Friday, July 10, 2009

6x6 Page Swap Samples are Here!

Do you participate in swaps?  I always make sure I do the swaps for our Jacksonville Starz Demonstrator Group Swap each month, and the annual Convention, Leadership and Regional Training events.  I tend to shy away from other group swaps though because of time constraints.   There’s only so much time in a day!

Recently, I made an exception… and joined a 6x6 scrapbook page Sweet Dessert recipe swap hosted by Krista Rill (thanks, Krista!)  Although it took an infinitely long time to get the swaps back, I was quite pleasantly surprised and will be sharing them with you over the next couple of days.  The recipes sound delicious… and many of my stamp campers are dieting :(

I did learn a couple things during this swap too…

  • I was quite surprised that everyone used typed recipes on their pages (I hand-wrote mine, no wonder my hand was so cramped!!).  I really like the look of the typed recipe and wish I had thought to do that!  I guess I’ll chalk it up as a DUH! moment! 
  • That I should have put the name of the swap, host, month/year, supplies, and my contact info on the back (another DUH moment!)
  • I didn’t have to put them all in an expensive sleeve before mailing to the hostess!
  • Being a swap hostess is NOT an easy job, it’s a LOT of work (thanks again, Krista)!
  • Not everyone follows the current merchandise, submission deadline, and other swap rules (another DUH moment for me)
  • I probably should have stayed with my original (brighter) design, as everyone seems to prefer more modern and bright colors… and it was my first instinct to do yellow for lemony pie!  My painstakingly hand-written swap can be seen in THIS blog post.


Here’s Suzie Hasko’s Frozen Strawberry Dessert Swap:

6x6swaps2009junecbyu 012

From Michelle Jerome, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cake (doesn’t that sound interesting?)

6x6swaps2009junecbyu 004

A really fun and yummy diet recipe from Kimberly Johnson:

6x6swaps2009junecbyu 002

Laurie Desmarais’ Coffee Cheese Cake… perfect for stamp camp if they weren’t all on diets!

6x6swaps2009junecbyu 005

And yummy banana pudding from Lorita Edwards… I LOVE banana pudding and never make it because I’m the only one here who will eat bananas!

6x6swaps2009junecbyu 010

I’ll be back tomorrow with 5 more great swap shares… Thanks for stopping by!



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