Monday, October 5, 2009

My DD’s in Germany…

As most of you know, my DD is in Germany studying for two MBA degrees… well, perhaps she’s not exactly ‘studying’ yet!  She went early to become part of a language study program :)  Her Dad wasn’t too excited about the prospect… but what’s done is done.

Today, I’d like to share a few photos courtesy of my DD… straight Germany, where the American dollar has little value in relation to the Euro… :(

This is a photo of Hohenschwangau Castle, the original inspiration for Disney’s Snow White Castle!P1000839_snowwhite's castle

Before she left the country, we purchased a new camera for her.. after much research :)  Look at this beautiful flower photographed very close up.  I NEED A NEW CAMERA.. but of course we sacrifice for our kids (actually, she paid for it.. and I inherited her old one.. but I’m drooling over this camera as I write!!!)


And here is the star of this post, my DD… I love her and miss her so much!!



A picture taken in Heidelberg…



And… at Oktoberfest… on election weekend.. YIKES and FUN!


Fortunately, with Skype and internet I get to speak with my DD almost daily :) I still miss her though…   Now, I’m off to try to sell her 2007 Civic LX, she’s almost out of cash!

Now.. if our DS would only share a few photos and phone calls from Iraq, life would be really, really good!


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HeathersHobby said...

Sharon, thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of Germany and your daughter. I can't imagine my daughters so far away, but isn't technology wonderful?