Friday, February 20, 2009

Chalked Soot Stamping Technique and Cards

As promised... here are the Chalked Soot Stamping Cards we did at this week's Techniques' Class!  I like this card way better than the one I posted back in December of 2006, don't you?

The first Chalked Soot Stamping card uses only the solid floral images from the tried and true veteran stamp set "Heartfelt Thanks"... certainly an oldie but goodie! 


Stamps:  Heartfelt Thanks  Card Stock:  Baja Breeze, Basic Gray, Whisper White  Classic Ink:  Basic Gray

The second card also uses the chalked soot stamping technique and the leaf image from the hostess set God's Beauty.   I wasn't sure what to expect when I tried this the in prep for my techniques class as the leaf is an open image stamp, not solid like the blossoms in heartfelt thanks.


Stamps:  God's Beauty  Card Stock:  Chocolate Chip, Certainly Celery  Classic Inks:  Certainly Celery, Chocolate Chip, versa mark

So how is it done?  Basically you soot the piece of glossy card stock with the flame of a taper similar to how it's done in Beate Johns' Soot Stamping Tutorial on Splitcoast Stampers... only we used an old versa mark ink pad too (make sure it's an old one... it's going to mess it up a whole lot!)

  1. Soot the glossy card stock using a flaming taper candle.
  2. Stamp image in old versa mark pad
  3. Stamp the sooted glossy card stock twice with the image.  The first stamped image will take off a lot of soot.  The second one won't take as much and will give depth to your image.
  4. Repeat step 3 until the entire piece of sooted glossy card stock is covered with stamped images.
  5. Take your sooted and stamped image outside (fresh air is good) and spray with Plaid Clear Acrylic Sealer MATTE* Spray  If you've ever done any spray painting, you already know that there is a technique to using spray paint:  shake the can well, begin spraying OFF of the image, slowly drifting over it while holding the can about 8-10 inches above the work.  Spray in a back and forth motion... slow motion.
  6. Wait 10-15 minutes until your image is dry to the touch, and then repeat step 5. (Yes, you are spraying the image twice.)  Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for clearing the nozzle when spraying is complete.
  7. Wait 10-15 minutes, or speed the drying process with a heat gun.
  8. When the image is dry, this is a good time to trim away any burned edges or re-size the image for mounting on your card or scrap book page.
  9. Now, use a chalk pastels and a make-up q-tip or sponge applicator to add color to your stamped images.  Don't be too conservative here... get a little wild with the color!
  10. Gently tap off or blow any loose chalk particles from the stamped image.
  11. Take it outside again (don't want to asphyxiate yourself!)  Spray with PLAID CLEAR ACRYLIC SEALER GLOSS*  using the method described in step 5.  Don't over soak the image, your colors will run (an interesting technique in itself too.)  The chalk will mute considerably and you will love the effects!
  12. Use a heat gun to dry the image, taking care not to over heat.  You're done!

* PLAID Clear Acrylic Sealer Gloss and Matte is essential to this project.  I have tried Krylon and other sprays, but do not achieve the same results.  These sprays are available in 6oz and 12 oz cans (maybe more sizes.. who knows?)  The vapors should not be inhaled... you must do this outside!  The label on the can is done in Black, white, and pacific blue?... and says "Patricia Nimocks.. the magic name in crafts" and "Decorative Crafts"  I purchased my Plaid spray at a local craft and hobby store.

Another Note:  You want to do this outside... but if it is too windy, your project may take flight.  It may be easier to put the card stock inside a box and then spray.  Objects from nearby trees can also land on your project... so take care to give it adequate protection from an array of flying objects too!

I'd love to see your Chalked Soot Samples too... leave a comment with a link and I'll be sure to check them out!  Have a really good day!


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Anonymous said...

I really love this technique and cannot wait to try it!! I think Chalked Soot Stamping may be my new favorite!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I haven't seen this before and cannot wait to try it. Thanks for the great step by step tutorial!

Jean from jlfstudio said...

Thanks for sharing the details and your "spray" expertise Sharon. Can't wait to try this out. I've always loved any kind of art involving candles and/or flame!

manicstamper said...

Sharon these are awesome. I have never got on very well with the soot technique but I may have to give it another go.