Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What kind of TEAM do you want to be part of? Just Venting… Soapbox Post!

I’ve asked this question before… “what kind of demo would you like to become?”  But a few months ago, after speaking with another demonstrator not affiliated with me… it occurred to me that I should also ask “what kind of TEAM do you want to become part of?” 

WOW.. what an eye opening moment.  What do YOU expect from or hope to get from your direct sales mentor and up-line?  What kind of post-signing support do you want and/or expect?  If you were applying for a position in a major corporation, you would research the corporation, and would be expected to provide references. 

Will your up-line abandon you and expect you to build your business on your own, or will they provide support through training opportunities and teleconferences?  Is your up-line actively building their own business, or not?  Do you want to do this on your own, or do you want to do it as part of a team? 

I was so surprised to find out that my new friend had no contact with her up-line whatsoever…. and even more surprised to find that she never even answered the phone when called.  Oh my goodness!!!

I have to stop here and tell you that I personally know many direct sales people with conscious and ethics.. and who have adopted abandoned direct sales people… in all venues… There are some good doobies out there, and a lot of them too… but this should NOT be the norm.  If you are thinking about joining a direct sales team, do your research… dependent upon your goals and aspirations, this can greatly affect and impact your success and/or failure.

The real question is “what do you want for your business.. and what do you want for YOU”… Your business, your way… and do your research!  If you simply want a discount… then hobbyist is the way to go… if you simply want to pay a car payment… then you may want to be a part time direct sales rep… either of those may not be impacted by your choices in up-line and mentor.  HOWEVER if you are looking to build a business, do your research, choose wisely, and never judge a book by its’ cover… it could be the biggest investment mistake you have ever made!

If you want to join a TEAM, look for a team!  If you want to get a discount, just sign up… you are all welcome and treated equally… but… I mean BUT… no that’s BUT… if you want to build a business then you need to find a fit… someone who will answer the phone, someone who will encourage you.. and most of all someone who will help you build your business… think about it.


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I want you to build your business, your way,… and for you to succeed..



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Pamela Knopf said...

Wow, that was a good article to really make you think! Way to go Sharon! I'm sure your team appreciates all the hard work you do for them. Have a blessed day! ~Pamela

jmniffer said...

There are as many types of demo's out there as there are customers. I am not nor do I plan on becomming a demo. That said, I do have expectations for my demo and have had to search and try several before I found one willing to do more than just take an order. I'm sure your team and customers are grateful for the effort you put into your buisness.

createdbyu said...

You are both absolutely correct... There are many different types of demonstrators and customers as well. I do love my customers and downline, they are like family and old friends. We share in laughter, good times and bad, memories and stories alike! Thanks for letting me vent... and for being so supportive too!
{hugs} Sharon

Susan said...

Intersting article. I joined Satmpin Up under a Demo who spent a lot of time telling me about how wonderful being was Demo was and all the reasons I should sign up. Once I did, I never heard another word from her. I consider myself an orphan and I have built my business on my own with some help from blogs such as yours and SCS. I am more than a hobby Demo but I don't plan on making a living from it. I do it because I love it and I love sharing it with other people. I wish I had done more research about my "upline" before I signed with her and I am often tempted to resign and re-sign under someone else in 6 months only I don't want to stop doing it for 6 months! I wish SU had another way to change uplines! Thanks for the info and thanks for helping Orphans such as me!

Sandra said...

good advice.
slbt17 at yahoo dot com

Ret said...

Wonderful article, Sharon! And Susan...I too had a similar experience. I was sooooo impressed with my demo, absolutely impressed with her warmness, her skills, the way she ran her business. Now that I'm part of her downline...she's horrible...doesn't do a thing with me & her warmness is definitely iced. I too wish, Susan, that Stampin Up had another way to change uplines without having to quit for 6 months & restarting...

I'm venting too, Sharon...thanks for listening!

jeannen2 said...

The article was great! I'm very fortunate to have a fantastic upline. She's always available by phone, only about 20 minutes away from me, and has helped me out of binds (short on materials or time or informaiton) so much more than I care to admit! Like I said, I'm very fortunate and hope that I can be that way for my downline as well!