Sunday, October 25, 2009

2 Questions for YOU… and another Quick Card Share!

Rich Razzleberry In-Color Paper from Stampin’ Up! just happens to be one of my favorites.  Kind of a cross between a rich burgundy and deep purple in color, it adds a lot of BANG to even a simple and quick card! 

I’m trying to be a better blogger for all of you, including resuming my daily postings… so to help me blog better, I’d like you to leave a comment and answer the following two short questions.. Pretty Please!

Here are the questions I’d like to ask ALL my readers and followers (yes, even all the Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators who follow me). 

  1. When I post cards, projects, and supplies, do you prefer to have all the ordering information in the post (item number, qty, cost)?
  2. When I post cards, do you want me to also post all the cutting directions (even on the simplest of projects)?

The Rich Razzleberry cardstock on this sample was embossed with the Pretty Petals Embossing folder which is available in the Holiday Mini Catalog.  Tearing the edge of the embossed paper really adds a fresh element to the card too, don’t you think?

Stampin’ Up! Supplies:

Stamps:  For All You Do

Cardstock:  Rich Razzleberry & Whisper White

Classic Inks:  Old Olive, Rich Razzleberry

Accessories:  Old Olive Narrow Grosgrain Ribbon

I’m looking forward to reading your comments and responding appropriately in future posts.  Thanks in advance… and HUGS too!

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Amy said...

I like that you include the list of supplies but I personally wouldn't need the item number or price. I would love the cutting directions for each project though!!!

Ellen Kemper said...

Here is my fellow demo perspective-- no, I don't need the supply info and no, I don't need the cutting directions UNLESS it is something new and different and then I'd love to have specific information. But I know you don't blog just for my personal entertainment so I'll just keep on coming back for your fabulous inspiration and read WHATEVER you are willing to share.

Tory said...

ditto to what Ellen said. I think the info you supplied on this post was adequate. I could case the card from this. I might not be to the the absolute same deminsions, but isn't that where we should all be a bit creative anyhow? Thanks for sharing what you do!

Kath said...

I agree with Ellen and Tory,. I never read the directions unless it is something new, something that might require an exact measurement to make it work. Thanks for sharing your work.

Mary said...

I guess you have a bunch of demos from Jean Fitch's DL news. I love your blog and like to check it out when I can. Jean keeps it at the top of our lists. I agree w/the others. Thanks, Mary

Matilde said...

As a new stamper and demonstrator I am still trying to get ideas and tips about the cards I see. I'm not as familiar as probably the rest of your readers. I love that you post the supply list (specially colors and dimensions) - I think your blog is great, love the ideas and love all the information you provide. Thanks for doing it!

Debbie Flattum said...

I enjoy your projects. I don't need the item # and price, but colors and measurements are very helpful. Thank you for asking.

Susan Timmerman said...

As a fellow I don't need the ordering info. But, that's just me....others might like that info. As for cutting directions...only if it's something really complicated! Otherwise, we could always write you to ask and that way you doing the actual posting would take less time. Maybe just add "if you want more details please email me" to each post!?

Susan Carlson said...

I have to agree with the others. Ordering info is nice, but not necessary. Maybe it would be good to know if an item is in a mini vs. the annual catalog. And we could always contact you for specific dimensions, etc. Thanks for all of your inspirational projects! said...

Yes, I like the list of tools and the dimensions. One day, it might come naturally, but I'm still figuring it out on each card. Thanks.

lisa808 said...

1. I do like to know the supplies used, but I don't think the item #, cost, etc. are not necessary.

2. I don't think cutting directions are necessary for cards, ut I definitely appreciate it for projects.

jmniffer said...

I like knowing what supplies you used but don't need to know item number, price and such.

I do like having dimensions as that doesn't happen naturally for me.

Anonymous said...

I like to know the supplies that you have used. I don't need the item number and price.

Even though I could CASE the card without measurements, I do appreciate it when they are there. It just makes it easier!

Thanks for asking for our opinions.

Nendy said...

I am also a new demo. I don't need the item number or price. I can look those up if I don't have them.

I do like having the supply list and dimensions and any out of the ordinary directions.

Thank you for sharing your great ideas and projects!!

Anonymous said...

Well I don't have much creativity but you certainly do. Razzleberry & soft suede are 2 of my favorite colors. I do like how you put the supply list but don't need to go to the work of putting the item # & costs. And any dimensions you post are appreciated by newby stampers... Love this card


Anonymous said...

I really appreciate the information your provide - the supplies I too am a new stamper so the dimensions and instructions are GREATLY appreciated. there are new stampers created every day...those are some of your best potential customers....being that the net is used to reach those far away customers and ones that can't be at your events, the directions and supplies are very valuable. If I as a new customer had to look up each and every item on the net catalog, I would get discouraged at times. Just another perspective. You share a lot of great creativity. Thank you for all that you do !!!

Susie - FL