Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sharing… a Morning with the fabulous kids at Alden Road

This morning we had card club at the Alden Road Exceptional Student Center. The Girls made cards… and the boys made dirt cake! Everyone got to count, measure, and have fun in Mrs. Green’s class… as you’ll definitely see by the smiles!

We were missing a few card club members today… yet with just 4 girls, they still managed to crank out 26 cards in an hour! That’s more than we do in an hour at a stamp camp! With a little help from Joyce and Senata from a neighboring classroom, we got it all done, and just in time for Mothers’ Day too!

Not to be outdone, the guys were busily measuring, stirring, and crushing oreo cookies to make dirt cake. They even made some for all the girls and an extra classroom guest or two! As you can see by their smiles, everyone had a phenomenal time working and learning with their favorite special teacher Ms. Green!

Here’s a picture of Dibble… as you can see, he is quite proud of his earthly creation. Hey, Dibble.. I don’t remember you every smiling THAT much in class!! Way to go Ms. Green!

This guy (didn’t catch his name, sorry!) and his aide came to share some cake too… I don’t think his aide was too impressed by the worms! I think she’s saying “Yuck!” while his face is definitely saying “YUM!”

Here’s Ciara, very productively working along on cards. She really enjoys stamping, and is the president of the Card Club!

Whoa… and here’s a photo of the whole gang… They’re really a very smart and fun group… and today, I noticed they were on their VERY best behavior! (Hmm.. and Dibble’s still smiling too!) All these kids also participate in classroom scouting with Ms. Green is their troop ‘leader’ . I guess you can tell why they all love her soooo much!

Well.. off to make dinner.. BBQ Ribs, Broccoli Salad, and fresh corn on the cob. Guess I should have taken home some of that dirt cake for dessert!

See you tomorrow!


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