Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One Eyed Monster… I just had to!

I shared Tee’s One-Eyed Monsters yesterday… and I just had to make some of my very own!   They were simply too cute to resist.. like a toddler in a Halloween costume!  I see that these are all over the ‘net.. not sure who originally came up with them (Tee’s were the first I personally had seen)… Long story short, here’s my version of the One Eyed Monsters!

Just had to add a pony tail and eyelashes… aren’t they adorable?  Don’t they make you smile?  See you tomorrow with a sneak peek of this month’s Scrap Your Recipes Class…. with inspiration from my demo friend Christina!

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1 comment:

Stamp with Sandy said...

These are too cute! I love them! Is there a Peppermint Patty hiding in there?

I may have to try my hand at a few of these!