Friday, September 4, 2009

Sweet Treats Share and a Surprise

Here we are at the beginning of the month… with a new Holiday Mini Catalog packed with 39 pages of delightful surprises and stamps.  When it cam time to order, I totally went overboard.. I love it all, and am quite sure YOU will too!! 

6x6scrapAugust09 003

One of the wonderful items in the mini catalog is the Sweet Treats Holiday Cups.  The cups are self adhesive, and align perfectly with the  Stampin’ Up! 1 3/4” circle punch, this one is filled with yummy M&M chocolate covered peanuts!

One question you may have is “but won’t they tear up my card?”.  There is a solution for that too!  Remember the sweet little perforator tool?  Simple cut a square of printer paper slightly larger than the 1 3/4” circle, but smaller than the stamped image… use the perforator tool to score from corner to corner and attach to the card.  Now the recipient can simply poke through the paper to reach the treats without destroying the card!!! Yeah!! 

One clever demo even made a special pull-up slider window to release the candy from the card (now that was pretty clever!!)


We are trying to get back in the swing of things.. our DD did arrive safely in Germany and of course is enjoying herself tremendously.  Classes start on Monday.. so she has the weekend to explore and organize her stuff.  So here she is on the last day… I look terrible, fighting tears, but thought you’d want to see how excited she was!

6x6scrapAugust09 093

I miss her dearly, and imagine my surprise when I arrived home to find a gift bag on her bed!  The bag was full of addressed and dated cards for us to open during the next month.  We opened the first one on Sept. 2nd.  Such a sweetie pie!  The next one is for Sept. 9th.. I can hardly wait (but I promised…) I look forward to reading each one as she shares her thoughts with us!

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Krista Rill said...


What a neat surprise that was for your daughter to do that. I can't wait to hear more!

Germany what an adventure she is going to have. What a great place for you and your hubby to go visit? RIGHT??????