Monday, May 25, 2009

Congratulations, Brian on your Accomplishments!

We’ve known Brian for a very long time… it has been a lot of fun watching him grow into such a wonderful young man!  Last week, he graduated from Bishop Kinney High School, with lots of honors and a full scholarship to Notre Dame… Dave, Debbie… and the rest of the family are still beaming with well earned pride!

We knew Brian would need nice warm clothes for graduation… but couldn’t help poking a little fun too.. so we prepared this Graduation Gift with lots of fun, and practical stuff too..

First, here’s the card I made… I was going to make it in Red and Black, but my husband and daughter absolutely insisted it be done in Notre Dame colors of Blue and Gold… Using the Great Grads Set, and DSP…

 Picture 008

We got this collapsible bin at our local Target, and then proceeded to stuff it with all the new college student “essentials”…  all grouped together in their own gift bag, and tagged according to the occasion.


Picture 022

Scroll down to see the individual kits..

  • Test Cramming Kit Complete with mug, coffee, propel, hot chocolate, pens, #2 pencils, energizer drink, gum.. late night snacks, and more than I can really recall!
Picture 012
  • The Dorm Essentials Kit – My daughter tells me they ALL have their own distinct odors… so air freshener, dry erase board and marker, post it notes, flashlight, and ear plugs

 Picture 016

  • YIKES.. Mom’s not answering the phone… OK, we know he’s a guy who probably won’t need to ever call home (wink, wink, ;)  But… just in case, a cookbook with ALL the answers, tide to go, wrinkle release, and a little detergent too.

  Picture 018

  • College Student First Aid Kit… BIG Bottle of Advil Liquid Gels (I hear they work faster), emergency chocolate bar, general first aid kit… and more

Picture 013

  • And finally, the essential and all important “Party in a Bucket”… popcorn, drink cups, 2 all purpose measuring devices (some crazy college kids call them shot glasses) and ping pong balls.  Disclaimer on the tag says:  “Warning.. 3am fire drills will not make you popular, pop your popcorn in the microwave with care”

Picture 020

I hope Brian enjoyed his gag gift… and that you did too… couldn’t have pulled it together without help from Kristin and Melissa B.  AND, once again, Congrats Brian on a job well done!!


See you tomorrow!


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Ret said...

Hi Sharon, this is an incredible gift!!! Alot of thought & work & tender loving care went into this!!! It's FABULOUS!!! Kudo's to you & Congrats to Brian!!!

btw, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I've just been so busy I don't know which end is up!!
Please forgive me for being out of touch this past week. hugs!!!

Anonymous said...

Sharon, Brian loved your gift and enjoyed reading all of the tags and figuring out each of the items! He was quick to show it off to those who were there when he 'opened' his gifts and again when some friends came by the house for a visit. They all thought it was great! You know, of course, that we treasure you and your family's friendship! (Our love and thanks to Jamie, Gary, Kristin and Melissa, too)

Rosie said...

Love the package you put together... lucky college student!!!