Friday, November 13, 2009

Bermuda Bay Bride Resist Reject

Don’t you sometimes just make a reject or dud card?  Me too.. sometimes I am able to resurrect them into something worthwhile… but other times, we just have to bit the dud bullet!!

Last week, while prepping for my First Wednesday Card Club, the bridal paper resist technique intrigued me… simple enough to show as a WOW in a club or class, yet not complicated enough to offer as an actual technique.  Off to the stamp room I went….

YUK… the result was just Yuk… nothing seemed to work, so I trashed the card and just took a stampin’ break. (sometimes you just need a break to clear the mind, don’t you??).

So.. here is my Bermuda Bay Bridal Paper Resist Reject Card… and boy, was I glad I tossed it aside!  When I showed it to the club as an almost card they were much less than impressed too!  My clubbers want more wow…. you can view the card we actually made in this post for 1st Wed. Card Club….

So.. what could we do to rescue this card?  Any ideas (aside from the shredder.. my first instinct). 

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Check back tomorrow for more Christmas Showcase Boutique shares and items.. you’re going to love the ideas!



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Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon!

The only thing I would add to the card is maybe some Dazzling Diamonds to the flowers/poinsettias at the top...maybe to the middle of each one. I think it would be a good non-traditional Christmas card. Thanks for sharing all your ideas! Congrats on your blog hit of 200,000!


jmniffer said...

I can't say the card wow's me. I have no ideas on spiffing it up either. Jennifer's idea of DD might do the trick.

Aimee said...

Those colors look fresh!

Janine said...

Hi Sharon
I would rather add a new piece of cardstock with embossing to the bottom portion to cover up the Bride DSP, rather salvage it than trash it. (IMHO) :-).

Anonymous said...

There are several things you could do to get some ideas for it. Maybe you could use the shreds after using your paper shredder and then piece it back together or use it in a craft.
-- Toni

Sharon Field / Created By You said...

I love the Dazzling Diamonds idea!! Great thinking.. or perhaps some chunky glitter! May re-work this card after all.. or perhaps shred it too!

Just had to post it.. sometimes you just can't come up with a great idea.. it happens to ALL of us! The important thing is to take time to stamp, the more you stamp, the better you get!

lisa808 said...

Why did you reject this card??? The only thing I would add is some glitter.

megsmome said...

That paper is beautiful but I would also add some DD for some glitz, otherwise is it very pretty.


Nicole Tugrul said...

Beautiful card!!

Jean from jlfstudio said...

Hm....well..there is always the deconstruct it and reuse the pieces on different projects and then pretend it never existed...less drastic then shredding and of course punches can make short work of small pieces for the redo's....

On the other hand you could remove the ribbon, flip the card the other direction then layer a piece of shimmer paper or brushed silver across a large section with ticket punched corners then replace the ribbon closer to one edge or across the top, add an image panel or text on top of the new panel then position the joy tag in a corner add a little shimmer spray or glitter and call it good. Personally I think just flipping the orientation on the card would give it a different look and change how you feel about it a bit.

And of course you can always donate it to one of the cards for troops. It may not be a fully wow card to you or your club but Trust me after a few months in the desert this is going to look good to those guys. And the person they send it to will love it to pieces!

Hugs my friend and congratulations on the blogging milestone. You were one of the people who encouraged me to get my blog up and running and I've always been grateful.

Ret said...

It's hard for me to believe that you actually have rejects!!! But I guess even the "Queen" of stampin had a dud now & then. hehehe

hmmmm maybe add some "bling" to the center of the flowers? On second thought...what if you took from the ribbon up & did that half of the card in heat & stick and then use irridescent ice. The whole top of the card would have this beautiful glittery highlight to it that would pick up the light at different angles.
Just a thought...not sure what the result would look like!

jeannen2 said...

I don't really think that the card is that bad! I always love glitter or shimmer though!!