Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wrapping it up… last of the 6x6 “Sweet Desserts” Scrapbook Recipe Pages

Thanks to everyone who came out to meet me at Bucklers!  I hope to see you soon in my classes, clubs, and workshops!  We’re going to have so much fun!

Today, I’m sharing the last of the 6x6 Sweet Desserts scrapbook page swaps… and then back to business as usual!  I began posting them on Friday… so if you want to pick up from the beginning, check out THIS POST from Friday!  I’ll be back tomorrow with more of my own original work… and thanks for stopping by!

Fun and colorful “Old Fashion Apple Dumplings” from Bethany Keeney.  Gosh, I love apple dumplings… and this can’t be too bad for a diet, right?  It’s only apples, after all!  Aren’t the little punched apples cute?

6x6swaps2009junecbyu 018

Key Lime Cake from Krista Rill… another fun page, with bright colors and a great recipe too!  Krista was the over-worked swap hostess… I bow to her patience!

6x6swaps2009junecbyu 009

Earthquake Cake (with yummy coconuts and pecans… it’s got to taste wonderful)… :( But, no name on this swap!

6x6swaps2009junecbyu 013

A very pretty Millionaire Pie Page from Sue Stout.  Looking at this again, I see Sue typed her name and City/State on the recipe page too.. one more great idea I will use in future swap!

6x6swaps2009junecbyu 016

And a fabulous page from Kimberly Moorhouse with a recipe for Cherry Cobbler (YUMMY!).  Kim used Crystal Effects on the cherries in the lower left corner, and they look almost good enough to eat!

6x6swaps2009junecbyu 017

I hope you enjoyed the 6x6 scrapbook/recipe swap shares… many of these ladies will be on the Royal Blog Tour with me at the end of the month.. You’ll want to see more of their great work!  You can click on the tour image in the upper right corner of my blog if you’d like to sign up to ride along, or post a link on your own blog!   Back tomorrow with new shares!


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Lisa Brown said...

These are so cute and such a great idea!

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