tips Sharon. Thanks for sharing the fruit of your experience. Also feeling a tad guilty that for a change my Southern Oregon temperatures are so much warmer than Florida and most of the eastern US are experiencing.

Hugs from sunny and warm (comparatively) Oregon - Jean

jimlynn said...

Great "tips"! I really like the one about getting the sticky out of the glue runner....I'll try it.

Deborahd said...

Thanks for the tips. I do have the build up and will try your idea. We have about 5" of snow here in OH. It was a little scary coming home the other night in the snow and ice. Very cold here now, but I do love the snow. Hope to get some great pictures tomorrow as I stayed in all day today.

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

Great tips. I hope you've warmed up by now.