Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back Home in Cold, Cold Florida!

I know I have not posted in a while... as many of you know I attended the Stampin' Up! Leadership convention in Phoenix, Arizona last week. My husband also attended with me, and we extended our visit into a week-long mini vacation. He had never seen the Grand Canyon, or Sedona Arizona.. so those were the first stops on our tour!

The Grand Canyon was beautiful of course, but very, very COLD. It was also very windy... and although I just about froze to death, we did survive! There was snow and ice on the ground everywhere, and after an overnight stay we headed south to warmer weather.

Destination: Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Wow, all I can say is that Lake Havasu City is my newest favorite destination in the US.. well, second most favorite destination! San Francisco will always be my heart's favorite :) For those who are unfamiliar with Lake Havasu City, it is the home of the famous London Bridge! What a site that was! Solid granite, stretching across the Colorado River, it must have been some feat to relocate and transport from London, England!

We stayed at the London Bridge Resort... and that was a special treat too! We had a king deluxe suite with full wireless internet, a 2 person jacuzzi, full kitchen, patio, and living room... It was off season for the resort.. our room usually books around $389 per night at peak season, and business was so slow that the manager gave us a rate of $79. We had originally intended to drive to Scottsdale the next day but the acomodations were so nice we stayed two nights! Lake Havasu City is definitely on our list for possible retirement living when we hit the lottery :)

Normally on vacations, I lose weight... we eat three meals a day and my metabolism kicks in and does what it is supposed to do when I'm not skipping meals and/or forgetting to eat! I believe this vacation, however I may have gained a pound or two... we did a LOT of walking.. but we also had a LOT of good food everywhere we went (EVEN at the Phoenix airport!!)

I have to say Arizona is one of the most polite and friendly states I have ever visited... We never even heard an angry or foul word the whole time we were here.. what a pleasant surprise! Oh.. and only an occasional siren from an emergency vehicle! Just a really pleasant trip all in all!

Club meeting is today... and Neptune beach Seniors will also begin meeting today at 2pm.. hope to see you there!
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Anne said...

I'm glad you enjoyed our state, Sharon. The sad thing is that I've lived here for 8 years yet never visited Lake Havasu City. You've put it on my list!