Friday, August 7, 2009

Convention ‘09 Buddies!


Just a quick post this morning… still burning the candle at both ends!  Jet lag is beginning to catch up with us!

Little worker-bee Trish from Barbara Jackson’s phenomenal “Over the Top” Swap on Wednesday night…  Trish is tiny, but she has a LOT of energy!

conv9_swap 017

Barbara Jackson… our phenomenal hostess..

conv9_swap 019

Genice McNellie… a fellow demo from Orange Park Fl.

conv9_swap 021

My wonderful friends from Florida Stampers… it was really good to finally meet these lovely girls in person!  I’ve been talking with them online for quite a long time!  This was the first time I met them, and it was a total fluke I asked them where they were from. 

 conv9_swap 026

Gosh, we’re tired… got a busy day tomorrow too!

See you soon!

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