Saturday, August 1, 2009

Off to CHA... OOOPS!!!

I totally forgot.. I'm off to CHA today!! This is the first time ever that the craft show has been opened to the public, and it just happens to be in nearby Orlando, Florida. So today I'm taking a field trip and learning all that I possibly can about new products, offerings, and techniques with the general masses.

A lot of my friends were able to go yesterday to this show.. and they have given me wonderful reports. I hope to come back with lots of ideas to share too.

For those who may not know, the CHA is the Crafts and Hobby Association. For many years it has been open only to vendors and buyers. The show promotes new products, techniques, mediums, and much more. I hope to come back with a fountain of knowledge.

It's a lot to do right on top of convention... but it's just a couple hours away, who could resist!!!

See you tomorrow..
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